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Big layoff in the midst. I work here. Collins aero

Sadly, economy is in a harsh decline and our work atmosphere is carrying a negative morale where we could be hearing a potential 2 week furlough or possible facility shutdown like Albuquerque for Raytheon Missile and Defense. New info will be... —  read more 

Oregon loses 15 pct of all jobs

Collins Aerospace - Layoffs imminent?

Due to the coronavirus impact on aircraft manufacturers, the Collins engineering office in Chula Vista has no choice but to layoff and furlough most of its employees by May 2020. The main impact most likely could be in the MRB department since most... —  read more 

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Houston / Annapolis layoffs January 2020

A small number of folks have been, or will be, laid off in Houston and Annapolis. It sounds like more of a business process decision than anything large scale in the overall business.

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What has happened to Collins?

This used to be a great place to work with good pay and great benefits. None of those things are true anymore. These days, work/life balance is nonexistent. Yes, you get paid more the more you work, but that hard work does not reflect on pay... —  read more 

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Irvine, CA layoffs announced by Rockwell Collins

On Monday, Rockwell Collins announced to its employees at their Irvine, CA office that they will be closing that location sometime soon after the end of 2018. They have provided all employees with packets detailing the severance offers for those... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Houston’s office

12 people laid off this week out of the Houston office which focuses on corporate aviation.

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tidlywink tester

My bro-in-law was just laid off from the SLC location. He's been with the company almost 20 years.

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Acquisition unrelated layoffs Josh Baynes, a Rockwell spokesman, said this week the company’s workforce reductions came to 124 for the fiscal year, which... —  read more 

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September layoffs at Rockwell Collins

Several people were let go at my location yesterday. I saw somebody else mentioned they had layoffs as well, which now has me worried. Do we know if this is something on a larger scale that will continue in the following days, or just more of the... —  read more 

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UT's business revolves around layoffs

They mastered layoffs and we should brace for the impact. Just look at this warning (by KCRG): —  read more 

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UT's Rockwell Collins Acquisition Layoffs

Get ready for layoffs, if the deal closes you will be hit. In a major way. Trust me, I've been thruough with my company. Most likely overlaps will be in HR, Finance, IT and Marketing - you will see some cuts there - depending on how they go about it... —  read more 

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Irvine Layoffs

Do you have more info on what happened, who was let go? There was like a zero media coverage of this and I wanted to see if someone would be able to share any info.

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Cedar Rapids / Custodian Layoffs

63 Custodians were laid off a few weeks back... Here is the TV coverage: —  read more 

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Rockwell Collins Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Rockwell Collins layoffs in Cedar Rapids in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa Layoffs 2011

Back in 2011 Rockwell-Collins had a RIF and laid off approximately 300 employees (and some contract folks) – this was mostly caused by federal defense budget cuts which were huge at the time. Also, there were layoffs in the non-defense part of the... —  read more 

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Arinc Cuts

Do you know if anybody got cut after Arinc acquisition...

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2008, 2012 and 2014

We had major layoffs in 2008, 500 folks were let go here at Rockwell Collins - another round was in 2012 where we cut over a thousand folks. I hear that 2014 will be the worst year on the record. I wanted to see if anybody knew what's the severance... —  read more 

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