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HR Bull

As those that get let go leave HR will try to keep your hopes alive of rehire. Don't fall for it. They say that so you don't write or say bad things about the company.

Aviation SaaS

Does anyone know what the Aviation SaaS business does and how big/successful is it ? I have scourged online and can’t find any specific info on it .


Hold on tight. More coming before end of quarter. Probably more the next quarter as well. Don't know the numbers right now or the dates. The ship is sinking, folks.

Shame on you Kathleen

Kathleen McCarthy - If I wanted your opinion on international travel I would ask you for it. If you aren't going to provide references from a governing body such as the state department or CDC, I don't have time for your fear mongering. I don't... —  read more 

Latest on Corporate

Based on information from update today looks like Corporate to take hit of 1400 employees this year and 2400 in 2021. This will leave about 4200 going forward. 8500 last year were assigned to the divisions and up to them to reduce costs (if any)... —  read more 

Is this true?

There will be GED layoffs. True. However, non-producers are also being targeted for replacement. Remote workers who lack consistent onsite presence from week to week are particularly being given a long, hard look in terms of productivity. Can... —  read more 

More layoffs this quarter

There will be more coming this quarter. Topic of discussion at recent SLT meeting. Other locations too. Any chance you can share which locations? Or will this be company-wide?

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I like working here

I figured Christmas is the best time to share this, maybe people will not be as cruel as other times when somebody says something that doesn't agree with the majority. Say what you will about GED, but it is still one of the best jobs I've ever... —  read more 

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