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I really hope layoffs are minimal

Might be a great job market right now, but from what I've been seeing, that's not true for our industry. With so many layoffs all around, there are too many people applying for same jobs. Employers can pick and choose - and adjust the pay down... read more


Hoping for a new direction. So many good people bailing out.

Cognizant in talks for a new acquisition

Came across this article, and it looks like Cognizant is is in talks to acquire Softvision, an app development company, allegedly for the figure of 550 million $. My opinion is that investing into digital services is the only smart thing to do at... read more
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What''s in store in 2019

The attrition rate is very high but so is the intake rate. Net addition of 7500 employees in one quarter should raise some eyebrows. They are hiring left, right and centre. They'll cut around 200 senior level executives anyway. But that might not be... read more

Olden days for Cognizant is gone

Olden days for Cognizant is gone, these RDP or Role development plan or Cognizant Career architecture or CCA whatever they call it is a bogus, only created as a switch to ensure that when uncertainty happens in industry they switch on that button and... read more
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Perspecta Stock Notification

Any positive or negative thoughts on this? Dear MAP Participant, As a result of DXC's upcoming spin-off of its U.S. Public Sector business into a new, publicly traded company named Perspecta, DXC stockholders will receive one share of Perspecta... read more
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Buy out option

Does buy out option depend upon the decision of the manager. Hr and manager are not ready to give buy out.

Walk the talk-Freezing of Cognizant Accounts

Think about it, these people give us , who are paying taxes honestly ,training on ethics, business integrity and what not..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.Had a similar behavior or mistake happened from an employee they would have thrown him out... but would the finance head of... read more

Crazy layoff

Mass layoff at CTS.very high attrition rate.8+ experience guys are systematically target. There is news surfacing of massive layoff across the location

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