Topics regarding layoffs at Wipro

Topics regarding layoffs at Wipro

Unethical company - Age discrimination formed cartel to falsely label 40 year old as slow and fired in 2014-2016

Unethical company - formed cartel(under NASSCOM) to falsely label 40 year old IT Pros as slow and fired in 2014-2016. Also created secret database accessible to HR head and shared to prevent those fired from getting jobs elsewhere. Unethical company... —  read more 

Europe Layoffs

I heard that there will be cuts in europe due to covid-19 pandemic and that notices will be arriving in recent times cuts are planned accross the board

WIPRO 2019- Peons

Wake up and do something to improve the life in India by building roads, waterways, toilets and leaning up the streets. Quit being desk jockeys . Education doesn't equate to being smart . All the degrees are worthless

Layoffs are happening

Why stay here - it's getting worse every year... Middle & project management promises everything (and more) to the customer, they always deliver late, short of the quality and over budget. Everyday crisis reactionary management to make up for missed... —  read more 

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