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More Seattle Layoffs

-10 in Seattle. The last remnants of Qpass, which Amdocs bought for $275m, has officially disappeared.


Amdocs Champaign is not a place for work and live. This is for do and die. You will be forced to work like a slave and you will become a robot. You would work from 9 Am to 9 PM and weekends, forget about any extra income or recognigation. If you are... read more

Amdocs Salaries Information

Is there a good source of Salary data for Amdocs somewhere? I've seen posts on Glass Door but I am not sure that I can believe such inflated numbers.
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Will the last one out of APAC please turn off the lights.

ANZ has all but shut its doors. The rest of APAC is withering and dying. The short sighted hire and fire attitude loses all the experience and skills without any care again. Sales and future strategy are non-existent. Find someone else to work for.
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amdocs openmarket layoffs news

i'd appreciate any input you might have here - i am very surprised that we do not have more messages as we all know that amdocs fires and hires like crazy
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Amdocs continues to drip feed the staff cuts

Amdocs continues to drip feed the staff cuts. They seem oblivious to the impact when they let the subject matter experts go and then try and cover in Israel or India. Revenue slips and then they cut more. Management is conflict style. Probably the... read more
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Amdocs had massive layoff in Jan-Feb 09

Amdocs had massive layoff in Jan-Feb 09. They fired around 500 people in Pune(India) and wierd thing is that on one side this company is still firing people and on the other hane its still hiring. This company has always had Hire and Fire policy... read more
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My former husband, Phillip Reynolds was just let go by Amdocs

My former husband, Phillip Reynolds was just let go by Amdocs. His last day was Feb. 26, 2009. He received a three month severence package. Please tell me if you hold out three months of court ordered child support from this lump sum severence check... read more
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