Topics regarding layoffs at Schneider Electric

Topics regarding layoffs at Schneider Electric

Invensys is no more!

Invensys is no more. The company was taken over by Schneider Electric for a total of $5.5B USD in 2014. So, it has been a while, this is old news. Many long time employees were laid off. Schneider stop using the "Invensys" name - all was renamed to... —  read more 

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Peru Layoffs

This got announced a few months back... It's turning into realty now. Not that big, but still a hit for the community... Schneider Electric has detailed the first round of layoffs that will come from the closure of its Peru facility first announced... —  read more 

RIF at Schneider Electric

RIF (Reduction in Force) has resulted in many seasoned veterans and upcoming talent to leave - the loss of talent is profound. Schneider electric who bought Pelco did not understand the surveillance market and lost huge amounts of market share - I am... —  read more 

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