Topics regarding layoffs at Cognizant

Topics regarding layoffs at Cognizant

3,500 people to be impacted

Good luck everyone!

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Cognizant Rehire process

Hi I got terminated in the cognizant in India 2 years before. I got the last rating in the 3 months worked Last project and got the severance package in India. trying to join back in cognizant but heard the HR marked the rehire flag is No. Any... — read more 

Looking for a new job

I've been hitting a wall for the past few months in my job search. I only managed to land one interview and a lot of ghosting. I thought this was the best time to leave Cognizant considering the job market conditions but apparently, I was wrong. I... — read more 

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B-ms! See alerts about threads you Follow Thread regarding HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation) layoffs B-ms! HCSC sold their TMG Health division to Cognizant. They still are all tied together and they are b-ms. They discriminated... — read more 

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I gave my 2-week notice yesterday. Coworkers made comments that I should “take it easy” and “enjoy the ride” for the remainder of my time. I took that to mean slack off. Unfortunately, I have too much integrity and value my work ethics to allow... — read more 

Will this stop?

Almost all the colleagues I enjoyed working with went to some other company. The best people are still leaving. I’m just worried about what all these changes will bring to this company. I understand that the best people are expensive for the company... — read more 

Retention Fund - $30MN

Is it a bait to boot people out after they show offer letters? Source (Sidekick) : — read more 

Do you feel forced to leave?

At first I thought that I was exaggerating things and convinced myself that it wasn’t much better in other places either and that I wouldn’t be much happier somewhere else because there is hardly an ideal job where everything is great for an... — read more 

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Cognizant needs layoffs

There are so many areas that are bleeding money while contributing very little. Everybody knows this, yet nothing is being done about it. Instead, when there are layoffs, people with most experience who do the most around here are always among those... — read more 

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Unnecessary victim

I am writing post because I am feeling victims and no one listening the things. I had join Cognizant 3 years back and in first 2 years as manger I had got bucket 2. After that my H1b visa approve I had changed project. After 2 months worked in... — read more 

Fake Performance Reviews

Cognizant terms massive layoffs as 'performance management' Amidst a furore over mass layoffs at its offices in India, Cognizant said it was undertaking normal performance management and refuted the job cut numbers being reported. IT services... — read more 

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