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Schenctady NY

Big money announced to be spent in the birthplace of GE. Over 2 million for re organization of shop layout. Looks like Schenectady is not going anywhere!! Well done IUE 301 work force, for making the right choices to please the powers that make such... read more
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Another hog at the trough...

Principles of "Jeff"onomics

Principles of "Jeff"onomics Buy high , sell ( write off) low ... every acquisition deal except Enron / Zond wind acquisition Buy back stock with cash ( $24B in ,'16/17 ) screw up debt ratio, credit rating , then screw investors ( both dividend wise... read more

No one should be surprised at the penny dividend

There is no cash for dividends let alone operating needs and debt which is coming due. This is exactly why I sold the stock when it was between $30-32 and have not bought back in yet. There is not enough cash to retire the corporate bonds that are... read more

Doomsday In Greenville

Sooner it will be in Upstate NY as the clueless salary team is running this place like a coffee house. No one knows what they are doing but think that if people do more they would save the companies sales team for under bidding on big projects and... read more

No future at GE

Everybody should know this by now. Everybody should be looking for a way out. Literally everybody. This company will continue to shrink until the only thing left is a skeleton that can't function on its own, and will then collapse and take whoever is... read more

Jordan Peterson on HR Departments

My personal opinion is that Jack Welch putting HR in charge of GE was his biggest mistake. Late in his tenure he realized that holding managers to numbers had reached it's end and decided to make his next set of promotions and demotions based on... read more

Boston HQ

General Electric Company (GE) confirmed on Thursday its plans to downsize on its Boston's Ford Point headquarters. According to the company, the original intentions, which included the construction of a glassy 12-story tower, the creation of 800 new... read more

Well this contract is going to be garbage

CEO thinks profits will turn around in 2021. Highly doubtful more like 2030 after bankruptcy and more layoffs but meanwhile the union contract will be the worse in years. That $1 raise to sell ourselves to GE for more “Flexibility” is the only raise... read more

How to be "more agile?"

Seems to be the new favorite phase around here. "You need to be more agile!" Considering that I'm already doing the work of several people, I'm really not sure how more "agile" I can get. What's with GE management and all the buzz words that have... read more

The Appliances business was never really broken

The Appliances business was never really broken. It produced a tremendous amount of cash flow but leadership was only concerned about the margins and for years failed to invest in the business. Only in preparation for selling the business did they... read more
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Sorry Mr Immelt, I am aloud to speak my mind...

I have to admit that all I have seen and read after his departure is pretty bad! He DID mismanage this company and a few others as well were involved. I look at GE as a SHELL GAME. Remember that game with the nut and three cups? That was why it was... read more

GE In Big Trouble Continues

GE: Undervalued By About $68 Billion General Electric (NYSE:GE) has endured a couple of very difficult years. In fact, since 2017 began, GE declined by a staggering 78%, before the stock finally bottomed last December. Numerous factors, like a... read more

grc in big trouble

word has it vic is in a p*ssing contest with the businesses who won't fund him and has turned to bullying to get more money in house. With bhge and soon health on the way out, his targets have been reduced to just a few and mr joyce isnt having it... read more

Will the new CEO save the company?

This article contrasts the old and new CEOs' dialectic.

Anyone on here have a life outside GE?

Just saying... I saw this site back in September and have to wonder about people's sanity. I'm assuming or would hope it's the same 20 or so people, otherwise people have a lot of time on there hands, while working or not working.

What is the latest on Global Operations?

Still way too many execs running around doing nothing. IT overhead is too high. Need to drive down the cost structure. Feel sad for Genpact unless the contract allows them to get rid of a lot of people soon
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GEHC is burning millions right now

GEHC is burning millions right now in seperation activities: M&A consultants, new roles created and recruited for(more outaide US). And all these activities are lead by same people who have brought down GE to this level. with half og gehc now being... read more

GRC timeline

Is there any reasonably quantifiable update on the progress of GRC's commercialization progress? Generally I see two groups of people: those who are plenty busy and those who are not. We have not had any update from the leadership since the beginning... read more

Stock Over $10... What A Joke

Am I the only one that is amused that stock is up over $10 after the earnings report? This is nothing more than manipulated numbers and Culp trying to get his payout, the company is in no better shape than before, our accounting practices are just as... read more

Hang it up Beth.

Talk about delusional levels of self importance- I give you Beth Comstock- who took way more than she ever gave to others. Her perception of self Importance is on the order of personality disorder...

More layoffs and restructuring for Power

A section From the Bloomberg article about an hour ago Already, GE has taken about $6 billion in restructuring and other charges net of tax for 2017 and 2018 combined, with most of that coming from the power division. It reduced its headcount by... read more

immelts liabilities keep comming

General Electric Co. will need to pay €50 million to the French government for failing to honor an agreement made when it acquired Alstom's energy division, the country's Ministry of Finance reported.

GE Healthcare

Could any of the current/then employees here suggest the timeline of spinoff for the GE Healthcare division since it announced? I am long GE position and currently evaluate the potential of the GE Healthcare business portfolio. Thanks for the advice.

Now that the stock went up

If the stocks rise will that mean there will be no layoffs in power in the near future? This psychological injury resulting from the unknown future is quite troubling.

GE Fines

GE announced a $1.5 billion settlement in principle with the Justice Department for the investigation into GE's now defunct WMC mortgage business. When it's all said and done I wonder what the total fines will end up being after the sec gets done... read more

2018 a year end review....

GE 2018: A Year end review. 😡😠😭 Twas the night before New Years and I had a thought, About all the company stock I had bought. I work for GE, I'm ashamed to admit, since I-melt took over it's all gone to sh--. Almost 600 billion has gone down the... read more

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