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An announcement should be happening soon

A deal has definitely been signed. I don't know the details but everything was signed about two weeks ago. GE managed the minority ownership. I don't know about the combination of Cybersecurity. An announcement should be happening soon. I think it... read more

Atlanta How is this working out?

Q3 call

GE executives made no mention of GE Digital, software, or IoT on the third-quarter earnings call Tuesday.

The pig is on lifesupport

General Electric Co.'s longer-term issuer default rating (IDR) was downgraded two notches to BBB+ from A at Fitch Ratings. The move, which puts GE's rating at just three notches above "junk" status.

Is Ruh out ?

His meeting was run by other leadership team members as he is "travelling"

Beth said....

BC said in an interview at CNBC that "digitalistation" or "digitalilization" is the key to GE's future.

Larry all employee

I was personally impressed by Larry today. He appears to be embrace being a nerd. Humor. Candid. Doesn’t like the royalty c-ap. Why would a guy agree to do this if he thought he would fail? Wants to walk to work. Going back to fundamentals. Kudos to... read more


I could not have been happier to hear the organization, as a whole was falling apart and disbanding after the way they treated employees and candidates when their profits took a hit. This companies ego was its downfall and it got what was deserved :)

GE Digital SALE

Anyone have any information on when this beast(liability) is going to be sold.

They caught spy finally

If bad management doesn’t get us the spies will. Just think of how many possible bad actor Insiders they don’t know. One of the biggest threats any company faces.

When Ruh goes we'll know!

Let's see how long Larry puts up with his lying BS. If Larry is serious about transformation and recovery, the Bill and Khozema show will hit the road.

Coretech Risk deal

Predictions on if anything goes down before end of year? Reportedly new ceo was in on meetings for this brilliant idea as board member. I wonder if he has a good dector to see the imposter at helm or he is sold on the sleaze fast talking.

Minds and Machines Postponed / canceled

Leadership made the call to postpone/cancel Minds & Machines. Make no mistake this came directly from Larry Culp. The guy is trying to stop the stupid internal spending that GE does to stroke the egos of executive's. This is a smart call as the event... read more

How many seconds do Bill & Khozema have left?

With their inability to close the sale with the buyer and the new CEO how much time do Bill & Khozema have left to flounder in San Ramon? I hope Larry fires both of them and not a buyer, far more insulting to these guys to get canned by GE.

Flannery ousted
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In all seriousness how the F**K is Khozema still employed? This man is responsible for bad decision after bad decision and gets promoted, absurd. This dude is responsible for: 1) Materially misstating publicly reported financial statements 2)... read more

Unable to find a buyer

Given the fact that they started this divestiture in February, my suspicion is that they were unable to find a buyer for the entire business and are trying to sell off different chunks. The team thought of unloading the automation business three... read more


Stock is falling like a meteor. Lmfao! Employees leaving in droves. Lmfao! Power business struggling. Lmfao! Ruh still in charge of Digital. Lmfao! Flannery is failing! Lmfao! Thanks for laying me off just as I vested and paying me a bunch of money!... read more

Coretech Lack of buyer?

From today's all hands I'm getting the impression if there was a serious buyer before, they've backed out, OR there never was a serious buyer and they just assumed they'd have one by now. Wonder what will happen to us if no buyer comes though... read more

GE Digital partnership

The next big announcement should be a partnership with a major software developer and should happen 4Q 2018. The merger will morph Predix into a new direction to give an external image of a new version/approach to calm Wall Street. Internally the... read more

Beth Comstock $4M/year

Beth Comstock Wrote a new book on how she made almost $4M per year Where was her courage and backbone in telling Jeff to stop his id--tic ideas I guess she was just a GE trophy wife.

Now's the time to leave

Leave while GE Digital is still an asset on your resume. You don't want to be in a situation in which the reputation of the company is so shot that having worked here becomes a liability. Wouldn't be the first time it happened. Just ask the folks who... read more

Is GE Digital worth anything?

We had buyers lining up to buy GE Capital’s assets. Because GE Capital produced astounding revenue for the company. Buyers are still interested in some of Capital’s remaining businesses like GECAS. What about GE Digital? I don’t see buyers lining up... read more

No layoffs?

I'll take the lack of layoff chatter here as a sign we are not looking at any layoffs soon? Or am I missing something?

HR truly cares about us

They’ve licensed Headspace.

The Coretech part of the business...

Is in shambles... Right now, it is only reacting to leadership whims - there is no 'go forward' strategy. I am disappointed and disillusioned - it's time to move on (probably long overdue)

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