Topics regarding layoffs at Mutual Mobile

Topics regarding layoffs at Mutual Mobile

Horrible Company.

They treat their employees like low level disposable workers. They only see dollar signs and your value to the company is directly correlated to the amount of time you’re billing to client work. Not to mention their work is of extremely poor... —  read more 

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Multiple Layoffs

Add this to the mix. When I worked for them, I made it through 2 layoffs. Before I accepted an offer, I saw so many reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed about their layoffs but I ignored them. I thought, "maybe they've learned how to run a business by... —  read more 

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Job Posts Online

I was looking into applying at Mutual Mobile because I saw one of their job posts during my search. But after seeing these reviews and the ones on Glassdoor and Indeed, I'm going to look elsewhere. I'm glad sites like this exist. Dodged that... —  read more 

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Every Year

They do the same thing every year. Lay people off when it's slow and hire again when they're busy. There's no job security whatsoever.

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Employees Leaving

Mutual Mobile has lost most of its Austin staff because of the layoffs. On top of that, people have left and more are working on leaving to avoid another layoff.

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Repeat Layoffs at Mutual Mobile

During my time at Mutual Mobile, they did 3 layoffs in the span of 2 years. They paint a rosy picture to retain the people who weren't laid off but it's all false. They keep these people around to finish projects, then let them go with another... —  read more 

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Austin office is gone

Most of the Austin office is gone due to layoffs and people leaving. There's talk of more jobs being shifted to their India offices, which would mean another round of layoffs this year.

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Not a good experience

This one comes from Glassdoor and it resebles my experience. Just be very careful when it comes to Mutual Mobile and how they hire people. You never know how things will end up. Horrible waste of time. I went all the way to third... —  read more 

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