Topics regarding layoffs at Cummins Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cummins Inc.

Feeling underpaid

A friend who went to a competing company now has much higher pay and much better benefits. Another colleague who left here, also for a competing company, does too. I hear all the time about people who not only found relief since they left here but... —  read more 


I'm tired of it. I'm an adult who's been working at Cummins for seven years and I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it. I don't need a manager who follows my every move, breathing down my neck day in, day out to tell me to do the thing I... —  read more 

Cummins on Steike

Cummins technicians at the San Leandro California branch walked out yesterday over Cummins lousy medical plan. After 18 months of negotiations, management demanded that the techs give up their existing plan, even though they were willing to pay more... —  read more 

What is worse?

A former colleague who I worked closely with in my BU left almost a year ago and we connect every few months just to touch bases. In a recent conversation we had he expressed an interest in being rehired here. I thought he was joking at first - then... —  read more 

Relocation Re-payment

Joined Cummins 10 years ago, surprised I am still here. They’ve moved me recently for a job that I don’t really enjoy, but I signed a 2 year policy. Any of you been relocated by Cummins, and left before your 2 years were up? Did they come after... —  read more 

Mental gymnastics

They like to play with people, don’t they? I don't even know what my duties are anymore because they are constantly changing. My role has changed a few times and this time I said I have had enough of these mental gymnastics! Working at Cummins is a... —  read more 

Total lack of respect

Cummins is the kind of company that couldn't care less about their employees if they tried. There is zero respect afforded to anybody who works here unless they're management and/or are related to somebody in the management. It's ridiculous what we... —  read more 

They have to layoff and outsource

Revenues for the full year 2020 were $19.8 billion, 16 percent lower than 2019. Sales in North America declined 21 percent and international revenues declined 7 percent. Sales declined in all major regions except China. Continual market decline every... —  read more 

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Leave this sh-t company

Cummins never learned from its layoffs. The thing that they talk about the care for people and all is complete bu-----t. Making people fool by writing on paper related to how they care employees. Then they layoff. Fu----g company. I will love to see... —  read more 

Permanently Closed

Another office permanently closed this week: the Data Center in Columbus, IN. 110 people now dismissed A chosen few will work remotely and all others will be replaced off-shore. The Cummins way!

Rolls Royce Aerospace

I wasted 16 years at Cummins, didn’t know it was a waste of time until I moved on. Rolls Royce Aerospace in Indy has several people who left Cummins. No routine RIFS, downsizing, restructuring, global plant closures, non-citizen or work-visa... —  read more 

Forced Ranking

I need input from somebody who has actually been through a "rating calibration" meeting (e.g. managers). Is "forced ranking" still something that happens? When I was a wee lad, my manager told me "it's a rating, not a ranking." This could have been... —  read more 


Had an interview with HR a few days ago. She informed me about the Cummins pay. Annual bonuses are 8% with a multiplier between .5 and 2. For example, if a person’s salary was $100,000, they received an $8,000 bonus with a multiplier of 2, their... —  read more 

Market Decline

Revenues for the full year 2020 were $19.8 billion, 16 percent lower than 2019. Sales in North America declined 21 percent and international revenues declined 7 percent. Sales declined in all major regions except China. Continual market decline... —  read more 


I get the meme: layoffs are on the horizon, so kiss some a– and make it through to the next one. Why did this site become a "b–ch about beautiful people getting no promotions or all the promotions" board instead of the old "layoffs are coming... —  read more 


Cummins is drowning; another example of fingers in the dyke. The inevitable avalanche is on the horizon. Years of both downsizing and restructuring band aids for reduced market demands from stagnation: not innovation. If Cummins was market expanding... —  read more 


I worked with a team for several years; over time, learned their behaviors, attitudes, and daily patterns. A pretty woman was hired, and immediately everything changed from management. The manager and his team lead both created a culture of... —  read more 

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