Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation


Boeing using cheap labor and suppliers and it's costing everyone big in the end. You would think GE would see it happening and start paying and treating their employees better. They would rather send the work south of the border to save a buck. GENx... —  read more 

Get rid of one, hire two

I've seen this happen several times and something tells me it'll keep happening under this management. They're so quick to get rid of people due to their pay that they don't even stop to think if that person has a higher pay for a good reason. Then... —  read more 


People should refuse OT so they will hire people who are struggling to feed their families that were laid off..but I know people won't refuse OT because we have a lot of greedy fu--s that work here.


Just remember how your supervisors have been treating you while it's been slow....because sooner or later when it picks up they are going to need you. Hang in there ILM... 😉


Does anyone actually believe the BS excuse why we aren't getting forgings in Wilmington? I bet Mexico isn't having that issue.


It's funny hearing these Cnc programmers talking about how operators are paid way to much now because they just hit a button...maybe they should take pay cuts also because they don't actually write programs anymore with all the software they... —  read more 

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