Topics regarding layoffs at Collins Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Collins Aerospace

More layoffs coming wlox

Hearing of many to be let go in WLOX. This company is a sh–show and things are sinking fast. Mgmt trying to keep employees from spreading the wide felt sentiment that employees are miserable and overworked.

3 weeks of waiting…

January 2nd is the day some of us will find out we no longer have a job. A little over 3 weeks to worry and stress while trying to remain productive. Do they really think I (or anyone for that matter) can remain productive while faced with the... —  read more 

We're all adults here

Wouldn’t it be nice if the company decided to treat us like the adults that we are and be completely transparent in regards to layoffs? They don’t even have to say who is going to be laid off, but at least let us know in advance how many and what... —  read more 

Tired of layoffs

I know sometimes we have to go through it but when will it be enough? I’m getting tired of waiting for the axe to fall. I just want to know when the exact dates will be so I can be more focused on work. Currently, I'm just constantly anticipating if... —  read more 

Beware Write-ups

The new plan is to write everyone up for anything even minor-Managers exempted for sure, can also be viewed as setting up for constructive dismissal, management do not really have the skills to coach and mentor employees in a positive way. They are... —  read more 

Layoffs august 27 2020

So layoffs happened today at Collins location in riverside California. There was a number of about 120 people. All union members in the workforce that were laid off with a sh–ty severance package not even full schedule pay.

UTC and bad decisions

One bad decision has to do with outsourcing of IT and instructing everyone to call the help desk for assistance. Nothing against the Onsite technicians, in fact handling things onsite is far more effective then these attempts at remoting in to an... —  read more 

Chula Vista Spares

After an undisclosed number of VSP Collins Aerostructures Spares department in CV is now turning to ISP. First announcements discreetly communicated to the employees concerned on Thursday 07/30. Not publicised outside the company as far as I know.


What is Leadership at Collins? Hayes left to take over the merger of Raytheon! Correct ? after the blundering mess of the Collins merger with UTC. Leaving himself in a steeler position not to be effected by his poor performance in the past . A... —  read more 

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