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Guest worker visas are being denied at record rates

Not looking good for the useless degrees you got so far. Go build roads, bridges, waterways, Sewer plants. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/immigration/story/2019-08-17/guest-worker-visas-are-being-denied-at-record-rates

Breach... ouch


WIPRO 2019- Peons

Wake up and do something to improve the life in India by building roads, waterways, toilets and leaning up the streets. Quit being desk jockeys . Education doesn't equate to being smart . All the degrees are worthless

Preferential Treatment of IT Companies

Indian Government has given virtually a blank cheque to the IT companies - many tax benefits, no unions so far, only some states allowed recently. no reservation like gen, obc etc. All these for job creation But these IT companies are misusing the... —  read more 

Layoffs are happening

Why stay here - it's getting worse every year... Middle & project management promises everything (and more) to the customer, they always deliver late, short of the quality and over budget. Everyday crisis reactionary management to make up for missed... —  read more 

Who do they think they are fooling?

So, Wipro denies layoff rumors as they keep forcing people out left and right. Sure, Wipro, sure... http://www.deccanherald.com/content/623794/wipro-denies-layoff-rumours-adds.html —  read more 

Product engineering team

Wipro CEO Abid Ali Neemuchwala mentioned in an internal conference call that if revenues don't grow, around 10% of employees would be let go this year. OK, not good... The product engineering team is likely to be one of the big casualties. Wipro... —  read more 

Layoffs in Progress at Wipro

Why is it so silent today? There are layoffs going on but people are afraid to speak up. All other companies post and employees share info, but not us? Why is that so? Are we so afraid of what may happen if we speak up? Or, do people just do not know... —  read more 

For the Lateral joiners,

For the Lateral joiners, Please do not join because they come with the knowledge ,which they gained from their previous organisations. Once you get into Wipro, they will make you to loose it slowly, forget about getting new learning and... —  read more 

Never join Wipro if you have done B.Tech.

One of the worst organisation to start your career or even switching to Wipro is hell......No respect to employees concern.....Managers should be kicked out of Wipro and the kick should be very hard.Because of managers nature towards their employees... —  read more 

How to Get Promoted at Wipro

it seems Wipro is hiring people & keeping them on plump positions who act as if they can run the show but instead they are pulling down the curtains.you just have to sing their tune go out to smoke with them make fun of their contemporaries & you... —  read more 

Wipro layoff.. some points to remember

Hello I was with wipro nearly 10yrs.. during the time when TK started to his slaughtering 😀 we were all thought without those extremely critical resources company is going to wind-up shortly.. years passed still we used to hear the same comments from... —  read more 

Green Tag Employees

Wipro should filtered all Green Tag employees, As I came to know, most of the green tag people neither they want to update the new technology or management policy, rather than they are utilizing very old principle. Also, they are dominating other... —  read more 

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