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GE grid solutions South America Remember this article the NYT ran to promote GE Power's Grid Solutions in South America? Silence was the sound of the grid there this weekend. Another p---ed off customer after the latest bollocks... read more

Division among ranks persist ?

I follow most of the commentary on this site and have to finally express my thoughts. As a lowly T-Rate laid off almost a year ago I find it a bit disturbing that some find it appropriate to disparage the T guys for their lack of value to the... read more

GE Vitality Curve

Thoughts? The vitality model of former General Electric chairman and CEO Jack Welch has been described as a "20-70-10" system. The "top 20" percent of the workforce is most productive, and 70% (the "vital 70") work adequately. The other 10% ("bottom... read more

This only looks good on paper

The problems I have seen with "one piece flow" is when one piece in the flow process is missing ( machine breakdown, worker absent, consumable shortage, etc.) The whole process is shutdown. The theory looks good on paper, but not too effective for... read more

One piece flow-Schenectady

They are coming up with a way to cut more heads and justify it with the union and public. The one piece flow will slow down production so much that the company will have to layoff more members. The plant will be operating with 250 people at most... read more

Bad News Keeps Piling On

The United Technologies Merger With Raytheon Could Be Bad News for GE If paywalled, try:

Tic toc the layoffs will come

Right before or after the contract and if the contract leans towards the d rates again you know more union members are going to get walking papers. Get ready for another beautiful contract for The Schenectady Union members.

Don't forget. Read these updates and remember how much the company is paying it's... read more
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Jet Engine Ban? Banning jet engines to save the planet? Sounds like a perfect storm for GE, if it takes the sparkle off the Aviation business...

Great things ahead for Power

The union is negotiating a stellar contract and is fighting to bring back the laid off members. Rumors have it we are getting a $5 raise and great healthcare plans. Has anyone herd anything about the contract talks?

Sad end to once great company

General Electric is a company with prestigious past and no future. Instead of being industry leaders that we once were, now we are simply an aged colossus eating itself. Honestly, nothing good can come of this. Anybody who puts any faith in... read more

Nothing like the forum police!

Posting mentioning names of senior executives of the company should not be taken down. These people are a part of the problem and have taken a blind eye to the destruction of the company for years


GE says French plant set for layoffs will not close down and that they saved 15% by switching to GEICO
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Pension Impacts?

Can someone explain in detail what the poster meant about setting up corporate to file bankruptcy and how it was related to GE Transportation and Appliance spin-off to Wabtec and the Chinese. How does that affect the pension GE owes me?? I’m confused... read more

PBGC / GE Pensions

I think there is some bad info being posted here about the PBGC. They have a max rate they will guarantee per month and it depends on your age. Also, it appears that a surviving spouse would only receive 50% of the pension, GE's plan let's you chose... read more

More layoffs for Power Starts with France

And soon in Greenville and those union slugs will get played again by the corporate greed club. France is first up, next Here in Greenville, then upstate ny will get played again and loose more. Greenville has no work? Schenectady has a full year... read more

Good question

Trian Fund Management disclosed that it has sold about 9.4% of its General Electric stock investment. Trian subsidiaries sold 6.66 million GE shares from May 22 through 24 for a total of $64.2 million. They know sumpin' we don't? Originally posted by... read more


Et voilà, juste après les élections. Quelle honte. Patrick Kron en prison.


I am beginning to think this CEO is little slow in executing. Keep saying again and again Power division has big problem. Of course it has, everybody knows that. Big investors are getting rid of GE stock. The last CEO got fired for being slow. Hope... read more

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