Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Scandalous But We All Knew

Feds didn’t like what they saw during the audit and decided to go back and look through years of finances. Certain people are sh–ting themselves right now. With any luck this will break up 301 and the company’s marriage. Which one of them will sing... —  read more 

What Taxes?

We were told we pay property taxes on 336 Broadway. We were told we owed back taxes from 2014-2017, even though we paid “Rent Escrow” (which, as of August 2019, is being called Highbridge Tax) each month during those year. Luckily, a few of us saved... —  read more 

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ReWorded Hooksett

The GM was in Hooksett saying all the people will be brought back, plus 200 more, and the work load will be at 2018 levels. The whole industry is in the toilet, and this is what he is telling people? Next week will tell a different story from what... —  read more 

Look at the Bright Side

$95 billion top line year after year... Best operational management in industrials... Period. Massive jet engine manufacturing tailwind 2021 to 2025... Tripling of revenue from renewable energy technologies by 2027... Doubling of revenue... —  read more 

More to be sold

Just announced changes. Look for GECAS, NALH and the Power Portfolio to be sold shortly soon. DJ is not there as an operations man he is there to exit businesses. Kudos to diversity and rewarding RS for one thing and one thing only.

Buy Me...Votes

Buy me a t-shirt with my own money. Give it to me right before elections, act like it’s a gift. Classic. Predictable as ever. Always keeping it classy on Broadway. Seriously though, couldn’t we upgrade to hoodies, maybe sports coats?

We Have Reason For Concern

It’s only a matter of time before being caught. The UAW is proof. What is going on with our Union? Why isn’t the audit complete after 10 months? That’s not the norm. Why is it taking so long? Why isn’t the Union keeping us updated regarding the... —  read more 

Don't be naive

GE is so far gone that no amount of changes in leadership or re-organisations or realghiments or shakups are going to help. GE is a once giant that has been cut off at knees and will never again be able to stand straight. Expecting that some grand... —  read more 

Potential Shake up at 301

Waking up to a story of a potential shake up at 301. Seems there’s gonna be Some challengers , looking to finally remove the current Company Rope Smoochers from their positions, a much needed & over due changing of the guard. Seems the membership has... —  read more 

New Boss NEEDS To Know

Does anyone know if the new boss knows that certain company people and certain 301 people had (possibly still have) a very close relationship, extremely close relationship? Some would call the relationship inappropriate, others would call it illegal... —  read more 

Schenectady NY work load

So local 301 has a board meeting yesterday, and very little chatter today about it. Enough Generator work to keep everyone busy thru March 2022, steam work through next spring of 2021. Why isn’t this being blasted through out our membership? Adding... —  read more 

Severance letter?

I got the letter in the mail but it didn’t say anything about severance or have anything to sign I have to look at it again. Is that for full time or part time people? Sorry I’m a little confused..

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