Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.


Siemens Gamesa has claimed a partial victory in a US patent infringement case taken against GE Renewable Energy over offshore turbines. The German-Spanish manufacturer said it received a “favorable ruling” on Friday in a federal court in... —  read more 

A real union

A real union would not give into the company threats of layoffs. A real union would not promote union members to back stab other union members. A real union would have better healthcare. A real union would set a standard of a skill to work here. The... —  read more 

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GE needs more people

I'm tired of having them pile on the workload without hiring any additional support. I'm tired of having to pick up the work of people who left without them backfilling those positions. I'm tired of having to do all that without being properly... —  read more 

A "Real Union"

What does that mean? I'm yet to hear one example from an anti-slater as an example of an agreement made between the union and Company that favored the Company. In today's world it's union give me a concession and the Company will retain jobs for... —  read more 

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Fed Investigation Expectations

Ex-Schenectady sister facility, GE Silicones (Momentive) in 2010 reaches an agreement with the IUE to reduce hourly rates to "market levels" resulting in over 2/3 of salaries getting cut. That impacted IUE Local votes the contract down but two other... —  read more 

New Slate

Impressive group, lost the 301 elections in 2020, and now they won't get the outcome they want from the conspiracy investigation. Sharp bunch.

CA Agreement - Voted?

I'm an outsider, at a GE plant other than Schenectady. Reading this cr-p is funny regarding the investigation. Acts if proven not funny per se, just the passionate statements/post by both sides. So was the CA ever actually voted upon by the... —  read more 

My prediction for GE:

(1) GE Healthcare will be renamed and bought by a private equity. (2) GE Power is bested by superior turbines from Mitsubishi and Siemens, and will face bankruptcy. As a result, GE Digital will be spun out. (3) Aviation will face new significant... —  read more 

Big Split

Someone asked a very interesting question. I think many are wondering what the valuation of each separate “company” will end up being after the Big Split occurs? Any thoughts?

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