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(Fri 10/17/14 20:51:02 UTC)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa Layoffs 2011

Back in 2011 Rockwell-Collins had a RIF and laid off approximately 300 employees (and some contract folks) – this was mostly caused by federal defense budget cuts which were huge at the time. Also, there were layoffs in the non-defense part of the company. I was part of the RIF, however I was able ... read more

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(Fri 10/17/14 02:39:04 UTC)

Any layoffs so far this year?


(Tue 01/21/14 18:26:53 UTC)

rockwell collins downsizing

any news?

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(Thu 01/16/14 18:55:30 UTC)

Arinc Cuts

Do you know if anybody got cut after Arinc acquisition...

221 Third Ave
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(Tue 12/10/13 23:06:48 UTC)

2008, 2012 and 2014

We had major layoffs in 2008, 500 folks were let go here at Rockwell Collins - another round was in 2012 where we cut over a thousand folks. I hear that 2014 will be the worst year on the record. I wanted to see if anybody knew what's the severance policy - for example, how much did folks in 2008 ... read more

Cedar Rapids Boy
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(Fri 11/01/13 09:06:07 UTC)

sequestration had an impact, RC is not immune, we know sequestration issues will resurface and current layoffs are a result of that - brace yourself, 2014 will be a rocky year

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(Fri 03/01/13 23:55:47 UTC)

Rockwell Collins, plans to lay off 300 employees and eliminate other open positions as part of a general belt-tightening to manage the impact of the economic downturn.


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