Topics regarding layoffs at ViaSat Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ViaSat Inc.

Layoffs are not done

I mean…I was told that we weren’t having anymore layoffs and then a month later I was affected by the 10% RIF. In my experience, they’ve always say “no more layoffs” to keep productivity up while they strategize how to/when to implement RIFs... — read more 

Check da Compass !

You all know that you can find everything you might need on Compass? Here is some News You Can Use, found on that Compass..... It may not stay up there for long tho LOL Total Headcount Impact (c. -900 reduction in FY24; c. -1,900 in total) FY24 -... — read more 

New RIF a-comin’

Hi friends, well, here we go again…. CFO and Viasat Exec are planning cost and workforce reductions because revenue expectations are low plus investors and owners need to be pleased. With Starlink here and Kuiper coming Viasat folks can look... — read more 


Sitting through the earnings call I wanted to scream at the computer.  The market needs reasons why Viasat isn't irrelevant debris on the road of disruptive progress.  Instead, the best leadership we have entagles in obscure... — read more 

Laid off Whistleblower?

for those that got laid off... do you feel like there could have been some "sweeping whistleblowers under the rug"? I used to work in Quality Assurance and wondered if that was why I was let go? Management seemed interested in my findings at the... — read more 

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