Topics regarding layoffs at Perficient Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Perficient Inc.

Shoulders hurt

From patting ourselves on the back all day. Our stock price is poor and dropping. Flat / no growth earnings. Management is arrogant and delusional, way too cool to mentor or hang with the “billable” staff. Once the job market rebounds, we’ll see an... — read more 

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Why keep RIF’s secret?

I’ve been buried in a project and finally had time to reach out to a past project resource regarding some advice. Found out the person was let go months ago due to a project cancellation. These things happen, but why does our leadership stay so... — read more 

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Getting worse by the day

I thought moving into leadership would improve my career. But now that I see how shallow Dir’s and BU leaders are about their “resources”, I’m disgusted. This is not a People First organization.

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Classless org

Openly working against team members to get them assigned to projects. Hours drop, so they call it a “separation”. Lost 401k and zero severance. This place is body shop, no matter how they like to spin the message. Friggin clown show now with DEI... — read more 

Worst company if you are on OPT

Worst company to work for. The company has more directors who just keeps roaming without any communication for projects. It's pure body shopping. If they can't find suitable project they will just fire without any notice. Worst higher management who... — read more 

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Terrible Company for consultants

This is a company that hires when it has a project about to begin. Once the project is over your job is in jeopardy. If you are not on a project in a few weeks you will get a call saying it is your last day, no notice. They are no more than a body... — read more 

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At Perficient, you are safe until you have projects, if not the employee will be terminated without any proper notice... Also there won't be any visibility about organization. Worst and risky place to work.

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At Perficient, CLIENT is everything, if you get one or two reviews that are worse than average you will be fired with No Notice and No Salary...

At Perficient, CLIENT is everything, if you get one or two reviews that are worse than average you will be fired with No Notice and No Salary and they only have few clients and mostly do time and material or staff augmentation projects. Every time... — read more 

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