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Customers won’t invest without clear future

GED is committing s--c-de by not providing a clear path forward - business and product - for current and prospective clients. This is hugely irresponsible and not fair to those who are still on the job trying to make it work. Who is “Culp”-able for... read more

Lots of resignations

At least in customer success. I guess it was bound to happen with the collaborative delivery model...

Next cuts shouldn't affect GED much

There were VPs, and managers laid off, and Eddie said some of the pre-layoff departures were not voluntary (they let those people save face). Next cuts shouldn't affect GED much -- the cuts were deep, and you can't cut much deeper -- next cuts should... read more

I hate this lack of transparency

Good management is honest and open with its employees even when times are tough. It seems to me that we are purposefully left in a dark about what's happening at GE Digital. Layoffs come and go out of the blue, and each time we are left guessing if... read more

BHGE Digital -- What's next?

Re-post-- What is happening? When is the next wave of cuts? When are we going to hear the layoffs of managers, VP's, EB's? Why are salesmen still employed here when there is nothing to sell? Does Derek know there is no value for the AI cr*p that... read more

Fire/Garage Sale for GE Digital Assets

Latest 10-Q indicates ServiceMax was sold for $200MM after being bought for $900M, I guess that is a better ratio than Alstom.....At least they were on a legit platform despite being another commodity web app. Or Bill Ruh k--led it in spectacular... read more

Any more layoffs?

Don’t see anything mentioned in the last couple of days so I’m wondering have the layoffs at Digital stopped. Any layoffs in the last couple of days?

Anything today?

At my office there were no layoffs today? Were there locations that were hit today? Can’t seem to find anything on this board regarding layoffs today. Does this mean they are done for now? If not, does anyone have a clue when will the next big hit be... read more

I'm very happy that I'm not one of the leftovers

This round is probably done. I concur with the previous reply that more will happen in the future. I got clipped this round and I have to ay, it's liberating. They softened the blow with a fair package. I am finally motivated to find something... read more

What’s the real extent of the layoffs?

Is there any way in which we can figure out at least an approximate number of ho many people were affected by these layoffs. I can’t see that they will be done in one day, so is there any word on how many more folks could be affected. My heart goes... read more

Are layoffs done?

Any more GE Digital layoffs expected today or sometime next week? Or can we relax now?

GE Digital Bangalore

30% of Bangalore, India team were fired yesterday. Looks like it’s going to be more in coming days. It’s very bad

What teams were affected?

Was part of the 1st rif in 2017. Hoping the rest of my former team got whacked. Can anyone list what team were affected?

On Our Leaders

GE has nurtured an undeserved reputation for 'honing leaders' - this is unsubstantiated smoke and mirrors from Welch's days. I have hired and promptly fired a handful of GE alumni (at Director/Sr Director level) over the last 13 years in healthcare... read more

GE Digital to cut 40%

GE Digital SR leadership has already been putting their list together and the ax will be falling by the end of June for those in SR & GA. The DOC is Dead and all those under the leadership of HS.


I worked for this division for a very long 4 months. I faced a hostile work environment and then retaliation when I attempted to go on short-term disability on the advice of the GE Health Nurse. Of course, they didn't want to pay me for 6 months and... read more

Are you KIDDING ME!!!!!

How does this guy sleep at night! I would be embarrassed if I was Bill Ruh!

San Ramon

Have not heard anything from Digital HQ San Ramon since Larry said it will be made a separate company. Hearing nothing has been proven to be a bad thing at GE. Good Luck out there.

Rough criminals

Matthias and Binu have thrown away hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel and b---s--- slideware in BHGE digital. I can only hope this catches up to them.

Post bonus exodus?

NewCo employees will come to know their bonus for 2018 in March. When will it show up the paycheck? Is everybody planning to head for the exits after bonus payday?

What is left in GE Digital ? 10% of nothing

So now the business take the lead of a 1.2 bn$ company, 90% of it being legacy software. Most of the leaders of GE Digital left, only the most political and least capable still there - i dont know for how long...

Simon Says I'm Outta Here

The perennial butt kisser finally realized that there are no more butts to kiss at GED and has left to go kiss butts at Service Max by Silver Lake. Wonder what he's going to do when he realizes he cannot IBS his mistakes to other parts of the... read more

San Ramon

With service max moved out the office in San Ramon is a ghost town. Guess that’s what happens when you over hire, then fire immediately and buy and sell companies immediately. Wonder when Larry will finally pull the plug on the west coast office and... read more

Digital in BHGE - what’s going on?

BHGE Digital is going through a major shake up, lay-offs, refocus, Matthias losing most of his empire, people being transfered back to the business, ... Any idea what’s going on there?

What's going on?

Do we know anything new on possible layoffs? All the changes have me stressing out more than usual.

GE sues Uptake,-says-chicago.html?.tsrc=applewf The executives didn’t do sh-- here. They should thank them. Over priced high paid losers.

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