Topics regarding layoffs at Teledyne

Topics regarding layoffs at Teledyne

Teledyne's Corporate culture is a perfect example of "The Dan Principle" at work, an excerpt below.

The Dan Principle rests on the premise “All organizations will grow until they reach their leadership team’s level of incompetence”. All organizations (for profit or non-profit) will grow (sustainable increase in market share, number of products... — read more 

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Wrong people were laid off

Why? Why is it that every time we have layoffs the best people are let go and a bunch of lazy a–kissers still remain? Can we for once actually cut the right people and help out the company? Or do we have to watch it go down as they keep getting rid... — read more 

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ODI Layoffs

They laid off managers and lots of employees as well. These layoffs have been continuous for 3 years now, with no end in site any time soon. And yes, plenty of roaches still there infesting the place. Time to get the RAID out and spray those corner... — read more 

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A former employee

I was with teledyne in seabrook,nh / pease portsmouth,nh The company treats their employees like crap,they have no respect for their employees, the hr office makes false statements about their employees The place is horrible to work for and all round... — read more 

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