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More Caterpillar layoffs in Joliet

Close to 300 employees are being laid off in Joliet, which is around 50 people more than originally announced a while ago. Caterpillar will begin laying off 285 workers in Joliet next month, following through on a plan announced three years ago to... read more
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Caterpillar sees significant headwinds going forward


There is a massive hiring effort by FB in Chi - so if you are interested look into your options (this applies to all of us in IT):
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900 Gone, and rumors are many more soon

We make industrial equipment, to build things, the backbone of the economy IMO. I'm in finance, and I can tell you we're dead, so far below former years' sales it's not even funny. We didn't lose to the competition, we don't have terrible management... read more

Major layoffs coming to Caterpillar

Caterpillar is closing two facilities, which will result in close to 900 employees losing their jobs. Here's the thing, this is only a part of a corporate restructuring, which we all know means that more will be coming. Restructuring seems to be the... read more
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Lost Complete Faith in this company

In my division there is a thick top layer of management, they wont move out of their positions to let the bottom people move up. Adding to this they lack to the skill to be where they are, but since they have seniority they get to stay where they... read more
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Any chance this means no layoffs for a while?

With both sales and profits rising significantly, who here thinks that we might be safe from layoffs at Caterpillar at least for a while? I'd really like to believe that, but we see companies post great results just to turn around and lay off a bunch... read more
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Stick with one strategy!

Any chance we can decide on a strategy at Caterpillar and then stick to it for more then a year? Seriously, it's not that hard. Just pick one and stick to it. The way we do things now we can't get anything done properly. I'm getting whiplash from all... read more

Hypocrisy at its highest

Hypocrisy of Caterpillar higher-ups never stops to amaze me. They continuously promote safety, but that doesn't translate into practice. When accidents happen, and they happen a lot, they always blame the workers instead of the lack of training or... read more

Why have layoffs when you can fire everybody

Working here has become nearly unbearable. Caterpillar has long stopped seeing us as people and is treating us as numbers. Micromanagement is overwhelming to the point where I can't do my job properly anymore. But the biggest kicker is that they have... read more
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Restructuring at Caterpillar = employees suffer...

Caterpillar is restructuring various divisions right now which means folks are at best ending up with a different job; next best is lose up to two salary grades but keep a job; or ... bye bye. At the same time we are sending more work to India @ 1/5... read more
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Layoffs and Millennials

Company is no longer genuinely interested in manufacturing components but instead wants to be an assembly and a tech company. CAT has no allegiance to long term employees, they are not loyal. Company laid off hundreds of twenty plus year employees in... read more

Denison, TX closure and layoffs

The Denison, TX mining facility management continues to make poor decisions resulting in continuing layoffs. Spending millions to update paint facilities only to demolish a year later. Closing the Van Alstyne warehouse to move inventory back into the... read more


My department... (authorizations-logistics). Will all be transferred to India. We are training our replacements .

CAT pays no attention to its own code of conduct

Big Yellow proves every day that it pays no attention to its own code of conduct and no ethics when it relates to "adjusting production to meet demand". They are convinced this quote provides reason for their actions. As I heard in a song today they... read more

Caterpillar Layoffs 2017

I spent last 10 years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Peoria.

Not the company that I hired into...

This link details how CAT is laying off american engineers at the same time requesting more H1B visas.

CAT Job Cuts in Belgium (Oh, Well...)

It never stops... MOSSVILLE – Caterpillar announced the closure of a plant in Belgium and now it’s impacting jobs here at home. The company has announced another round of layoffs, in Illinois. Hundreds of employees at two sites in Mossville received... read more

Cat layoffs 2016

I had friends who accepted job offers at Caterpillar and the company waited until they moved out to the middle of nowhere, rented apartments, and uprooted their lives before telling them that their jobs were no longer available. My school actually... read more


corporate greed out source jobs the company has done this for years laying workers off then out source the job .the company has done this for years' a person working at one of these companies a family of 4 still qualifies for food stamps. now buses... read more


300+ support and management employees at Building AC and the Tech Center in Mossville

Not the end of it

They used the terms reduce & consolidate long before last Fall (2105) when they laid off 5000. Or excuse me 1/2 were quote "voluntary"! A few years ago when they predicted better years for the end of 14 and better yet in 15 & 16 they used the same... read more

I saw a list of names

I saw a list of names for layoff on 8-29 that included ~30 engineers, 15 of which I worked directly with at some point, 3 of which were former SG25-26 bosses of mine. Even heard of a couple of SG 28-30 managers "encouraged" to retire.

Help's coming

The company will try to place the impacted employees, who are in primarily engineering functions, in other available positions throughout the company — or help them in their transition to a new job outside of Caterpillar

Mossville and East Peoria Layoffs

Blood bath in Mossville and East Peoria commences tomorrow... Will conclude by week's end. Over 1750 packing boxes have been ordered and a few buildings have blocked all of their conference rooms through Wednesday for 'maintenance'. I'm an agency... read more

The Tech Center Layoffs

The Tech Center let over 150 people go on Friday the 26th, no news coverage, just the way Cat likes it. No contractors were let go. A manager was said to have responded that they want to keep their flexible work force for future layoffs now. They are... read more

ACSD / PD&GT Layoffs To Begin 8/29/16

Blood bath in Mossville and East Peoria commences tomorrow... Will conclude by week's end. Over 1750 packing boxes have been ordered and a few buildings have blocked all of their conference rooms through Wednesday for 'maintenance'. I'm an agency... read more

CEO should go

All the acquisitions and JV under Doug Ober are worst decisions in the corporate sector and he should lead the way not small time employees. Current GP Denise Johnson has nothing to her credit in her career but leading the charge of Lean management... read more

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