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Where are we going?

Does the company have any future? Do the leaders have any vision? Do we have a reason to stay at the company if we are not laid off? There are so many questions I do not sense anything positive about. How do we work with a constant fear of getting... —  read more 

This will happen again

Dont buy a house. Learn what you need quick!! Dont become cozy. Leave as soon as you have what you need. Consider this a temp job if your an engineer.

CTC Layoff

Does anyone know if CTC - USA layoff's are complete or till when it will go on?

Months of severance pay

I was just let go at CTC and received 6 months of severance pay. I had 11 years at Cummins. What did others get? Anyone able to negotiate for more?

It Has Begun

I’ve heard inklings of layoffs happening, but who has the scoop? What locations and positions have been affected so far? All US and UK? All corporate or distribution branches too?

Job Search

I noticed a lot of my Cummins connections on LinkedIn now has premium subscription. Good luck everyone.

Worst CLT Performers and other Thoughts

Here is my view of the worst performers in CLT. Most people who have been around CMI will know these folks. As CMI begins, is week of layoff’s lot of these folk’s bear some responsibility and taking them out can save some $$. I always felt one of the... —  read more 

American Universities need to know

Please be sure to do what you can to contact your University and inform these students about this place. Engineers need to organize on internet postings like this to get the word out. Do not work for Cummins as an Engineer. It is a dead end road... —  read more 


Any word on DFW?

Profit sharing for 2019

As layoffs will be happening in 2020 now, will the affected people get the bonus for 2019? They should as they have worked the whole year

Engineers and managers beware

This means that they are going to have another cut in labor aka called an extension of the cuts to more engineers and managers and possibly dept. with hourly. Ask yourself that the biggest trucking firm that is located in Southern Indiana went... —  read more 

Who else is tired of this?

Anybody? I honestly wish they told us already who was getting laid off - that would be preferable to constantly having to wait and stress and worry over what might (and might not) come. If there are going to be layoffs - just get it over with... —  read more 

How cruel is this?

Having layoffs so close to Christmas, ruining the holidays for so many people...and why? It's not as if layoffs are going to actually solve any of our issues. We all know this is a temporary solution at best... It's really disheartening to see how... —  read more 


As of I know a number of people from different departments was let go in October, the number seems high for letting so people go at the same time, and the severance accrual has been going up for months. Didn't expect they finally came out and say... —  read more 

Word has it 12/13/19 is the day.

Reliable inside information indicates that while a few terminations have already taken place, the major action is set to begin at the end of the next pay period 12/13/2019. What a Merry Christmas to all......not!

Redundancy predictions

Anyone know of people being retrenched since the announcement. As per usual they are giving nothing away and with Christmas fast approaching, I can't imagine they would so stupid as to request people take holidays, then tell them they don't have a... —  read more 

New hires?

I've been working at Cummins for less than a year and now the news of this layoff comes and I have started worrying about my job. Does anyone know if in past layoffs cycles the new hires were more or less at risk?

It is all over the news now...

I can tell from past experience that rating and ranking from the previous year is typically used unless they have the latest data from this year ready before the layoffs. They will generally cut people rated 3s or low 2s. If your manager thinks... —  read more 

Poor Manaement

I used to work at Cummins in a high level plant job. They forget plants make the money and build empires in corporate. Cummins is notorious for hiring like crazy and then later having massive layoffs. Poor, poor management.

CLT look in the mirror and fire yourself first.

These people get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to manage head count and prevent this situation. Why is it always normal to accept that these executives get to choose who stays and who goes? Who will hold them accountable? What is the point of... —  read more 

Didn't Cummins lay-off already started?

As of I know a number of people from different departments was let go in Oct, the number seems high for letting so people go at the same time, and the severance accrual has been going up for months. Didn't expect they finally came out and say... —  read more 

Severance package

So now its official layoffs are going to happen soon in q4 . Hence, had some questions regarding Cummins severance package policy. I can't quite remember what the severance policy was last time around. Is the below correct?- Tenure Less than 3... —  read more 

Layoffs at Cummins Western Canada

Laying off both long term (12+ years) salaried staff and unionized employees. Employees recently promoted in to parts apprenticeship gone as well.

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