GE Aviation Layoffs

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layoffs in Wilmington NC

50 hourly and 6 salary layoffs also they are offering 20,000 dollars for 60yrs and older early retirement

GE Aviation layoffs

We just moved counties and bought our first house to be close to GE. We are terrified. There are no jobs that pay even close to what GE does. I am on disability & I can't do anything to help. If my husband gets laid off we will likely lose... —  read more 


Just announced, 50% reduction in workforce for 90 days and 10% permanent.

GE Aviation Rutland VT

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Layoffs in GE Aviation Czech ?

It seems that there is a restructuring / layoff effort currently on going in GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic.  The layoffs may represent approx 10 percent of the workforce in Letnany plant, as a result of changes in the market... —  read more 

Evendale Security

So despite a 517 million DoD contract we’re going to start closing gates? I guess we can let anybody with a paper badge access secure areas? Just take away guards, gates, card readers, etc...who needs security when the division made 30.6 billion in... —  read more 

Layoffs at San Ramon

GE Aviation, the crown jewel in GE, laid off its employees and cut funding to digital employees working on aviation projects which resulted in layoff of thiose digital employees. But it is hiring people in Cincinnati left and right. Seems similar to... —  read more 

They Noticed

The fair haired boy of GE, Aviation has been under the radar while the other sectors of the company have been taking the hit for the company's down fall. Guess they are keeping tabs on us too... —  read more 

Here comes the shell game

The games will begin, GE management thinks it will absolve debt by spinning it off as part of the spin off of segments, and will hide ineptitude and waste by folding entities into "strong" businesses. Aviation is the fair haired boy of GE, for the... —  read more 

Aviation Layoffs

Aviation's digital division has a bunch of non-technical directors and senior directors who cannot find a job in any other software company. Many of them are program managers using their friend's network grew up the ladder. Some of them have not... —  read more 

Aviation Hooksett

(Hooksett, NH) AP- Employees at a New England location of the recently beleaguered GE corporation have been reporting the influx of abnormally sized rats. Reports from employees speaking anonymously, have the annoying creatures infiltrating several... —  read more 

Streamlining Aviation

Unfortunately layoffs will have to happen. Aviation had to many layers of management and they subsequently hired to many people to justify their positions . However this is not the case in all areas... Manufacturing units that voucher and have actual... —  read more 

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