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Siemens is on a roll, another plant closing

How many more of similar announcements will we get before the end of the year? A big loss in Burlington for 125 people losing their jobs at the Siemens plant. The German-based company which has operated in Burlington since 1870, is closing its door... read more
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Older workers are being targeted

Older workers are being targeted. Frankly, some are justified in the sense that these workers refuse to change, have no more enthusiasm, and the ones I know even said they just want to milk the routine by riding it out until they retire. Some are... read more

20k is too much

I believe that we'll be looking at major layoffs at Siemens, but 20k? Doesn't that number seem overblown to anybody else? It's not that I believe or have any faith in management, but I honestly believe that we'll not see that many layoffs. A quarter... read more

Massive layoff at Siemens AG

This is going to be absolutely brutal! Nearly 20,000 office jobs will most likely be eliminated as part of the latest restructuring/efficiency drive/whatever they're calling it these days. At least those with manufacturing jobs are safe. Everybody... read more

Siemens is laying off in Ohio

Siemens Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine facility in Mount Vernon is closing, and all the people working there are being laid off starting in September as a result of it. That's nearly 150 people. Is it just me, or has Siemens started closing plants and... read more

Fourth of July

New CIO announcing deep cuts in IT. Announcement will be on the Fourth of July. The disrespect is intentional.

Layoffs at Siemens Medical Solutions

Also warning of layoffs was Siemens Medical Solutions, which is planning 104 job cuts at its Hoffman Estates facility as it closes its Advanced Therapies division there... read more
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This is not good

This does not look good at all. Judging by this, it will not be long before we hear about another huge cost cutting layoff at Siemens. Siemens closes power and gas sites to curb costs... read more

Burlington Plant closing

It looks like the layoffs were not enough and now the entire Siemens Burlington plant will be closing. All of the remaining employees will lose their jobs as part of this... read more
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West Chicago

There go, I know it was reported before but here is what the Tribune lists today... A WARN with the state has been filed, layoffs follow... Siemens Industry, which makes controls and automated systems, said it expects to lay off 200 people at a West... read more

Massive layoffs in GS IT and in CT

They are keeping it very hush hush but there is going to be a massive culling in GS IT and in CT. Some locations will be shutdown like M---ord and Princeton and some will grow like Charlotte and Plano. Kaeser is loading up to Trump by shifting jobs... read more
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Charlotte / Kaeser, An Undercover Booss

Siemens has laid off more than 100 employees in Charlotte. Good hardworking employees. Management s---s. Maybe Kaeser needs to apply for Undercover Boss to find out what is really going on in Charlotte.

Siemens Layoffs in Orlando

Siemens started laying off in Orlando, Siemens Energy US headquarters, in December (about 50) and began again in January (about another 50). More to come...
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Siemens layoffs January 2018

Siemens is at it again, this time over 200 employees were laid off from Fort Madison facility. Employees at the plant were notified in meetings late Tuesday and early Wednesday about the company’s decision to offer permanent severance packages to 202... read more

Looking forward

In 2018 we are eliminating almost 7000 positions and closing factories on the power side. Sad but true. Many careers will be interrupted...

IT layoffs in early 2018

IT layoffs in early 2018. From both GS and CT. Affected sites mostly will be in Germany and USA. Parallel roughly to PS pattern.
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Siemens Massive Cuts, 7000 jobs in danger

We'll see how things pan out - the union is fighting back but it'll be hard. For now, it's all in Germany but it will trickle down to the USA as well. See More:

Simens on the same way as GE

Simens on the same way as GE . So far info has not reached the market as this what happened in GE. There is another issue in S which starts on c...

More possible layoffs

From the article: However, the murmuring of layoffs at the Fort Madison plant have again returned. When asked what, if anything, will be happening to Siemens, a company spokesman had a brief response. “It is not accurate to say that the plant is... read more

At least somebody cares Oh, and if you feel the need to tell me there are a million Siemens jobs all around the world, don't. I don't give a damn about jobs that are unattainable to me because my... read more

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