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This shouldn't be happening

Arrow Electronics in Huntsville laid off seven folks in Sept 2021 and moved the Quoting for AEC to Guadalajara. Replaced 7 with 12. I wonder how many managers got bonuses at the end of 2021 for making this happen?

It's a shame that this is happening but it's all about the almighty dollar. They don't give a damn about American workers if they can find somebody cheaper across the border. Sad but true.

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It always comes back to bite you in the end.
These outsource companies nod a lot, and answer EVERY question with "yes, no problem, no problem." They promise the world, and simply can't deliver on it. Then when there's a problem, they'll go into this massive witch hunt and blame game, but the fact is they never could handle it. It was always going to be a problem. And now it's more your problem than theirs, because you laid off all your intelligent folks.
Unfortunately, it is one of those paths you never seem to be able to sway someone from, once someone has sold the dream.
What does it matter if you replace 300 people with 500 people for less money, if they can't do the job? And trust me... they can't.
Give it five years, and they'll see. I've seen it twice now.

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