Garmin Ltd. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Garmin Ltd.

How many people work at Garmin?

Post any information you have about the total headcount (I know it changes all the time). How about the main office at Schaffhausen?

Usage on Communcation System

What the typical employee practice of computer system usage in the building? Is the internet wide open for any use? is anything restricted?


I apply and apply and no response. Assuming on do not hire list. Anyone know of a blacklist and how to get off?


Looking to return but laid off back in recession. Know if anyone from that lay off has returned?

Garmin Layoffs 2018

I wanted to ask you all present here - if you heard about any possible layoffs in Schaffhausen.

Garmin Layoffs 2017

I know that people are concerned - don’t be - but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in Schaffhausen.

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