Topics regarding layoffs at GE Renewable Energy

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Renewable Energy

Unexpected or not?

I read here that some have already been laid off and that the notice surprised them because they did not expect this to happen. Is it possible that someone thinks they are safe? Of course, you should never worry ahead of time, but never think... —  read more 

Sch customer solution stinks

Leadership has taken a nose dive over the past 2 years. Buddies taking care if buddies and promoting attractive women vs purely based on capabilities. Layoffs coming soon as they look to combine Sch and Greenville.

Fieldcore Merger?

Hearing rumors that all hourly employees will be shoved over to Fieldcore after the first of the year. Hardly any talk of renewables in all that’s going on the last few days, this is all I’ve heard. Anybody got any updates?

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