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CNH Layoffs 2019

Have you heard anything about potential CNH Layoffs in 2019?
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CNH Layoffs 2018

If I tell you what - I am concerned you'll laugh - but how can you ignore so many warning signs here in Basildon.

Significant layoffs at CNH

CNHi USA had many layoffs. Many good people, platform people and smart individuals. Looks to be 10+ years experience. Many individuals in the states had 20+ years and were not complete overhead individuals. Not good. Recent news from an older thread... read more

CNH Layoffs 2017

Just relax, focus on work, focus on delivering things, stay positive stay productive - making things happen and you will be safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in Basildon.

CNH Layoffs 2016

Do we have any updates here on 2016 or 2017 layoffs, there is a ton of rumors flying around - what's accurate and realistic to expect as it relates to CNH layoffs
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CNH is a puzzle?

CNH Industrial is a really good company to work for, the main office is in Basildon, UK - a lot of people like working here and there are no layoffs 2016
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