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Rumor on the street that board of directors are unhappy with his performance and they want him out. Any one else heard this?


The union & the company amended the BUMPING RIGHTS AGREEMENT signed June 29th 1998. Therefore makes a 19 winder rate= C rate an entry level position. Next round of layoffs if this passes YOU have no PROTECTIONS. Anyone getting BUMPED is at risk. It... read more

Gee.... Who runs this forum?

I was just reading the replies when all of a sudden I couldn't. When I refreshed the page, three of the OP's were GONE. Oddly enough they were all about the hall. Kinda makes ya go hmmmm....

Just a question

Question: If we call GE's "bluff," do we win and get more money? If we vote NO are we guaranteed more and work and get people back in the plant?

Unused PTO

How does GE handle unused PTO when a person is laid off? Is it compensated as part of the severance package or do they simply ignore it?

Building 66 Field trip ++

Heard today that Building 66 Employees went on a bus trip to Saratoga -the SAME day as the pink slips went out- for a for a Job well done by them. As a displaced knuckle dragging, mouth breathing T-Rate I really get torqued by the idea that the UNION... read more

GE Stock at 52 Week Low

The stock hit 12.52 and is at a fresh 52 week low. Glad I got out of it in the Savings and Security Plan at 32. Just feeling bad for my fellow co-workers who have continued to believe management’s hype. It is all basic math. Immelt increased the debt... read more

Work hard get good pay and great treatment

Guys n Gals, work hard all day, dont worry what others are doing or not doing. In the long run, you represent yourself, be lazy, your labeled lazy, work hard and it will be recognized. If you showed the company your hard workers and get stuff done, i... read more

Who's counting the votes?

I'm interested in knowing who will be counting the votes on this new proposal. Is it going to be the very same people that are trying to sell their union members down the river. After the battery plant proposal easily passed, you couldn't find... read more

273 Schedule

As someone that worked in the factory i wonder what you mean by giving back. Is it the way it takes from 7 to 745 to get out to a machine? Is it from 745 to 815 where some work happens? Is it pre pre break from 815 to 845? Is it pre break 845 to 9?... read more


Typically , Typical GE buy high sell low What is going to be left in a year. All because Johnny boy cannot make the move... read more

Pink slip holder

Not rying to defend any one but this is how I feel. As a person that got my papers this monday I can tell you that I did not need a union official to hold my hand and tell me it was going to be OK. I knew my way to the door. Why would they be there I... read more

A NO vote, why?!

A No vote comes from peoole who dont want to give up they a-- time. WE all love our a-- time, but its time to put on our big boy pants and do what as real Americans do, WORK until we get out of a fckd up situation. The NO votes come from people that... read more

No more giving back to the company at 273

Words from the not so great union hall! The union President said this himself. No more giving back to the company. Now the company wants more from the union. If it passes things will be bad for the membership. It will give management the power to... read more


Lets review the chain of events! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ THE AGREEMENT. Look around you. Walk around the shop ITS FKN DEAD. look at the market. look at GE's situation. valance that out with what they are REALY asking you to do. Ask the questions... read more


Hear they are offering a voluntary now in Schenectady. Any idea on how many are accepting?

YES TO Job Code Change

Look guys I no it has been hard and going to fewer job codes is a huge change but lets just face it. Without the code change they are gonna clothes us up and what will we have left if we fight it and lose anyway. do you want a job for the next 10... read more

Necessity entrepreneurs

This is certainly a way to rebound from a layoff to consider... In the fall of 2015, when Marty Mann’s boss at General Electric called him into the office, he knew his days at the company were numbered. For seven years, Mann had been a welder at GE’s... read more

T Rates (2 tier ) Please read

All Ge's went to 2 tier, no matter what they called it. You people came in the door all happy to get into GE. You didn't do your due diligence on what you were getting into. You were told that there would be a difference in the pay scales, and at... read more

Schenectady 273

Didn’t the pre 2011 union vote in new pay scale? Yes! When the T rates interviewed and went through the hiring process the union and HR said the company and the union are working on closing the gap. Never happen! 2015 the local supplement should of... read more

This is our sad reality

Honestly I feel bad for the guys who lost their jobs today, wouldn't wish it on anyone. But the company is in a world of hurt....orders half of just a year ago and Siemens, MHPS going through the same. There just isn't a place out there for these big... read more

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