Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

The big cuts are coming

The Power Ceo was supose to come to Schenectady campus. He drove down 890 and saw the campus told his driver “turn around i saw enough”. Got on the phone and said “close it its a waist of cash.”

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GE is HIRING!;jobs&sa=X#htivrt=jobs Requirements: Must be willing to work for 77000rupie ($11,000usd) Must be an indian national or have a valid... —  read more 


Yeah I'm complaining but the massive healthcare deductible sucks. Yeah my wife's surgery is going to cost less than sticker but holy shirt ba--s it's gonna be expensive. The kicker is that it's a super rare condition that has nothing to do with... —  read more 

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