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Topics regarding layoffs at GE Digital

Outsource Global Ops

You want to save money Flannery? Time to dump the overpriced, over staffed, under performing Global Ops division. Call IBM and HP and they will do it cheaper and better. Every time Core Tech does a reorg it's just shifting the same people around and... read more

Fire Bill Ruh

The GE Digital story is really a shame. The mission and vision were correct. But the #1 mistake that doomed the whole thing was choosing Bill Ruh to run it. He's invisible as a leader in San Ramon. He can't keep executives, which causes reorg after... read more

GE Digital - Please Wake Up...

I think that the GE Digital Organization has their heads buried in the sand. Needing to reduce heads, and today they put out their we are awesome letter bragging about the success of hiring over 2,300 talented team members globally in key roles this... read more

I had no faith in Predix.

I enjoyed my 23 years. I really struggled with the decision to leave, but I am so glad I did. I was fortunate enough to retire early and put the VJRP money in a savings account. I had no faith in Predix.

Too many bad decisions

We sold Capital (and look at how well synchrony is doing) and paid for the garbage that is Predix? And we sold NBC and Plastics and Appliances (monogram use was sold with that one), and we got nothing except a static stock price. So what happened... read more

I took the VJRP

...and am so happy about it now... I exercised all my options earlier this year at 29 something, so I missed last years peak in November or whenever it was unfortunately. So I have no financial ties to GE anymore, but I spent over a decade and a half... read more

We Pivoted

What kind of statement is this? We give up on everything now. You may as well close the shop.

More layoffs as costs get cut

Only 35 people took the severance package at the Digital Hub Detroit. I would expect more layoffs in light of the lofty goal of cutting $1B in costs in 2017 and another $1B in costs in 2018, but not sure when and to what degree. Agreed... read more


Doesn't look like cost cutting is going as planned, possibly another RIF come Sept. Anyone heard anything?

Edmonton layoffs

Pretty accurate prediction by one day. Forty got let go for roles opening in the US Market! They obviously will deny this! Edmonton got hit hard yesterday for posts that can be filled in the US Market. GE Energy Connection Employees was also... read more

Let's do this thing

Come on, there's no reason to wait. Just tell us we are getting paid to go find a glorious new job

Reorg after reorg!

I'm sick of feeling devalued. I'm sick or reorg after reorg. I am taking the package. Digital leadership has no clue what they are doing and making it all up as they go. If they want to sell Predix they need to stop running a day care and get some... read more

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