Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

I don't get it

How do we have people who have been here for more than five years and who have no idea how to do their jobs AND who manage to survive every round of layoffs despite having no idea how to do their jobs? I think in any normal company those people would... —  read more 

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Just like DxC...

i mean GE is... "For many people, this is their first experience with a titanic multinational. It's not hard to see why new hires walk around with stars in their eyes (I certainly did during the first few weeks at my first multinational). But, the... —  read more 

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Who runs this site??

Just curious as to who controls this site? Seems like anytime I talk about the scumbags we work with, especially union delegates, my posts get deleted. Just trying to tell the people the truth about their so called "union brothers."

Cute slogan & Commercial

We’ve come up with a cute commercial and catch phrase - all in hopes of swaying GE to bring Jobs back from over seas. Little late , Huh ? This should have been done prior to work leaving, at the very first sign of the company considering moving work... —  read more 

Morale in Schenectady-

Many say it’s bad, the T’s are always complaining. Nothing with change here GE is a great company and has been for over 100 years. GE brings good things to life. GE brought in the T rate scale and brought all the T’s from making $10hr up to $60k-$80k... —  read more 

It's happening!!!

Culpable is full of cash now after that Aercap sale!!! Which of you are his best friend??? Btw, I think Scott Strazik is next CEO. —  read more 


Not good, expect some right sizing from this.

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Skills erosion...

Only now that I have started to look for a new job more actively do I notice all the negative effects of the long-term unemployed here. What worries me the most is skill obsolescence. I know it’s mostly my fault because I didn’t think about... —  read more 

DOL Investigation Findings

FYI all findings of Audits, Civil Investigations, and Criminal Investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, when completed, are posted on their website for public viewing. The findings of the investigation into Local 301 including any... —  read more 

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