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Coretech Lack of buyer?

From today's all hands I'm getting the impression if there was a serious buyer before, they've backed out, OR there never was a serious buyer and they just assumed they'd have one by now. Wonder what will happen to us if no buyer comes though... read more

GE Digital partnership

The next big announcement should be a partnership with a major software developer and should happen 4Q 2018. The merger will morph Predix into a new direction to give an external image of a new version/approach to calm Wall Street. Internally the... read more

Beth Comstock $4M/year

Beth Comstock Wrote a new book on how she made almost $4M per year Where was her courage and backbone in telling Jeff to stop his id--tic ideas I guess she was just a GE trophy wife.

Now's the time to leave

Leave while GE Digital is still an asset on your resume. You don't want to be in a situation in which the reputation of the company is so shot that having worked here becomes a liability. Wouldn't be the first time it happened. Just ask the folks who... read more

Is GE Digital worth anything?

We had buyers lining up to buy GE Capital’s assets. Because GE Capital produced astounding revenue for the company. Buyers are still interested in some of Capital’s remaining businesses like GECAS. What about GE Digital? I don’t see buyers lining up... read more

No layoffs?

I'll take the lack of layoff chatter here as a sign we are not looking at any layoffs soon? Or am I missing something?

HR truly cares about us

They’ve licensed Headspace.

The Coretech part of the business...

Is in shambles... Right now, it is only reacting to leadership whims - there is no 'go forward' strategy. I am disappointed and disillusioned - it's time to move on (probably long overdue)

GE Digital Continues to Get Worse

As people leave, I can not believe the "quality" of the people left behind. It's embarrassing. Soon, there will be zero value. Please put out another GED and Microsoft partnership type announcement to make believe there is value so we can sell this... read more


I love the quick bytes. It’s like a legal proceeding in which the crooks won’t actually answer anything. Why not answer everything no comment and admit no one wants to take our phat a-- to the merger prom.
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Minds and Machines 2018

What is going to be presented at Minds and Machines? 1) How excited leadership is about their new owner? 2) A Pivot back to a platform led strategy and that Predix will be the new AWS? 3) That GE is all in on Digital despite massive cost cutting 4)... read more

Siemens Medical Solutions?

I was laid off from GE Digital in March. During my job search I entered my resume info into multiple job search/resume sites as 'GE Digital'. Today I checked one resume site and the system changed it to 'Siemens Medical Solutions'.

In all seriousness. It’s been quiet

It’s been too quiet. No news is never good news at GE. It’s hard to know if one rides this out or cuts bait. If you survived this long a strong argument is to wait a few more months and see. Soon we will hit holiday season and it’s tough to switch... read more

Where are they Now?

Could we get a refreshed list of GED C-Suite Execs and where they are applying their "talents" now...Who's left?

CoreTech Worse Than Ever

Now that things have blown up in their face and the leadership dropping like flies, the service has gone from bad to worse. The people left behind are the 3rd and 4th stringers and they are mediocre at best. Decommissioning process is a joke. Billing... read more


Billy Ruh probably was asleep at the wheel for this one. He's probably going to deny it's existence. On another note props to uptake for the no holds bar competition to get customers, consumers are going to get a good deal on the price of these... read more

GED could have had a huge success with Predix

Speaking as an industry analyst, GED could have had a huge success with Predix. The right VISION was there (IoT data analytics), the huge SALES BASE was there (power, healthcare, aerospace)... But the EXECUTION (actual hardware/software) was a... read more

To All the GED Employees Crying Now...

Ha Ha Ha! You guys got PAID serious money to go to work for GED, and KNEW that they had no real product, no real vision, and c-appy leadership. And now you are all surprised (!) that Jeff's brain fart magic dust business is falling apart? Really?... read more

DT people back to the business

6 August DT business aligned people back to business. Bravo on execution of centralized DT. Where do the leftovers in DT go? Maybe in BR’s belly. To be regurgitated by the company soon for the unemployment line.

Bill Ruh’s writes a book

Bill Ruh might soon retire (or be retired). It will be impossible for him to find a job after the GED disaster, so he might write a book following Beth Comstock example. I thought we could help him with a catchy title. Something like “Burn $4B in 5... read more

GED Damage Control...

Thoughts on posts by BR and JF?

so where is visionary GB?

Oh yea... He bailed about 6 months ago to the top competitor... Should have seen the writing on the wall. Fool me once....

So Long Digital

I think we all saw this coming.

Any new insight?

Any new information on meetings from potential buyers? Which is most likely to acquire Coretech? Are any big names a remote possibility?

DT Leadership Skype Broadcast

They should just play the Dukes of Hazzard theme song “Good ol’ Boys” in the background as they bloviate about how awesome of a collective team they believe they are today. If they are so great, why are we in this position?

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