Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Finally theT-Rates-Stand-United-2024!!!!

With all the new skilled workers here we can fill them in. On how it use to be and we want to fight to get it back or close to the way it was. Let’s stop giving into the company all of the perks in the contracts are gone.

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Schenectady Power Folks

I've been visiting this site once a few months for the past five years, and one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the consistent bi--h*n from Schenectady machinists, D-rates vs T rates or whatever. Looks like working at Schenectady Power... —  read more 

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Congratulations to the new slate.

The former officers have given their everything for this union and stuck up for membership for a long time. Well congrats to the new slate! Day 1 from 2011 we have heard from day one the hall state. T Rate Pay-scale is on the hit list and number... —  read more 

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A new era

Well the local 301 leadership was basically overthrown yesterday. Long over due! Will the local GE wake up now and start to end the games? The exposing is going to start, hope everyone is watching closely.

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The future looks bleak for GE/Vernova

With strength in GE Gas Power services and growth at Grid business and Onshore Wind in North America, signs of improvement in GE Vernova (the combined operations of GE Power and Renewable) hold promise. Due to these tailwinds, the company has raised... —  read more 

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Well Done LC-Life Science Sold To Danaher

There were those who said that LC had sold the Life Science business to his "friends" on the cheap. Not so. It was a fair price. Check out how things are playing out at Danaher. Again, it was a fair price for both companies. Well done LC.

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GRC Mismanagement

O.E looking into bad record keeping on several of the Vernova CO2 projects including overcharging. Hearing at least one GRC exec is on the ropes and playing serious defense

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60 Day WARN notices soon

GE Corporate is issuing 60 day WARN notices across the US for Corporate employees that have not been assigned to one of the spin-off businesses, GE Vernova, GE Aerospace, and GE Healthcare. The notices are to be issued 10/31/23

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Do we all agree that if a site put out 5000 units a years in the past with say 2500 employees, that with automation, lean, black belts in theory GE should empliyee far fewer employees today? (Leaving aside the fact that demand is way down compared to... —  read more 

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Schenectady Wind

Did the site really miss manage and blow 55 million dollars on the wind work transformation of building 273? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many if true, many have watched them miss manage this site for many, many years. They have not yet... —  read more 

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Posts that have discussions about upcoming 301 officers nominations & elections have been removed?

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Yes it is named GE/Verona

Why many have asked would an oil company want to invest into an outdated product? Well the answer is when they shut down GE Power GE won’t be left holding the bag 100%. The writing is on the bathroom walls. Just look around they have ops leaders who... —  read more 

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DOL Audit Status

Whatever happened to this matter? Rumors of ex-officers goings to jail and the like. Supposedly it was bigger than the Kennedy Assignation conspiracy, Bigfoot, Elvis still alive and all other matters put together. I saw it for BS at the time and I... —  read more 

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Larry learned from Jeff

lowballing our orders and then "over"delivering to drive the stock price up. cooking the books by lowering expectations so he can meet his incentives, then in 4 years when he can't hide any longer he'll retire with billion$

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