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Sch customer solution stinks

Leadership has taken a nose dive over the past 2 years. Buddies taking care if buddies and promoting attractive women vs purely based on capabilities. Layoffs coming soon as they look to combine Sch and Greenville.

Hydro business: now what?

Now that GE is buying out Alstom from the Renewables JV, are they finally going to get rid of Hydro? I mean, they sold it 10 years ago, right?

GE Renewables - Best franchise ?

Is GE Renewables the best part of GE now ? No discussions on layoff board, means team is fully busy in achieving some great targets ? Or ? I am new to GE REN and painful to see what is happening around in GE

Fieldcore Merger?

Hearing rumors that all hourly employees will be shoved over to Fieldcore after the first of the year. Hardly any talk of renewables in all that’s going on the last few days, this is all I’ve heard. Anybody got any updates?

Onshore Wind Layoffs within 3 Weeks

I learned from my HR manager today that we will be laying off hundreds of people in The US and began preparing us for the conversations. Here is the narrative spun: we need to invest in new products and increase margin Here is what all leaders know:... read more


Did they have layoffs in renewables or do you think they are going to have layoffs in the future?
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