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UE 506 stay strong. Please look at past negotiations! Your jobs will be going overseas regardless, GE sold Salem site the Competitive Wage Agreement nonsense. 8yrs later site closing, going to India. I watched for 8yrs someone doing less ,earning... —  read more 

Wabtec is almost here in Erie

I feel its a slap in the face what the Union has given us with the leaflets. Wabtec wants to strip everything away from us. Almost a 38% wage concession and a bunch of other ridiculous things.. So the Union sets up a 3 day meeting with the attorney... —  read more 

Dropping in number of employees

This is how severe layoffs have been so far. We are no longer the largest employer in Erie after who knows how long, and we keep going down. And with the latest Wabtec deal, things are only looking to get worse... —  read more 

Combustion Issues

Keep hearing rumours about all these combustion failures; some in Saudi Arabia on 7F.05, Pakistan on 9HA.01?, and also in US on fleet leader 7HA.02... Also rumours on Hclass rotor dynamics issues? Shouldn't all this have been identified and corrected... —  read more 


More cuts, it never ends: —  read more 

Recent GE layoffs at Grove City, PA plants.

On March 10, 2017, 88 people went out the door on permanent layoff. Overtime for active employees has shot through the roof. Potential order for 80 Inline Marine engines in the wind, GE trying an "X" series engine via Jenbacher. FDL may be on the way... —  read more 

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