Topics regarding layoffs at Cummins Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Cummins Inc.

Market Decline

Revenues for the full year 2020 were $19.8 billion, 16 percent lower than 2019. Sales in North America declined 21 percent and international revenues declined 7 percent. Sales declined in all major regions except China. Continual market decline... —  read more 


I get the meme: layoffs are on the horizon, so kiss some a– and make it through to the next one. Why did this site become a "b–ch about beautiful people getting no promotions or all the promotions" board instead of the old "layoffs are coming... —  read more 


Cummins is drowning; another example of fingers in the dyke. The inevitable avalanche is on the horizon. Years of both downsizing and restructuring band aids for reduced market demands from stagnation: not innovation. If Cummins was market expanding... —  read more 


I worked with a team for several years; over time, learned their behaviors, attitudes, and daily patterns. A pretty woman was hired, and immediately everything changed from management. The manager and his team lead both created a culture of... —  read more 


Politics is the cancer circulating thru Cummins. I witnessed someone bounce every 2 years onto a different role for over 15 years. He always left a trail of destruction: several people lost their jobs in his path, cause of his incompetence and... —  read more 

Is Cummins the new GE?

Somebody in another thread observed Cummins is going the way of GE, and I can't help but see the similarities. I think it all starts with Tim Solso having "CEO Envy" of Jack Welch, who was regarded as "America's CEO" at the time when GE was flying... —  read more 

Voice of the Employee

Cummins advocates voice of the customer; but is blind, deaf and dumb to Voice of the Employee. Residual effects are that customer’s are all directly impacted. Customers are aware of the routine instability at Cummins and are switching service... —  read more 

Pretty wasteful

This company seems to treat severance payments, replacement recruiting, replacement relocating and replacement training costs as if it was All free. Wouldn’t it be better for shareholders if they just managed the headcount the existing already... —  read more 

Packing up!

Seeing my friends, colleagues even adversaries packing their belongings these past few weeks reminds me of many times before, and how I can easily be next. No job security here! Would not recommend Cummins to anyone.

Giving it your all

Is there anyone who still comes into work determined to give it their 100%? Considering the company’s treatment of their employees, would it really be surprising to know that many are giving up and not even trying? Especially knowing that “cost... —  read more 

Market Decline

Cummins has progressively market declined for the past several years. Globally closing plants, slashing headcount, desperately downsizing and restructuring band-aids for shareholders (not employees). No innovation. No market expansion. Struggling to... —  read more 


We were told today that more cuts are coming rest of year. People have been walked out all month long, now more cuts coming. WTF!

CEO Norman Thomas nebarge

CEO Norman Thomas Linebarger never came to our site not once in the 10 years I worked for Cummins in Indiana. His headquarters were down the street. 3 years ago, C Vijayakumar visited our site. Most of you never heard of him. He’s the CEO from HCL... —  read more 

So much hate here

Would any of you who seem to hate Cummins so much like to trade with one of the millions of people who have lost their jobs since March? And who have no way of finding replacements any time soon since the virus is still destroying the economy? No?... —  read more 

Hard work at its finest

Anyone who has been here knows what Cummins is like. Slow to change, quick to lay off, and with challenging growth opportunities at best. Turnover is high, and it’s mostly experienced individuals leaving once they realize this place no longer values... —  read more 

Work from Home

How long before Cummins realizes if work can still get done with people working from home, they can save a ton of money if the "home" just so happens to be Pune or Wuhan instead of Columbus or Seymour?

Cummins Family

In 2014, I met an H1-B Visa worker. I had been on the job for a year. She came outside crying. I asked her what was wrong. She told me she had just been fired. It was a RIF. I was relatively new. I saw many others shown the doors same day. She had... —  read more 

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