Topics regarding layoffs at ViaSat Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ViaSat Inc.

Taking away vacation

Don’t fall for it people, makes you expendable. No pay out if you leave. Nobody is taking a 2 week vacation from here on out unless you want management to know they can make do without you. Losing people and no new hires are happening means increased... —  read more 

Info on layoffs

6% across the departments but some hit harder than others like HR and security. Government side is safer like back in 01/02 and 08/09. Commercial side will probably have more layoffs if things don't recover soon and I don't expect they will... —  read more 

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ViaSat Inc Layoffs

There's more coming. Company has an excess of 3,700 employees and inefficient middle level management. Has propped the stock price up by making announcements for products and services that are still conceptual. Will have cash flow problems in the... —  read more 

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