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Was recently contacted about a position with GE Aviation, and scheduled for an interview. How is it that during the COVID crisis, with all of the layoffs and reductions in force within similar industries, GE Aviation has openings? The position is in... —  read more 

Air travel not expected to recover until 2024

"Air travel will take even longer than previously thought to return to pre-virus levels" Not good news for GE Aviation, let's hope the 25% layoffs took this into... —  read more 

GE Aviation

Got Laid terre haute a few months ago. Glad im as good as I am they lost a wonderful machinist in me. Only was off for a week before another job picked me up! Glad to be where I am. Much better company!

Just Another Boeing 737 Issue

AD #: 2020-16-51 was issued 7/23/2020. It is an Emergency Airworthiness Directive. You can look it up for more details but basically there were four recent reports of single-engine shutdowns due to engine bleed air 5th stage check valves being stuck... —  read more 

GE Aviation gets shaft

GE Aviation as usual gets the shaft. They are treated as second class citizens compared to other divisions. Other divisions give PBs, LPBs and SPBs bonuses, not aviation just SPs. As they layoff employees other divisions give much better severance... —  read more 

GE Additive Pittsburgh - Closing

GE's showcase of additive manufacturing that hosted the shareholders meeting in 2018 is closing. A major GE Aviation project is shut down and the production will continue in Italy. Layoffs began during early COVID-19 and will continue in waves... —  read more 

Very True Who paid the price? All the long term dedicated employees of GE. It is time for change at GE and they should continue to layoff all those who where... —  read more 

Get Ready for December

Another round of layoffs for aviation will happen. Too many big mouths in management let the cat out of the bag!

Layoffs this week?

What’s the latest on notification of layoffs? I keep hearing Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Any insight out there?

Joyce Retiring?

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Bad News Bears

GE expects second-quarter free cash outflow to be between negative $3.5 billion and $4.5 billion, wider than analysts' average estimate of negative $2.5 billion. The company expects commercial jet engine installs to fall about 45% in the second... —  read more 

GE Evendale

Anyone heard anything about layoffs in Evendale? I have an accounting position and am a little scared for what is coming...

Layoffs Terre Haute Indiana

Started layoffs in terre haute, IN, Supply Chain today... supposed to be all week. About 30-50 gone just today. This company was a damn joke.


GE McAllen

More than half of the work will move to Singapore, the people - Out!

Sourcing & Materials VS

Confirmed by leadership today. Cuts in Materials & Sourcing will total 35%. US Employee notification by end of June.

GE Rutland

It was announced that 25% of the workforce will be layed off. Offering 60+ $20,000 to retire early. Laughable amount.


13000 Layoffs

NOLA gone

Nola is gone as of June 30th. Got lot good employees. Good luck everyone. Ohio mgmt will miss their favorite useless trips to enjoy bourbon street.

GE Rutland

Will TLOW’s be extended? Last we heard we return May 4.

Layoff delay

Reason for delay is mgmt is determining which one of their buddies will be shifted to other divisions and how they can keep others. This has happened through many layoffs over the years. Its not what you know it is who you know. That being said i... —  read more 

Contractors last day

Most contractors last day is today. I wish them the best of luck. They will have tough time with what is going on to acquire new positions. It would be nice to reach out to them with any job hiring news you might have. Give them your contact... —  read more 

10% reductions

Has anywhere actually started the 10% reductions yet? Or are most places just furloughed for 4 weeks and then they'll start the layoffs?

GE Aviation layoffs

We just moved counties and bought our first house to be close to GE. We are terrified. There are no jobs that pay even close to what GE does. I am on disability & I can't do anything to help. If my husband gets laid off we will likely lose... —  read more 

GE Rutland Layoffs

How hard is the hit? I got axed in 2018. All the best.

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Just announced, 50% reduction in workforce for 90 days and 10% permanent.

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