Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

It's 20 percent

Not as bad as 30-40 percent but certainly not good.

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Supply Chain issues..

If supply chain issues are the real problem, how long can they keep employees on payroll? They also mentioned a lack of "skilled labor".... that's not the term they use during contract negotiations, isn't that strange!!

Very disorganized

It used to not be like that, but now it's a big mess. Management is mostly to blame. The wrong people are in managerial positions and they are one of the biggest reasons why I am no longer proud to work here. Most are forced to wear multiple hats... —  read more 

Survey says!?!?!?

Well I for one wished everyone had the guts in Schenectady not to take the survey. If no one filled it out and threw it out the contract will be the same. It will be as worthless at the paper hanging on the bathroom stall walls. Get ready for a 1... —  read more 

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