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This turd just won't flush...
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The bad news just keeps rolling in.....

General Electric's already awful performance just got worse. The struggling conglomerate plans to restate the last two years of results, it said in a filing on Friday night. GE (GE) said the restated results will slash its 2016 profits by about 13... read more
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GE Schenectady Hiring?

I saw somebody post that GE was hiring for Schenectady. I thought it had to be wrong but I looked and jobs showed open. What is going on?
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Flannery's communication skills

Got to admit JF has become a better communicator since the first (laughing) all hands. But i believe he is the same person he has always been. He could not wait to get out on the road around the globe to stroke his ego, very much like Jeff. Based on... read more

Stress in the workplace

Going on all across the nation as of the past year or so. It isn't just GE folks, if you doubt that, take some time and read this site's "Latest Posts" where you'll read many, many stories of stressed out workers at companies in every industry... read more

This is awful

How does GE expect us to be productive when we all know there are a minimum of 6,000 people left to be laid off? Who thinks that working with an axe hanging over your head is a good motivator? Maybe for some people, but for majority it's just a huge... read more


Greenville related info (but applies to all)

When the Seniority Lists get posted, look at all the Pay #s that are higher than your Pay # (do not look at the lists of Fabricators, Xray, TBC sprayer, Waste Treat, Maintenance). Count how many have less seniority than you, then you basically know... read more

Severance Pay Delay

No sign of my severance that my signed agreement said would be paid within 3 weeks of my final day of work (Jan 30th). Payroll center says they don't have my release agreement after sending it 3 times, on my termination day of work, and twice... read more

Boy more of the same from GE

Now they are creating a new business unit, see below. Talk about more write-downs. This is how GE is going to meet their numbers for 2018. Here is transcript from Qtr 1 , JF " GE power will take significant write-downs in power division" blah, blah... read more

Ge screws SC and Greenville County

Ge got the state and Greenville county to build the center for manufacturing technology and put a few classes of Cnc operators through then lay them all off! Good way to get the good ole taxpayers again.

Internal Control Measures in GE

Early 2017 it is hunky dory, but just a year later, GE has been declared an absolute mess. There exist a group of people to make sure such sudden shocks do not emerge from within the system. Ofcourse I am talking about the much-hyped CAS folks. What... read more

GE on Barron's Front Page This Weekend

It was all doom and gloom. It was so bad I could not believe it - Barron's so middle of the road (I am a subscriber for 15+ years) and they do not trash companies easily. Anyhow, they've titled it "General Electric’s Dim Prospects" (link below) -... read more

GE Bankrupt Maybe?

GE is into data analysis these days. Check out this site that gave GE 51% probability of going bankrupt in some form or other. Anyway it has some interesting info even you don't believe it will happen... read more

How is this possible

So I happen to be chatting with a pretty high up GE resource over the weekend. We obviously voiced our disgust with GE and the current leadership. As a former employee that dumped all of my GE stock I did not have too much nice to say about the... read more
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Greenville layoff numbers

Plant meeting was today. There will be a 20% reduction in hourly employees. Right now, they are asking for volunteer resignations in return for 12 weeks severance pay. After that, layoff will start to reach the 20% target, which is about 200... read more

another bunch laid off in Salem, VA

Of course, no announcement. Saw it in the local paper. I believe the number was 42. I think that leaves about 200 hourly heads in Salem. Just a matter of time before the site shuts down. You would think GE would be responsible enough to announce to... read more

Safest places to work in GE

For those reading this website as part of deciding whether to hire in to, or remain in, GE. are there parts of GE that are still safe to call home? Here is how I see it? What do you think? GE Aviation: Overall healthy, well-managed. Acceptable GE... read more

GE burning the furniture to heat the house

With the announcement that GE is selling Jenbacher and Waukesha it seems that the only option JF has is to sell non core business. I work for Aviation but at Unison, so I think it is highly likely that my unit will be sold. Any other Unison person... read more

GE Greenville job eliminations.

GE gas turbine Greenville is eliminating over 200 hourly positions. Mostly in the upper peer Amachinist scale. Get there is a News blackout, nothing anywhere. How did they do it?

Shareholder lawsuit

Shareholder lawsuit says the GE concealed insurance shortfall, SEC probe Feb. 16, 2018 2:24 PM ET|By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor General Electric (GE +1.2%) is sued by a shareholder who accuses the company of concealing mounting insurance... read more

The legacy days of this great company are over

Bigger changes in the mix in the near future! I saw 20-30% reduction in blue collar jobs will be eliminated for Greenville. Along with a 20-25% blue collar reduction in New York blue collar work force in the very near future. The stock holder wants... read more

GE Lighting in Europe Middle-East and Africa is Sold! General Electric has agreed to sell a portion of GE Lighting to a company led by a former GE Lighting executive. GE has agreed to sell... read more
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