Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

So glad I'm gone!

Thanks to the board member that got me fired and the business agent that was useless and clearly still is. I now make more money at a job I've been at for less time then I did in the 9 years at greedy electric. Work 3 12 hour days and get paid for 40... —  read more 

Cameras for all!!

We deserve our own cameras. We can buy them cheap online and sneak them into management locations. This is going to be fun fighting fire with fire. Finally we can be flies on the walls. One way streets are over for our aggressors. Empowerment forever... —  read more 

Contract Extension

Has this union ever negotiated a 2 year extension deal for Schenectady in the history of this union and company relationship? I’m sure it was originally a 1 year deal. Something fishy is going on here all these rumors on the floor. Is the place... —  read more 

Contract Extension

So much confusion. Did I get a raise? We voted on the national extension. Do we get 6 and 6? That’s what we voted for. Do we vote again on this extension or is it over? Am I voted on someone else’s raise? Why haven’t the company had an all hands... —  read more 

Stay Positive my friends

GE don’t care about positive change neither does GE care about morale. Ge don’t care about you or your T rate vrs D rate at all they care about the bottom penny. They will not close the gap because they are doing everything they can to offset their... —  read more 

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The playbook exposed

All the GE facilities that are onionized are run basically the same. I say this because I worked at multiple facilities before I retired. GE loves to divide and conquer at the onset of the hiring process. This is done by the hiring of "yes" people... —  read more 

301 Board Members

If you did the right thing. One of you would make a recommendation at the board meeting to remove the stipend checks. It is our opinion officer who fails to represent its members equally should not be paid additional money from our dues. They... —  read more 

Contract prediction

It will get voted in with around 70%-80% yes votes. Another blow to middle class America! I don’t want to hear any complaints from the floor. Get ready to work for sweat shop labor pay.

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Contract time Schenectady

We all have 1 vote each to use. If I don’t like the contract if the contract does not show pace with inflation Then I’m voting NO. If the contract does not offer better healthcare then I am voting no. Simple!

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No News

This column has been silent for a while. Either everyone who normally posts here has been laid off, or they are finally doing their jobs and working. Probably just scared about the contract negotiations and the expected weak contract.

Bad vibes

Maybe it's just me and the drop off in motivation in general, but I don't think I've ever worked in a more toxic company. It seems like nobody likes their job anymore, everyone is grumpy and the atmosphere is very unhealthy. Is your perception... —  read more 

Hey Look……

……. It’s the big shutdown contract year Charlie Brown. One year term, no big wage increase but the health care will increase as usual. The less than smart ones will say it’s a decent contract because they got the chump change. This place (Schdy) is... —  read more 

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