Topics regarding layoffs at Collins Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Collins Aerospace

Aerospace company? What a joke!

Based on how they treat their employees and run their facilities, especially from the Information Technology (Computer Support) side, I'd say that Micky D's would be more efficient with Aerospace production efforts then Collins is. I have a... —  read more 

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Why so much toxicity?

Before I came here I worked in two companies and neither of them had a problem with a toxic atmosphere like we do here. In fact, I think it’s getting worse and worse. Backstabbing has almost become something normal that I constantly encounter. .. —  read more 

Lack of Transparency

Recent layoffs at Collings were total disgrace to professionalism, labor standards, common sense for company survival and any logical economic development. Layoffs were lacking any structure based on 1)seniority 2)dedication and work input 3)... —  read more 


The issues at Oakville are all due to poor management. The old management are people that grew up here and are not aware of how industry has changed…BUT they were also here when we were turning out 40+ shipsets…so they understand what we are capable... —  read more 

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More layoffs coming wlox

Hearing of many to be let go in WLOX. This company is a sh–show and things are sinking fast. Mgmt trying to keep employees from spreading the wide felt sentiment that employees are miserable and overworked.

3 weeks of waiting…

January 2nd is the day some of us will find out we no longer have a job. A little over 3 weeks to worry and stress while trying to remain productive. Do they really think I (or anyone for that matter) can remain productive while faced with the... —  read more 

We're all adults here

Wouldn’t it be nice if the company decided to treat us like the adults that we are and be completely transparent in regards to layoffs? They don’t even have to say who is going to be laid off, but at least let us know in advance how many and what... —  read more 

Tired of layoffs

I know sometimes we have to go through it but when will it be enough? I’m getting tired of waiting for the axe to fall. I just want to know when the exact dates will be so I can be more focused on work. Currently, I'm just constantly anticipating if... —  read more 

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