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SCHDY Layoffs for real

Absolutely no question....hourly layoffs are coming in July. Today they will be mentioned but not officially announced. The only remaining question many?
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Long Live Walgreens!

Barbarians at the Gate

The activist investors are going to hammer the stock further. This is part of their model: watch old companies with country club mindset get into trouble, take a small percentage of ownership, advocate for board seats then push for drastic cuts, spin... read more

BREAKING: Walgreens replacing GE on the Dow

Well, well. the mighty General gets the boot. Well done, GE Leaders! Wonder how the leadership echo chamber there plans to spin this turd news into something positive for the masses? So glad to be out of there... RIP GE

The Navy blamed GE

We need older workers

Anybody feels like GE is being systematically destroyed by a bunch of millennials with no experience and very little knowledge? I'm not saying they are all the same, but this seems to be the demographic that is taking over the company, and I don't... read more

Future of Global Ops

Anyone hearing anything about the future of Global Ops? Rumors are swirling that they will be divested.

Salt in the wound...

No money for jobs but we have money for this.... "More than 600 primary and secondary schools worldwide ... will be receiving polymer 3D-printing packages from the GE Additive Education Program (AEP). This is the second year GE Additive - part of GE... read more

Schenectady Campus is In Trouble

Big layoffs being announced Friday and our Union that we pay to represent us and give us information on events like this. Will not spill the beans, so why have a Union? To fight for wages? That didn’t work as post 2011 members pay is $10+ less an... read more

Big meeting in Schenectady next Thursday?

I work in Schdy and every day rumors of layoffs, rumors of turning into a service shop. The job security in Schenectady is unknown! So why stay? Why work hard for a company who’s newer managers treat every union member like we do not know our jobs... read more

Are you kidding me ..Go away France! GE is laying off 12000 and France is disappointed in GE not creating 1000 jobs...get real. This is why GE needs to pull out of France totally.

Positive GE outlook

Several articles out today with positive outlook for GE. Color me shocked. Is this ship actually righting? Or am I just being naive and too hopeful (which has happened before?)... read more

Going to India and China

Just in Schenectady

The union do not care about the membership they want a free ride to retirement. They know about the 300+ layoffs coming in July!
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A union official has stated the layoff will be as soon as this forced small service job is done. That is the only reason it has not happened yet. 300 job seekers in July competing for a job in the local community. And no there is not 28 Jobs next... read more

Salem Plant

1st Salem next Upstate

Don’t think upstate is getting Salem’s work because that do not do what Upstate NY does. By 2020 Schenectady will have 100 people working in that place.

GE In Salem To Close Plant By End of 2019

Ge announced to today they will close the plant by end of 2019. They are hopeful to move all of our remaining work to India in 12 months. Management seemed delighted by the thought of getting things moved as soon as possible. Hopefully the transfer... read more

Schdy management

Has stated that the company is about to call back 80 union members back. Then lay them off again in July with a total of 240 union members getting layoff some again and some for first time. Then they will call some back to get laid off again, and... read more

On my way out

Finally made the decision to leave. So tired of all the crap that's going on here. Crappy politics and nepotism are just the tip of it all. My advice to everybody is get out while you can. You don't need to be especially smart to see that GE is going... read more


Thank you T-Rates for carrying the D-Rates to retirement! Rumor has it the place is in shambles since the new regime in the hall took over. The membership that is left is in for a long wild ride! Consider it a non union shop if it last that long. I... read more

Hourly Layoffs For Schdy

By years end there will 450 union members left in the facility. Layoff is coming around shutdown, and another near years end. Good luck I got my pension!
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