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Digital in BHGE - what’s going on?

BHGE Digital is going through a major shake up, lay-offs, refocus, Matthias losing most of his empire, people being transfered back to the business, ... Any idea what’s going on there?

What's going on?

Do we know anything new on possible layoffs? All the changes have me stressing out more than usual.

GE sues Uptake,-says-chicago.html?.tsrc=applewf The executives didn’t do sh-- here. They should thank them. Over priced high paid losers.

I wonder...

I wonder if CD and NR where actually listened to by Culp and Miller vs being screwed over by Fouler and BR who had the ear of no jet John. I bet they realized it would cost a ton more to outsource this stuff to a company outside GE that had to worry... read more

CoreTech to be Restructured

The feedback from the potential buyers was hard to take, but no one wanted this bloated business for the price we were asking. Ruh was only around to lure potential buyers. He failed. That is why he was kicked to the curb. So, they put CoreTech under... read more

Ruh is out!!!

Finally..a good decision. St least he won’t f--- up the new company.

Digital M1 team split finally announced

Digital M1 team split finally announced ... Some to power aligned Some to aviation aligned Some to FDL aligned No layoff for now so good !
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Still No Announcement

Still silence on the the sale of service max and GED's sale to PE firm. Guess Bill is still stuffing his face with Cheese-It's, Jen is in denial of the attrition, and Simon is still licking Khozema's dodo off his mouth. Place is in a death march... read more

BHGE Digital

Any update on the layoffs in the BHGE Digital group? Many people are expecting major cuts to happen there soon given the idle PMs, bloated org particularly at management levels (SR), & continued losses.

Inability to execute

Everything I’ve read is that GE is too interwoven to break up / apart. It’s worth much less in parts. Hence the Coretech and Cybersecurity inability to execute a deal. I guess we shouldn’t expect much from the loser self interested DT leadership... read more

Digital Acquisitions write off

From the GE Q3 2018 10-Q. As a result, during the third quarter, we recorded our best estimate of a non-cash pre-tax impairment loss of $22.0 billion related to goodwill in our Power Generation and Grid Solutions businesses. Included in this amount... read more

An announcement should be happening soon

A deal has definitely been signed. I don't know the details but everything was signed about two weeks ago. GE managed the minority ownership. I don't know about the combination of Cybersecurity. An announcement should be happening soon. I think it... read more

Atlanta How is this working out?

Q3 call

GE executives made no mention of GE Digital, software, or IoT on the third-quarter earnings call Tuesday.

The pig is on lifesupport

General Electric Co.'s longer-term issuer default rating (IDR) was downgraded two notches to BBB+ from A at Fitch Ratings. The move, which puts GE's rating at just three notches above "junk" status.

Is Ruh out ?

His meeting was run by other leadership team members as he is "travelling"

Beth said....

BC said in an interview at CNBC that "digitalistation" or "digitalilization" is the key to GE's future.

Larry all employee

I was personally impressed by Larry today. He appears to be embrace being a nerd. Humor. Candid. Doesn’t like the royalty c-ap. Why would a guy agree to do this if he thought he would fail? Wants to walk to work. Going back to fundamentals. Kudos to... read more


I could not have been happier to hear the organization, as a whole was falling apart and disbanding after the way they treated employees and candidates when their profits took a hit. This companies ego was its downfall and it got what was deserved :)

GE Digital SALE

Anyone have any information on when this beast(liability) is going to be sold.

They caught spy finally

If bad management doesn’t get us the spies will. Just think of how many possible bad actor Insiders they don’t know. One of the biggest threats any company faces.

When Ruh goes we'll know!

Let's see how long Larry puts up with his lying BS. If Larry is serious about transformation and recovery, the Bill and Khozema show will hit the road.

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