Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Were there layoffs this week?

There was a mention in a couple of threads of people getting their notices this week, is this true? I was thinking if there were layoffs, we would have all heard about it. Unless we are now doing small, silent rounds with just a few people, which is... —  read more 

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Flexing again?

Soon the bar shop will be the only thing left in the electric city. Major downsizing coming very fast and soon after bar shop will have 250-300 employees and rest of the building will be empty.

Company loyalty

There's a great line from Jack Welch to the effect of "You work for a week, collect your paycheck on Friday, and then you and the company are even." Corporate America has embraced it with a vengeance. I'm too young to remember an America where... —  read more 

Workload looks good?

The work load for Generator is good this and next year, Steam will continue to be a challenge over all. There is no renewable work thats gonna increase hourly workers. Building 66 SCC operations is where the work load is already pegged for all of 21... —  read more 

March 1 Is Coming

March 1 is just a few days away. For all of you who posted that this is the day when pink slips will be delivered, it is now time to see who is accurate and telling the truth. Or do you just like to fabricate false information with no... —  read more 

GE/Toshiba JV

Toshiba Corp. is in talks with General Electric Co. of the United States to jointly produce equipment used in offshore wind power generation, sources with knowledge of the matter said Monday. Offshore wind power is seen by Toshiba as a promising... —  read more 

CAS Nightmare is not over

I am ready to QUIT. Can't work for a cashole anymore. They send emails over weekend to get a report Monday AM. Were they f—ng sleeping all week or are just psycopaths. They have been trained to be sadistic in the CAS program. My advice to anyone... —  read more 

Negative cash flow

I don’t remember the last time when GE had a positive cash flow... Q1 doesn’t bring good news: I just wonder what will be the result of... —  read more 

Low morale in 273=Layoffs Soon!

Tell you the truth I can not wait for my layoff slip. 273 has gone down over the years. This is the worst I have seen it here. Morale is at an all time low and no one cares. Even the shop stewards cant preach one ounce of hope anymore to the... —  read more 

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latest 10-k filing GE has reduced its total workforce by 139,000, or 44.4%, over the last three years

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