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Take GE private

Curious if the financial experts would think taking GE private would be a good move? I know there is a ton of shares out there to be bought up. But think of all the savings to be had..the amount of reporting and ridiculous jobs cuts all for share... read more

More layoffs next week

Layoffs started last week, getting rid of engineering, sourcing, lower level management. All because they have a pension, or make a decent living. They combined white collar jobs and want someone to do 3 Times the work for crap pay. I herd bigger... read more

GE was a great company

I find it humorous that in the latest blog by Mr. Rice blog he emphasizes how great GE is. He should put that in context... past tense as "was" a great company. How ironic that the Corporate cronies are still trying to protect what they call an... read more

GE Germany Layoffs

Don't have any info on these rumors, but if Power tries to get out of Germany, that will take a long time. Moves like that go through the EU and German government boards, and both will have issues with it. No saying it is isn't possible, but it will... read more

GE Power Gas Turbine Design/Quality Failures

GE continues to use non-answer "talking points" when customers ask about GE's gas turbine combustion failures. Another example of GE's lack of ethics. Customers can see through the BS and should be very wary of General Electric. The internal turmoil... read more

Big layoff coming in India

A big layoff is going to come in India. Indian Railways is thinking of cancelling it's locomotive contract to GE. This is going to be huge blow to GE Transportation business which is already in tough situation due to slow down of loco business in US... read more

VJRP / what is coming next?

Hey Guys, I was eligible for the VJRP and after a week thinking about it I decided to take it and looking behind it seems that it was the right decision. I keep monitoring this site as I still have a lot of friends working there and I hope the GE I... read more

GE stock tough to deal with

So a stock trader says that General Electric is one of the toughest stocks he's ever had to deal with. Cry me a river, buddy. Try working here with the perpetual layoffs hanging over your head to see what's really tough... read more

Greenville SC Layoffs

Hearing that layoffs are soon from people inside, video with the New CEO implied that layoffs are coming everywhere, especially in Greenville. Does anybody know more about it? Very curious. Thanks guys.

GE Renewables layoffs in Schenectady?

Have there been any confirmed layoffs in building 53 in Schenectady for the Renewables business this week? Any coming soon? Heard through the grapevine that the business is struggling to meet op plan for the year, especially with cash. So maybe end... read more
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How many people did they layoff off to support this? I thought we had no money?


Not sure if this is accurate but I heard that pretty much all GRC sites will likely be eliminated. I am getting this info from a resource at a manager level, so take it with a grain of salt as it may be off. Also, I am hearing that there will be... read more

I don't mind that GE is all about the EPS.

They are just not smart enough to not say it out loud. Immelt's got us into a bad situation but we can't do anything about that now. They do need to reduce cost but should start with all the interns and leadership programs. Noble effort but we need... read more

GE Layoffs white collar in Schenectady Campus

Is blue collar next? The next wave of white collar Layoffs in effect. Lower level management with time and knowledge in the business. Engineering got the ax along with maintenance lower level management. Keeping the management with lower salary and... read more

A Note to GE Leadership

Get rid of your contractors that do the work. Get rid of solid performing employees in the U.S. or Western Europe - they are too expensive. Save the company money by eliminating all travel. Give up your desk phone. Reduce employee awards and cap them... read more

GRC Shanghai to fade out end of 2017

Just heard the sad news that the GRC Shanghai will be cut totally end of this year. All scientists will be laid off. It seems the cut is finally coming. What is the situation in other locations at global research?

Completely out of touch and useless leadership

Get rid of your contractors that do the work. Get rid of solid performing employees in the U.S. or Western Europe - they are too expensive. Save the company money by eliminating all travel. Give up your desk phone. Reduce employee awards and cap them... read more

GE Power less work to do

been forewarned engineering slowing down, running out of work by Christmas HA's selling but design work is closer to the end wish we could continue with older FA's and new FL's maybe we can stretch instrumentation lol coworkers and manager were great... read more

GE Leadership

GE leadership paid its self 100,000's of shares today. Rewarding failure when will they learn that greed is not good. I wonder who will be the first to sell them off?

ge environment and atomosphere.

it's sad that a once great company such as ge is in such a downward spiral, the environment at the schenectady plant is so gloom that people would rather have a layoff then be here and deal with the nonsense. I've talked to many people here that are... read more

Greed and ego destroyed GE

GE has always focus on it's internal self image. Constantly patting each other on the back and focusing on self branding. They constantly moved execs , management and regular employees between positions they were not qualified for. These employees... read more

Another nail

Thanks Immelt

Well the stage is set for GE to declare bankruptcy. I Melt Your Stock Portfolio. ( inside joke for Immelt). Now has a new name. I Melted Your Company. Hope the new guy has the brains, guts and stamina to correct this train wreck of the once most... read more

Eliminating non producing overhead

So how do you cut 2 billion in non producing overhead - Right now in my R&D group we are raiding our kids chem sets to get to M0 on a strategic key product that will bring in revineu and cut costs. Oh yes in addition colleagues that need to work... read more

Flannery's Skillset

Flannery knows how to restructure. That's his core skillset. So, expect an endless wave of organizational tremors, moves and shake ups. That's what he does the best and what he enjoys doing - once all is done there will be a lot of tears and sorrow... read more

local 301

please tell me there's some people planning on running against the fools we have in office now

A tidal way of RIFs is coming

Corporate Staff to be reduced in a massive purge. Flannery wants to see a meaningful payroll spend reduction with next 12 months - if they really want to cut $2 Billion in spend (as the media reports) this will be so bloody it will resemble Jack... read more

cuts cuts cuts

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