Topics regarding layoffs at Gainwell Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Gainwell Technologies

Total Disaster

I started working at Gainwell months ago for one of the state medicaid accounts. These are the things ive noticed. Nobody cares The talent pool is beyond low. The programmers are terrible. I think their previous jobs were flipping burgers or... —  read more 

Why do you stay?

It’s a legitimate question. It’s apparent that it’s not for any promise of raises, our healthcare benefits are subpar and let’s face it, there are many of us who are underpaid and constantly overworked. So the question that begs answering is - why do... —  read more 

Watch out Gainwell employees

Saleh has found HMS sycophants to feed his ego. Lucky for them, they didn’t go through the torture he created at DXC. Watch out, if you are part of the legacy business you will soon be replaced by HMS people with big titles.

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Nobody cares!

It’s amazing to me that everyone i work with doesn’t care about the quality of their work. The level of personal responsibility and pride doesn’t exist. People don’t show up on time, managers don’t hold people accountable, and the work is often done... —  read more 

UI town hall meeting

Has anyone noticed the majority of tech leadership are from India. I’ve been at the company for 4 years and it seems most work is done by us mexicans and projects are led by Indians. Is there a legal reason why we mexs aren’t promoted? Is there... —  read more 

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Your Medicaid products s---

As someone who work(ed) on the state side of medicaid projects that were created by "DXC" (now Gainwell) I have to say that your work is shoddy and c-appy. People quitting left and right, people not knowing what is going on, no true UAT testing... —  read more 

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Paid Time Off

Vacation and sick time policies will remain the same, until Gainwell makes their own policy. Since they don't want to tell us now, I can only assume the worst as has been the pattern with this chain of company changes. I fear we will lose accumulated... —  read more 

Dear CEO

Congratulations on your promotion! At DXC you were a part of years and years of gutting the workforce. Dedicated hard working experienced people. You were a big part of off shoring enormous amounts of jobs on contracts that are paid for directly by... —  read more 

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Gainwell Technologies (the new name of the U.S. State & Local Health and Human Services acquired from DXC)

There you go - GT is born: Veritas Capital, a leading investor in government and healthcare technology businesses, today announced Gainwell Technologies as the new name of the U.S. State & Local Health and Human Services business it plans to... —  read more 

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