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Will there be anyone left at Schenectady?

I mean seriously. To be honest I’m a GE employee that doesn’t have a connection with that place, but as long as I’ve been on this forum, and I\ve been on it for quite some time, layoffs at Schenectady have always been mentioned. What’s going on... read more

Not a place to build your career

Talked to one of the new guys yesterday and I was shocked to hear him talk about this place as a great career opportunity. He honestly thinks he'll be able to build his career here. I can't believe there are still people who are that naive. How can... read more

Moral is the lowest that I’ve seen in my career

That’s my general opinion, and I believe the same picture can be seen at other locations as well. People are jumping on any opportunity to leave the company even for a lower pay. Don’t really know how people can operate in such an environment, much... read more

sinking ship

Per GE Voices: 127 years ago today, the Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company combined to form GE -- and we've been changing the world and bringing progress and possibility to every corner of the planet ever since. Same... read more

What’s the leadership next move?

Any word about that? Are some other parts of the company set to go for sale? Any splits, spinoffs, reorganizations? Does anyone have any idea what they are going to do next? It’s hard to think there will be more shifts sooner rather than later.

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GE has become a real mess

And I say that as a long time worker that seen good and bad times at the company. Layoffs are always on the table, the leadership looks indecisive in what direction they want to take the company in, parts are being sold and debt is piling up. It has... read more

What business is next in line for layoffs?

Today it’s GE digital, but I doubt the layoffs will be restricted only to that business, but are a part of more massive restructuring efforts on the level of the whole conglomerate. I would like to get some thoughts on what part of the company is... read more

The buddy buddy system alive and well in Power

Don’t get blind- sided like so many of you seem to be as I read through these threads. Another massive layoff about to happen and if you think you’re immune your not unless... your on the Strazik “preferential” list. Consider the fact again certain... read more

Got laid off today

I had just joined few weeks back and got laid off yesterday :). I saw the feed back on websites but i was so much blinded with GE that i didnt care about those and still joined. and now feeling that i have been screwed real hard. I know, even if i... read more

GE Pension Burden

General Electric's pension obligations total $92B, more than the company's $80B market cap. GE has set aside $69B in assets to meet its $92B obligation, a $22B gap that sounds alarming, but the obligation comprises more than one pension and not all... read more

The Great Onion Patch Schenectady

There is no unity in this thing called the legendary onion we are in. Look at unity combined job codes, we made concessions to keep work and jobs here, divided the onion and never gave t rates the support or backbone to better them. Now look more... read more

50% Drop

GE stock may be poised to crash more than 50% General Electric shares take it on the chin following negative comments from two long-time analysts.

Severance related question

If I start a new job immediately after being laid off, does that in any way affect my severance? I know they can't expect us not to look for work after we are shown the door, that would make no sense, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some... read more

I am throwing in the towel on my GE career

More layoffs hopefully it gets to my 1999 seniority date soon. Between this onion we call a union and these clowns running this place like a 3 ring circus these days. It’s coming soon I can smell the 10lbs of t_-ds in this 2lb bag called 273. What a... read more

Aggressive restructuring for steam turbine

“First-quarter cash flow will set an important tone,” Gordon Haskett analyst John Inch tells Barron’s. Inch is bearish on GE stock with a $7 price target. GE burned through $1.7 billion in the first quarter of 2018. Inch worries that weak cash-flow... read more

My next trick...

Prior to the next earnings report (April 19th), what are your thoughts on the next thing that's going to be pulled from Larry's magic hat?
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Plower is having a 1/2 off Retail Clearance Sale

Spring cleaning sale for the plower division! Parts of GE Plower will be sold off that is why the CEO said by 2022 GE will be in a rebound stage on cash flow. IF Whoever buys the Power sections on this spring cleaning sale. At a discounted price to... read more

What’s next after Plower?

I imagine that spinning of Power in one piece or in portions won’t satisfy their thirst to gather cash and maintain a positive cash flow. So, in that sense this seems to be a sensible question. What part of the company is next after GE Power to be... read more

Power is about to be spun off..

GE Is going to break up-spin-off Power segment's...They will create a company called SpinCo for this purpose.... The spin off will freeze the pensions, remove the majority of the contractual language with the union. Long service employees who think... read more

Power Leadership not walking the talk

Well here we go again...T as most likely headquarters spending to much but as usual everyone who should be able to travel for meaningful network support are to blame. How about the world traveler Mr. Simpson who has racked miles in 1Q over what most... read more

Get Ready Power

"Engine Problems" "There were no passengers aboard. Two pilots were flying to California when they encountered engine problems about 10 minutes after... read more

Is it time for layoffs?

With the whole mess created by the selloffs and restructuring, I doubt they plan to keep the same headcount. So when could we see the first layoffs on an organized scale as a result of all of this, in the US? If anybody has any info or even some... read more

Theft in Power

GE renewables

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