Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Sooner than later

GE reports earnings tomorrow, looking pretty bad right now. This may be the next catalyst for sending more people out the door. After all, the CEO and BOD need their quarterly bonus.

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Schenectady layoff hype

Yes they are still letting people work OT. The company does not want to give the onion workers the impression that there is a layoff coming. The company and union want to keep people working. The Last layoff 3 layoffs I didn’t skip a beat on the OT... —  read more 

Mixed feelings

Now that everyone is talking about layoffs I’m a little anxious because I’d rather find a new job while I still have a job. On the other hand, I am so tired of this place that I secretly wish to get the package as soon as possible. I don't know... —  read more 

GE shell game

I retired at GE Aviation with 30 years service.  This has been a fantastic place to work and I am very proud to have been part of the GE team. Safety of all workers is top priority as is quality of work. Regardless of negative comments, what I have... —  read more 

Christmas Party

Did the investors pay for the Christmas party this year? They usually do make a considerable donation every year. For some reason the donation never showed up on the monthly reports for the membership.

Leaving before retirement

I’m in a big dilemma right now so I’d love to hear other opinions: how far until retirement do you think it’s worth staying here? I got a new offer that I would gladly accept, but on the other hand, I’m not that far from retirement so I don’t know... —  read more 


I have heard different opinions about splitting into 3 companies. I don't know about you, but I'm a little anxious about the effects of splitting. I don't know what you think, perhaps someone thinks the situation will be better after that?

Mandate Back In Effect

"A federal appeals court panel on Friday allowed President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for larger private employers to move ahead, reversing a previous decision on a requirement that could affect some 84 million U.S workers." Looks like all... —  read more 

The real union disfunction

T rates were brought in, back door deals and broken promises. 2022 the real disfunction begins when LC keeps the gift of giving. The union will break after this next big round of cuts. We have next to no work in 2022 the 301 is going to crumble into... —  read more 

It’s been blocked!

The mandate has now been blocked! I’m still leaving because F ge.

Bring back Flannery…

What has Culp done besides shred the company for his own benefit? He has no interest in saving the company and has proven this with his recent actions. If you don’t believe it, look at the stock price, nobody trusts him anymore. Won’t be long before... —  read more 

GE Stream whats the deal?

So I've been in Stream for a while I never bought into the whole, business going down the tube but it seems like there is less and less people. Everytime I email 3 people 1 comes back not working at GE. Whats the deal?? Is there something going on... —  read more 

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