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Who came through Atlanta on walks for Coretech purchase?

Who knows what companies were walking through here this week? I saw several but not sure who they were with Habib and Chet? I have heard several rumors but did anyone find out who they were? Would be good to know who we were getting aligned with.
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Msft announcement

So... what is behind today’s announcement with microsoft? Went thru it several times and still don’t get what is new... smoke screen or do you think it will change the game?

Who is in, who is out?

I left GE last June and I'm still hoping for a GE turn around because many people I still care about are there. Lots of rumors are flying around but have heard but not confirmed any to be true. I know Fowler went to Nationwide, but did they name a... read more

GED is done for

GED is done for. IT is going to move back to the businesses and Predix,APM etc will either be sold or disposed of. GE thought software is a joke and in no time they will be competing with Google but that was the stupidity of its executives. There... read more

Ultimately, where are we?

There are tons of posts describing all sorts of rumors earlier on the page, but now, where are we? For example, we have serious rumors of buyouts. Some of these rumors involve only CoreTech or Cybersecurity. Others involve all of GED. Some rumors are... read more

Central services do not work well at GE

In the nearly two decades I have been with GE, it appears that central services do not work well at GE. There are those who think that they can do it better, cheaper than the businesses can do it themselves. However, what I find is you get what you... read more


I heard Detroit is hosting over 100 DTLP's at a made in Detroit day. What a joke. GE is in a big mess so they bring in a group silver spoons so the rank in file can put on a puppet show. I am not located there but would love to here how this... read more

Is Predix still where it’s at?

Can you do anything with it other than login and get a $600 IBS / MyItems charge for the privilege of doing so?
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GED's Buyer

Rumor is that GED's buyer is Soft Bank and that the leadership team is finalizing the sale in Japan this week. All the San Ramon employees need to work on their bowing.

GE Digital sale?

Is it true that HR has now put a freeze on GE Digital staff’s internal transfers to other LOBs? Does this mean that GE Digital is being sold and to whom?

EY and investor

Turns out we’ve been paying EY to set up a tag team match between Bill and Khozema versus Ric Flair and Hollywood Hogan. Sadly the nature boy and Hogan would destroy those girly men and probably do their jobs better. Wether you like it or not learn... read more

Rumors on Blind

Rumor is Microsoft is the partner aquiring core tech. Anyone here not afraid to confirm? Im sure there's an NDA, but come some of us have families and would be good to know if we should be looking for work elsewhere.

Cyber Security's Fate

Also rumor has it that cyber security's fate is already set but not ready to announce the new merger as separate company.


GE Digital is already set to shrink out of existence. They told us we will be re-aligned to business so nothing really left. Transportation DT gone. Healthcare DT gone. Industrial Engine DT gone. Remaining BHGE DT gone. Remaining Capital Finance... read more

What is the future of GE Digital?

Any news from Digital leadership on where GE Digital will sit in the new structure? No details seem to be given about GE Digital in investor call or elsewhere.

So let’s recap..

Since Flannery has taken over: The stock has lost more than 50%of its value. The dividend was cut by 50% Layoffs..Layoffs..Layoffs Announced a possible breakup that hasn’t occurred yet Let go of half of the board (may be a good thing) Apologized to... read more

CEO to take remedial economics

Shareholders elect to have Digital CEO take remedial economics to understand that an exchange requires a willing buyer and willing seller.

Computer Request

Could someone please provide an update on my asset request? I have been without an asset for three weeks. Several co-workers are also without working equipment. Three new hires at our location sit in the cafeteria daily because the also never... read more

Securities Fraud at GE Digital

Leadership at this company is hell bent on inflating its numbers using a virtual P&L to count all software sales across GE as Digital. Additionally, we continue to show Predix sales when it's entirely internal billing of the accounts to GE employees... read more

Hope & Pray is the Digital Strategy

Last all hands meeting financial results were shared that cleverly tried to hide the fact that the costs of running this place are still double the revenues it brings in. Additionally, management seems unwilling to admit that automation products... read more

A rumors about GED spun off ?!?

No directions given by management yet and no noise recently other then office consolidation in San Ramon location. I see couple of open positions posted as well. Is it a good or bad sign?

Why not use Blind?

The Blind app is great for anonymous communication. Already has the beginnings of a great community. Here is an invite url - TheLayoff ui is pretty bad. Blind is prettt smooth.

Big pivot

Big changes coming in June for GE Digital. A full reversal of the horizontal play. Not heard anymore details but some should be leaking out in next couple weeks.

Rest In Peace Digital

Noticed that GE Digital no longer listed as a separate business unit in the earnings report. Goodbye Digital! See ya Bill!!

Fight back!

Many of us had the same question when we were laid off....who else was affected? It makes me angry to know Bill Ruh can make bad decisions one right after another and still draw his 400k salary. I encourage anyone that reads this to email Trian... read more

Does your GED comp package include RSU?

Curious how many of you received RSU as part of your comp package? I've asked around, and it seems grunts like us rarely get them (or get ridiculously low amounts), but senior leadership has high six figures worth of RSU.

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