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Aviation cuts

10% of US workforce, 50% lack of work for MRO employees for 3 months, hiring freeze, cancelled salaried merit increase, reduction of contingent employees. Aviation CEO to give up half his salary. Coming soon to the other businesses, especially... —  read more 

Schenectady plant

It is virtually impossible to social distance 6 feet at the Schdy plant. I do not want a layoff but I also do not want the virus. We should NOT have been working this week. Guys are coughing and sniffling and congregate near time clock like its just... —  read more 

schenectady closed?

All of ny businesses have been told to close unless deemed a necessity. Does schenectady stay open or closed?

Approvals are in Order

There you go, time to get the payment... U.S. antitrust regulators cleared General Electric’s biopharma division sale to Danaher Thursday evening. The deal, which will bring $20 billion into GE’s coffers, is now slated to close March 31, in line... —  read more 

Forced to Go Home?!?

Lets get real, nobody is being 'forced" to go home. Everybody is already complaining about coming in and can't understand why they have to be here in the first place. Once announcements of layoffs start happening, watch how quickly their tune... —  read more 

Plant closures

On a more serious note, if hourly employees are forced to go home for a certain amount of days for this covid 19 fear. Will g.e do the right thing and pay them for 3 weeks?

Plant closures for virus?

Has there been any talks of closing plant for the coronavirus? Rumor I heard was that GE is gonna be close for 3 weeks... but on the bright side they gonna pay us 3 weeks of full pay plus what we would have gotten for overtime!!

RIP Steven Tusa's Predictions

I'm sure we are all very disappointed. (Bloomberg) – General Electric Co. is gaining some favor over its top skeptic in Wall Street, who cited a better-than-expected performance last year. JPMorgan’s Stephen Tusa upgraded the shares to neutral... —  read more 

Jack Welch dead at 84

PENSION FREEZE - The final nail in the coffin

The only hope GE had left was the experienced workforce that stayed because of pensions. GE Leadership has been frustrating employees for decades with their incompetency. Now with the looming pension freeze, the mass exodus of these employees will... —  read more 

GE retreads. Markhoff back???

Larry Larry Larry. Can't you get better help. Why bring back a 20+ year GE veteran? You should be getting rid of more of the long term execs not bringing them back. They are the problem and you claim you are focused on problems and leaning them out.

2020 Round 1 of GE Digital layoffs - coming soon

The past 4 years in particular have been challenging for GE Digital with respect to GE Corporate realignment and cost consolidation. During this time, GE Digital has seen employee reduction, profitability decline, and a deteriorating customer base. ... —  read more 

Baker Hughes bankrupt

I am here rumors that Baker Hughes is legitimately going bankrupt this year. Any truth to this or just rumors?

Goodbye Schenectady

Good luck to all the former GE workers in Schenectady. The Power Division wishes you the best!

Lean at ACSC What is this early 2000

Same exact comments were made in early 2000. If you are betting person and want your money in the long run take it elsewhere. Nothing has, will change. GE is still not mission based and therefore it is not able to mobilize the organization... —  read more 

Any ability to forecast?

Did you catch the comment on pension forecasting that was just done 3-6 months ago? Off by $4 billion. Wow

GE Digital Layoffs Detroit Hub

GE Digital will be laying off approximately 10% of its employees based in Van Buren but reporting to other locations in the next 3 months.

GE Power Layoffs planned for March 2020

A small percentage of GE Power employees will be terminated near the end of March. This will occur at US facilities in both Engineering and Manufacturing. This lay-off will be smaller than previous layoffs and will stay well below WARN reporting... —  read more 

You are fired

If you are a very hard working employee hired externally without being on any GE program, then you are targeted to get fired. This lay off only apply to non GE program employee. So don't think that you will be promoted with your hard work and great... —  read more 

GE-Greenville ----- Slack Coworkers

I currently work at the GE Gas Turbine facility in Greenville, SC. Fortunately for me, I am very busy. However, I'm having a real difficult time dealing with a few coworkers that do nothing all day. Management thinks these guys are working hard. ... —  read more 

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