Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Get rid of one, hire two

I've seen this happen several times and something tells me it'll keep happening under this management. They're so quick to get rid of people due to their pay that they don't even stop to think if that person has a higher pay for a good reason. Then... —  read more 


People should refuse OT so they will hire people who are struggling to feed their families that were laid off..but I know people won't refuse OT because we have a lot of greedy fu--s that work here.


Just remember how your supervisors have been treating you while it's been slow....because sooner or later when it picks up they are going to need you. Hang in there ILM... 😉


Does anyone actually believe the BS excuse why we aren't getting forgings in Wilmington? I bet Mexico isn't having that issue.


It's funny hearing these Cnc programmers talking about how operators are paid way to much now because they just hit a button...maybe they should take pay cuts also because they don't actually write programs anymore with all the software they... —  read more 

My New Jobs S---s

For those of you who are fortunate to keep your G.E. Aviation jobs please be thankful. It s—s on the other side. I work harder and make way less and I don't have a voice that anyone cares about. Don't take your job for granted unless you have a... —  read more 

GE Bonus Celebration

Salary SPB employees across GE celebrate approval of their bonuses. Big bonuses handed out 2 years in a row. Of course no raises for LPB and PB levels 2 years in a row. Maybe they will take us for a spin in the new cars and boats they get. Cheer up... —  read more 

Call Back

I just need to be called back. I keep hearing that we will but WHEN??? I have bills to pay and they seem to be stalling and changing the call back time frame. Does anyone have information?

A Picture is Worth...

Aerial images show hundreds of jets gathering dust in huge airfields.

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Payroll Support Program

Did GE Aviation receive the funds? “Upon successful application for the PSP2, an employer can receive... —  read more 

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Sooo, when is the layoff?

So what’s the word on the layoff that was mentioned by Slattery last quarter? We were told by management last week that no layoff would be happening.... and we all know what happens when management says something won’t happen.


This keeps getting better lmao..gave Larry almost 50 million about to lay off more people and you now get a government backed 120 mill loan..lmao it's laughable at this... —  read more 

Edison works disaster

This Edison works split in Engineering is going to be an unmitigated disaster. Splitting up the engineering team seems to be against the principles of lean to me. Is this new ceo on a mission to sell off the commercial business or something?


Must be nice being in management and having unlimited vacation and telling your hourly workers they must save vacation days for the yearly shut down and not have the option to take it unpaid and if you use it up before the shutdown you will face... —  read more 

Callbacks and Rehires

Here in Rutland all hourly employees that were laid off got called back. Looks like from reading on this site Hooksett called back all laid off employees. Did other plants do the same thing? I’m wondering if they called everyone back across all... —  read more 

VRIP offered

Aviation is offering older salary employees a VRIP. Plan is horrible compared to other divisions or even aviation's own layoff plan. The plan saves company a ton of money of course. I am very disappointed in GE and what it believes is fair.

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