Topics regarding layoffs at GE Digital

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Digital

Layoffs past week

I left this company half a year ago. Even then, we were missing many employees, ie those who really did their job. Those who did almost nothing were there alright. I heard from someone that there was another round layoffs? Is it possible? Were the... —  read more 

2021 Plans & News for GED?

Siebel and team took C3 out in an IPO and got that puppy to $12B in market cap! What's Pat's plan to build shareholder value with GED? Surely he must have some compelling plan and vision for Immelt's dream digital initiative...

No bonuses next year?

Pat's convoluted answer to the question about VIC and where GED stands today was riddled with management speak. The take away was that there will be no bonuses. How can you reach a goal when no one is clear on what the goal is?

HR Bull

As those that get let go leave HR will try to keep your hopes alive of rehire. Don't fall for it. They say that so you don't write or say bad things about the company.

Aviation SaaS

Does anyone know what the Aviation SaaS business does and how big/successful is it ? I have scourged online and can’t find any specific info on it .


Hold on tight. More coming before end of quarter. Probably more the next quarter as well. Don't know the numbers right now or the dates. The ship is sinking, folks.

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