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Severance in San Ramom

Does anyone know what kind of severance package was given to employees laid off on Jan 8?
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Jim Fowler Leaving...

Thats a question - when is Jim fowler leaving. Should he be leaving by himself or kicked out. What would be better and when ?

Fat Mice asked to leave sinking ship

The management always takes care of their own. Ahead of the looming mass massacre, many in the middle management have been quietly told to look for other options. Recent examples of announced exits are VP of Product Marketing, VP of Engineering and... read more

GE San Ramon

Don't seem to here anything from employees in San Ramon now days. In a way that is good news. Maybe the turmoil is done and Digital can move on.

Digital Software Executive Jumping Ship?

Sooooo, what's happening over at GE Digital these days? Why is this Executive making a move away from GE? Saw the recent GE reports cameo which had him talking all about how great the Industrial Internet is and what the future holds - What changed or... read more

Is Predix still dropping $600 IBS charges

That happened like three years ago and BR was talking about how much money Predix was making, but it was all IBS money shuffled around so it made zero impact on our revenue It actually hurt our revenue since we paid for a lot of IBS and revenue... read more


Steve Rullo said Norwalk is strategic for Capital, but Global Ops DT team will not increase a presence, but will likely decrease and move to the hubs

Just ignore promises

About a year ago GE Digital said it would give awards at the end of 2017 to the best ideas/suggestions for cost out. Even though i have heard several people ask when that would happen no answers. Just another way GE does business. Ignore something... read more

New layoffs in Q1

Just heard there will be more over the next couple of months. Anyone who isn't looking for a job on their own is foolish!

GE Disclaimer

Jim's speech at DTH disclaimer: The speech today was by professional actors. Why some of the discussion was based on fact, most was wishful thinking. GE does not claim to have been first to create some of the concepts or does not guarantee any... read more

Microsoft / GED

Digital would most likely be spun off to Microsoft who wants to enter the IIOT space. A partnership with GED would allow them to stay engaged with the industrial assets. Plus - Predix does not require GE devices - so makes even more sense.

Digital is great...

If you work at an office location. Our fearless leaders are doing everything in their power to destroy GE's manufacturing capability. Smart Help is going to be the beginning of the end.

Power Layoff GE Is Laying Off 12,000 People From Its Power Business General Electric plans to lay off 12,000 people from its GE Power business unit as part of a broad effort to cut $3.5 billion in costs by... read more
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GE Digital All Hands

Bill Ruh sounds drunk -- keeps saying things are "uncertain" and how hard that is for everyone. That's not the issue--the issue is that the leaders have looted the company and made poor decisions so we now need to be laid off. Bill Ruh should go... read more

Why no noise in media?

How come there's no mentioning of GE layoffs on the news? I saw an headlines of 150 people laidoff at ESPN, but no mentioning of huge and massive GE layoffs.

So much blame to go around

So much blame to go around. The endless ITLP and leadership programs that created ill experienced, arrogant mini monsters. The C level leadership who made disastrous investments and decisions. HR and people managers treating employees like garbage... read more

Stop guessing and blaming

Posters seem to be blaming everybody and guessing when and where layoffs will come. It seems to me just meaningless exercise. Here is what i have found out that may be interesting but realize we can't have any input into what is happening so it is... read more

Flannery presentation didn't show GE Digital

I attended Flannery Monday meeting and notice that digital wasn’t represented in the Preliminary revenue recognition standard transition impact: 2017 slide. Cannot be an oversight, why leave it out?

60 day notice??

If you are one of the ones who were given 60 days notice do you still get severance? That just seems cruel to expect these guys to work for two months and then give them nothing. When will they have time to find a job? Or are you on the books but not... read more

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