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Teledyne Layoffs 2019

What are your thoughts about potential Teledyne Layoffs in 2019?
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Worthing site is relocating to Daytona facility

Worthing site is relocating to Daytona facility with 95% of the staff at Worthing laid off, real shame as it could have been a great business if only we had the correct management and tools in place and not idiots like Shadi in charge making stupid... read more
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Teledyne Layoffs 2018

Has the layoff been announced lately are there rumors is there any updates on what's going on - I am referring to layoffs in Thousand Oaks.
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Teledyne Layoffs 2017

Can someone share ANY info including rumors you may have, any bit of info, please, especially about layoffs in Thousand Oaks.

ODI Layoffs

They laid off managers and lots of employees as well. These layoffs have been continuous for 3 years now, with no end in site any time soon. And yes, plenty of roaches still there infesting the place. Time to get the RAID out and spray those corner... read more
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A former employee

I was with teledyne in seabrook,nh / pease portsmouth,nh The company treats their employees like crap,they have no respect for their employees, the hr office makes false statements about their employees The place is horrible to work for and all round... read more

2015 Layoffs at Teledyne

We are exposed to oil industry swings, I am sure we'll figure out how to survive but many businesses are affected.

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