Topics regarding layoffs at Siemens

Topics regarding layoffs at Siemens

This company absolutely su-ks. Siemens Recruiters email you Job Reqs stating they are Stong Matches based on your Resume they have on file.

After reading the Siemens Recruiter's email, you go ahead and waste your scarce time in applying to the said job. Ten out of ten, times the Siemens Recruiters then have a form letter type of email, which they don't sign their name sent to you. Most... — read more 

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Are Layoffs Coming to Siemens?

Has anyone heard of layoffs coming? We were on a management call last week and the overall numbers didn’t sound very promising. The president eluded to massive changes coming in 2024. Does this mean they will be laying people off?

Are layoffs coming?????

Every tech company seems to be laying off in mass amounts! Even Disney announced 7000 jobs to be cut! What is really going on in this economy?? The media is all over the place. Are we in a recession? Headed for recession? Thoughts? Comments? Anyone? — read more 

Work from home

You guys must not really layoff because my neighbor works for Siemens and is always working in his yard and other projects during work hours. Nice gig! I’m jealous

Let go vs. laid off

I was let go last year for "poor performance". But 6 months later, I come to learn they haven't even hired my backfill. This was not a let go, but a restructuring triggered lay off. I am really mad at Siemens for this posturing! May Siemens rot in... — read more 

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Are layoffs expected for the Siemens SI EP business at all on the US side? Its their strongest region (USA) out of all SI regions so I can only assume they are good since we have major backlog of orders.

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Avoid Employment with Siemens

Siemens embodies a bastion of incompetence and worse still they are unbelievably smug about it! The culture BS adds to its failures and I don't think we will wait long enough to see this conglomerate break up or simply go bankrupt. The German... — read more 

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I don't care

Siemens is not the same company I joined ten years ago so I don't give a damn about any incoming changes. If I'm to be let go, good. I'll happily accept it. If I'm not, I'm still not staying. I already have a few offers and the only reason why I... — read more 

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