Topics regarding layoffs at John Deere

Topics regarding layoffs at John Deere

JDPS layoffs?

I was told yesterday to expect an email on "where you fit in Smart Industrial." Mine was a generic "you're doing the same job," but rumour has it Nov 4 is when the hammer is dropping. Anybody know how many are getting pink slips under the guise of... —  read more 

Contingent Worker Prospects!

Dear Management, It was noted when I first got on as a contingent that if applied myself 100% and did outstanding work, I would easily get on. This has not been the case whatsoever. I have received excellent feedback and reviews for my work, and... —  read more 

Here come the layoffs

Wednesday sent out the "voluntary separation" emails. I suspect the job market currently will result in few people taking that, save for the early retirement people. Is this just the prelude to forced layoffs?


Deere and Company employees at two Quad City locations were let go for good. On Tuesday, October 1, Ken Golden Global Relations Director, Ken laid off 50 employees of Harvester Works and 113 employees of Davenport Works indefinitely. The Harvester... —  read more 

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Safety and quality

If you are about to join please note (based on my personal experience with John Deere - 31 months here): There will be some limited growth opportunities, Layoffs are possible, when things slow down layoffs are likely Management will talk about Safety... —  read more 

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Product Quality needs to change

Deere makes a lot of good equipment but the hoods on the riding lawn mowers are causing reputation lose. There are more broke ones in service than there good ones. This problem could be easily fixed but it appears no one must care about the issue.

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AG Web Farm Journal

Falling grain prices continue to hurt John Deere. The Moline, Ill.-based Deere and Co. said Friday that it would lay off 910 workers in Iowa and Illinois, in yet another reduction in its American workforce. RELATED CONTENT Deere Lays Off 600 Workers... —  read more 

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No longer can a farmer buy a John Deere, International (now Case International, Ford or Allis Chalmers (now White-Allis) tractor made in USA....

Seems Mexico - Canada - China - India - and other countries outside of USA get those manufacturing jobs. THANKS TO: The recent 6 different Presidents, ALL OF THE 535 USA Representatives, 100 USA Senators and 50 State Assemblies for TAKING ALL THE... —  read more 

IL Layoffs

No company is leaving Illinois and Deere's not shifting the jobs elsewhere. The layoffs are due to very low demand. So yes IL economy sucks and Springfield keeps pouring gas on the fire but this is a result of the national and worldwide economy that... —  read more 

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