Topics regarding layoffs at Siemens

Topics regarding layoffs at Siemens

Are Layoffs Coming to Siemens?

Orders have been significantly down in our office and the atmosphere has been extremely skittish. Losing tons of long term customers to Siemens vendor channels None of our managers are talking to one another and everyone appears to be in a survival... —  read more 

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Work from home

You guys must not really layoff because my neighbor works for Siemens and is always working in his yard and other projects during work hours. Nice gig! I’m jealous

Let go vs. laid off

I was let go last year for "poor performance". But 6 months later, I come to learn they haven't even hired my backfill. This was not a let go, but a restructuring triggered lay off. I am really mad at Siemens for this posturing! May Siemens rot in... —  read more 

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Are layoffs expected for the Siemens SI EP business at all on the US side? Its their strongest region (USA) out of all SI regions so I can only assume they are good since we have major backlog of orders.

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I don't care

Siemens is not the same company I joined ten years ago so I don't give a damn about any incoming changes. If I'm to be let go, good. I'll happily accept it. If I'm not, I'm still not staying. I already have a few offers and the only reason why I... —  read more 

Company culture

I hate seeing what's been happening with our company culture. We're no longer a place most of us love to work at, we're now just like any other company that treats its employees like numbers and has no issues with cutting some of the most loyal... —  read more 

What happened to us?

This was once a great company everybody wanted to join and we were all proud to say we worked for. That's no longer true, at least not in my case. The leadership has systematically destroyed this place reducing it to nothing but a shadow of its... —  read more 

Time for change

What used to be a great company with a reputation to be proud of has significantly changed. Siemens US never aligned a succession plan for its branch structure. Leadership greed and vast models to extract more profits from the US has sent this... —  read more 

We are not respected

Worst management in corporate America. The most disorganized, unfulfilling working environment. 26 years of dedication to this company and I was let go via email and text!!! Simply disgusting! This is, sadly, our new reality. They couldn't care... —  read more 

Changing for the worse

I used to recommend Siemens whenever somebody showed interest in applying for a job here, now I'm warning people away. Too many cuts, too many closings, too many bad managers, and very few opportunities for advancement are only some of the changes... —  read more 

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