Topics regarding layoffs at Cognizant

Topics regarding layoffs at Cognizant

Will this stop?

Almost all the colleagues I enjoyed working with went to some other company. The best people are still leaving. I’m just worried about what all these changes will bring to this company. I understand that the best people are expensive for the company... —  read more 

Retention Fund - $30MN

Is it a bait to boot people out after they show offer letters? Source (Sidekick) : —  read more 

Cognizant needs layoffs

There are so many areas that are bleeding money while contributing very little. Everybody knows this, yet nothing is being done about it. Instead, when there are layoffs, people with most experience who do the most around here are always among those... —  read more 

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Unnecessary victim

I am writing post because I am feeling victims and no one listening the things. I had join Cognizant 3 years back and in first 2 years as manger I had got bucket 2. After that my H1b visa approve I had changed project. After 2 months worked in... —  read more 

This will cost us jobs

Well, if we didn't have layoffs before, we're sure about to have them now. Talk about the worst possible timing to get hit by ransomware. Whether the higher-ups decide to pay or not, these things always end up costing the company in the end - in... —  read more 

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