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Cummins canada shutdown

Cummins canada will be closing the master rebuild center in effective june 2020, mass layoffs, so sad

Cummins Now Hiring - weeks after firing thousands

Has anyone else been tracking the job boards and the jobs being posted by Cummins? Many are the same jobs in areas/departments that just saw people fired from.. Thought there was no need for the headcount in those roles and that was why peoples lives... —  read more 

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Rings of Defense Plans

Sadly this is not a rumor.. Business units are updating their Rings of Defense plans to quickly put actions in motion for more reductions. This not only ties to exempt, but also non-exempt personnel. Never believe the firings are done and that items... —  read more 

More RIF?

There have been some talks/rumors about possibility of mid-year RIF sessions around June-July. Anyone heard anything similar? Got any more details? The forecast for this year doesn’t look great.

H1B workers - you get 60 days

If you are on H1b Visa, you get 60 days to search for a new job, else you have to leave. I have heard of two people who ran out of time, and had to leave the US (probably after selling everything they had). This is something that only H1Bs can... —  read more 

cummins layoffs

With these layoffs will people get called back to work ? For an example maybe by fall or when ever. The info. that i heard is they are done for good . And they just randomly picked people . Not going by seniority or anything like that . And that they... —  read more 

Pacific northwest region

Redding California and bend oregon branch's are now closed. Tim Kelly who is a V.P. of the northwest lost his job. Sumner, Washington lost a handful of people yesterday Feburary 11th and Anchorage, Alaska lost over half there branch this morning... —  read more 

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West Coast Layoffs

Layoffs on the west coast have been based on diversity so Cummins can still claim they're the most diverse workplace. Meanwhile employees on performance plans and probation are being kept. Ridiculous.

Letter: Cummins makes tough decisions on layoffs

From: Greg Dinkins Columbus "As a former businessman, I understand the need to cut back employment when there is a downturn in your market. The company needs to reduce costs to offset declining sales revenues. I also understand that this is a... —  read more 

Cannot say Cummins is living their core values

This is ridiculous and certainly not within the lines of Cummins core values I am not going to sit here and blame on middle/middle senior management These are the choices of top management that have put everyone in fear It is just a shame... —  read more 


SEP layoff has been completed. Estimated 20 people got laidoff with majority of senior n experienced engineers n managers (basically money makers) .No respect as to what these guys put into making this company. Shame on the upper management. Why dont... —  read more 


CBS is the worst. I'm surprised they seem to safe from the Rif.

Do some research on Cummins before you apply

Cummins is well known in the world for many things. One item they try to hide very hard is their employment trend. Just before major layoffs you will see announcements about diversity, environmental initiatives, employees helping the community, and... —  read more 

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Where are we going?

Does the company have any future? Do the leaders have any vision? Do we have a reason to stay at the company if we are not laid off? There are so many questions I do not sense anything positive about. How do we work with a constant fear of getting... —  read more 

This will happen again

Dont buy a house. Learn what you need quick!! Dont become cozy. Leave as soon as you have what you need. Consider this a temp job if your an engineer.

CTC Layoff

Does anyone know if CTC - USA layoff's are complete or till when it will go on?

Months of severance pay

I was just let go at CTC and received 6 months of severance pay. I had 11 years at Cummins. What did others get? Anyone able to negotiate for more?

It Has Begun

I’ve heard inklings of layoffs happening, but who has the scoop? What locations and positions have been affected so far? All US and UK? All corporate or distribution branches too?

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