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CFO Issues Warning to Older Employees

Heads-up Caterpillar employees. In his address today, CFO Andrew Bonfield stated the company needs to hire from outside to achieve better diversity, equity, and inclusion. You see, employees who have been with the company for a while are, in his mind, reluctant to adapt to change. So, while the company "appreciates" the service of long-time employees, those with longer tenure will be deemed "suddenly stupid." Sounds like the culling (reorganizations as a way to eliminate roles held by older employees, with a token under 45 thrown in) will continue in the year to come. Happy Holidays, With love from Andy.

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It seems depending on location, Caterpillar won't pay what people are worth for their talent and if they pay higher, it's going to be the person who has little experience and litghter skin color; not only that but raises are little to none.

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Yea, I have been caught up in the exact same shitstorm. IPSD large engines are now sending design work and even NPI/CPI issues to India now to save money. My job is being eliminated and at 60 years old, I don't have a rats chance in He-l of moving to any other position.

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