Thread regarding Caterpillar Inc. layoffs

Did anything change for the better after restructuring was completed in 2020?

Over the past 10 years, thousands of employees suffered forced termination under the guise of restructuring. Leadership watched with glee the destruction of lives and careers. What has changed at Cat? Nothing. Let's take a closer look.

Our stock price is still always 20% lower than our competitors Cummins an Deere, even now when Cat stock price has recently set several record highs. Our male HR manager has a husband. Our female communications manager has a wife. I live in a very high end neighborhood in Edwards. When taking a leisurely stroll on a beautiful summer evening, its like walking in downtown New Delhi, Tehran, Shanghai, and Nairobi. Over the past 10 years Peoria and Decatur suffer the worst real estate market in the nation; home values depreciate 3%/year while all other markets appreciate 7%/year. I expect forced termination when I reach 50 like everyone else at that age.

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Nobody will take you serious when you insert ignorant homophobic remarks into your business “assessment”. It’s 2021, grow up.

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