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GE Is in Talks to Unload Rail Business in Deal With Wabtec

Bloomberg News April 20, 2018, 1:40 PM EDT General Electric Co., the beleaguered manufacturer undergoing a strategic review, is in talks to sell its century-old locomotive business to rail equipment maker Wabtec Corp., according to people familiar... read more
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NYT: G.E. Makes a Sharp ‘Pivot’ on Digital

Is this the end of road for Bill Ruh? " A smaller G.E. might not need a stand-alwone digital unit. Some analysts recommend putting all the software in the industrial divisions, like power and aviation, closer to customers. “San Ramon shouldn’t... read more

More layoffs to come soon

More layoffs to come soon because of earnings shortfalls Will hit both Greenville and Schenectady Union is irrelevant, its the balance sheet that counts and GE just isn't cutting it Too many facilities, with bloated management, Atlanta and Alstom... read more

Good Old Thomas Edison Is Turning In His Grave

GE’s Power Management staff couldn’t manage a pile of dog waste out of a brown paper bag. So Sad. Then they try to blame the workers on the floor The good old fashion pass the buck routine blame someone else for your mistakes! Harassing badgering of... read more

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Johnny come lately Flannery will need to make some more sweeping tough decisions this year. Cash flow is going to look like crap for first quarter. At some point he will need to reduce dividend again. Maybe he should just get this over and generate... read more

GE Power = Failed Company

GE power numbers are horrible and earnings and cash fl0ow dropping another 88% over last year Two decades of bad management and what power has become under this is the reason GE Power used to be a real cash earner but now cant make money with present... read more

Is the Electric City Doomed?

Hopefully Flannery and Stokes will pull the plug on the Schenectady campus once and for all. The electric city is doomed! Those self inflated ego driven management staff of the past 2 years broke down the union with deception, lies, and harassment... read more

Upstate NY is in for a ride

Glad I retired but I know a lot of union and salary employees and they all say the same thing. LAYOFFS! 2 more waves of layoffs coming the first was in January the second is in Late May and the third is in September.

More Cuts Coming Soon

GE just restated earnings and stock dropped as analysts say GE Power expected to have another earnings shortfall. This keeps on happening because GE is pushing overly ioptimistic estimates rather than telling the truth More job cuts to come soon when... read more

Long live Alstom

GE is sending all your work to the Alstom facility. Massive layoffs and e coming to GE Power in the states. GE didn’t purchase Alstom for no reason.

Local 301 Layoffs

The rumor is May 11th for layoffs in local 301 in Schenectady. The new plant manager, who begins 4/30 needs to review the numbers and then execute it. How many layoffs and in what areas?

Bottom Line-restatement

Taken from the official Document. " The effect on our statement of financial position was principally comprised of changes to our contract assets, inventories, deferred taxes, deferred income and progress collections balances resulting in an $8,317... read more

GE Erie layoffs

Management keeps claiming GE Erie layoffs will not happen and that media got it wrong. Should we believe them?

I hope he wins

I believe GE is more than capable of this. I hope he wins. A former General Electric Co. worker is suing the company, claiming the company withheld his severance payment when he was laid off from a local locomotive parts repair facility in late 2016... read more
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GE is the best company to work for

I made $230k with some nice bonuses and was at work half the time. GE is the best job ever. They make THEIR GREAT products and treat their employees like GOLD and set them up to succeed in life for the employees families. Great healthcare plan too I... read more

Drug tests

Heard GE may squash drug testing. They would save millions. Medical cannabis is sweeping the nation and in legal states iy should be an option to addiction. Thoughts?

Greenville is picking up work from NY and France

At The All hands Meeting it was announced that the company is going to keep 400 workers in NY and ship the rest of work to Greenville, and other capable facilities. Was informed that the plastic ware is on its way. Sporks will arrive soon to save... read more

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