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Cummins Filtration Layoffs

There is beginning to be lots of chatter on the filtration side of Cummins that layoffs are looking likely this fall. We here that lines are going to be moved out and a lay-off of up to about 200 employees is coming. Can anyone provide info about... —  read more 

H1B processing halt - How does it affect Cummins?

Heard that Trump wants to stop processing of worker visas. Will this create more opportunities for unemployed people in the US? How will this affect Cummins? Will they outsource more jobs? Or will they hire American?

RIF 2020

Any idea about how things are looking for Cummins given the challenges we have had in 2020?

Cummins Bankruptcy?

I am hired fresh out of college. Been with Cummins for a few years. Trying to decide if it makes sense to stay in the company long term. After speaking to a lot of people I got a feeling that retaining good talent has been a challenge. Also the... —  read more 


Any news on possibility of RIF later in the year? Especially with the kind of quarter involving all the closures, if the demand doesn’t pick up dramatically, it looks certain that there will be significant reduction in force later in the year. Please... —  read more 


This company was much better when privately owned. Since corporate buyouts it’s been down hill ever since. Funny though, there’s several manufacturing plants in Wuhan China. Hmm. Cummins knew about this virus last year and wanted to get rid of many... —  read more 

Anything new

Been awful quiet managers looking scared like something is going to happen soon . Anyone hear anything ?

Penchant info

Got temp layoff 38 days before fully being vested in penchant anyone have any advice or am I still good?


Can you ask cummins to lay you off during times like this if you have back issues that are getting bad? I suppose you can ask for an accomadation, but if your jobs a labor intensive one I don't see why they would say s—s to be you you want out... —  read more 


Can someone shed some light on all the managers who are playing koi about RIF. Apparently this is commons among management especially poor management. They have a new excuse each day supposivly their battling their boss or battling HR but those of us... —  read more 


Has anyone heard of a another RIF coming soon. Cummins has been running the company into the ground .

Celebrating Jobs on Social Media

How many people are disgusted by the amount of people, new college graduates, celebrating their new job starts with Cummins? This is coming on a few short months after Cummins had to destroy the lives of 2-3000 people by stating the economy downturn... —  read more 

Cummins reduces pay, working hours for employees

If the hourly are going to take a 10 to 25% cut in their salary (and you can bet your last dollar that they won't be allowing any type of overtime) you are going to have alot of crazy people. Most of those men and women live above their means. In... —  read more 

More RIF?

It looks certain that there will be more RIF in Q2, especially with CMEP being shut for 2 weeks at least. Are there any reports on this? Any number, the management has come down to? Things look ridiculously bad for the company. Any updates will be... —  read more 

Will Linebarger donate his salary......

Have seen several reports in media of CEO's donating this years salary to help prevent impact to their employees. Anyone care to speculate/guess about Tom Linebarger doing this for his workers....? I'm guessing Hell will freeze over before Tom... —  read more 

This will cost Cummins its customers

After 14cyears of service to Cummins, I was let go without notice after Cummins said our branch was safe. They gave me 6 month package. But I had no voice, cummins said take it or leave it. This action by Cummins ruined my plans for my retirement and... —  read more 

New RIF on the way.

Little birdy, known as my wife, works in HR (OCU) was informed that on Monday, 2/23/2020 they are to begin compiling names for RIF to occur no later than end of second quarter. Her supervisor indicated numbers to RIF were between 2K and 3K. Wife... —  read more 

Cummins layoffs and the SCR recall campaign

Does anyone else find it fishy that these layoffs hit after the SCR campaign? I called it as soon as I saw a recall was announced. Why isn’t Cummins treated like VW when they were caught cheating emissions? These systems are garbage, and Cummins has... —  read more 


"“Whatever you do in this world, you’ve got a responsibility and a privilege of doing it the very best way you can. And whether it is architecture or cooking or drama or music, the best is none too good for any of us.” "Irwin was also known for... —  read more 

Job Postings Continue to Increase

Take a look at the job boards for Cummins. A few months after they fire thousands, the number of open jobs is growing. Many of the postings are for positions impacted by those firings. So much for the downturn causing the need to fire employees.. As... —  read more 

When much is given, much is expected?

How can Cummins management preach about all the great things they for women and how they live by the motto of, "When much is given, much is expected"? Look at what they just did to thousands of men and women and their lives.. Look at what that same... —  read more 

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Truly sad. All the years building up those markets, only to be destroyed by pathetic management. Peoples lives destroyed, while the executives make their bonuses and millions.

Any news about this years bonus

Yes I know technically its not a bonus, but that is what I call it. I am just curious if they are going to pay out this year and what is the ratio.

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