Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Erlanger Kentucky

I hope things have improved there to much buddy buddy between union and management some people have been there since it opened and think they control ever aspect of the hourly employees life .


Hows was the CEO visit..... Word is the lead engineer got demoted....others on the chopping block. Guess karma is coming back for scr÷=ing people over.


Good job Lynn..your union is really fighting for you! 🤣 finally got you down to a 6 year top out like the other plants done 6 months ago.🥴

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Legacy pay rates. Just checking to see if all are the same or not. Wilm. H20 operator Hooksett ? Lynn ? Asheville ? Others welcome along with job and rate .


Heard Wilmington is on the chopping block due to the cost of the split between nuclear and aerospace would not make sense business wise. Anyone heard this? Or just another BS rumor?

Boeing Set to Strike Is GE Aerospace willing to do the same next year if the contract is less than desirable?

2nd Quarter Will Be Bad

The Consumer Price Index was released for April. It wasn’t good and neither is the outlook for the near future. Especially for the airline industry. “One of the main drivers of the upside surprise was a record 18.6% increase in airline fares, which... —  read more 

Market Base Wage

Anyone have any idea what's going on with Market Base Wage? I hear they are looking at shortening the progression, but not sure if they are just blowing smoke. Has anyone at any MBW facility also heard this rumor?


People should refuse overtime so they will hire people who are struggling to feed their families that were laid off... But I know people won't refuse OT because we have a lot of greedy f-kks that work here.

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