Topics regarding layoffs at Movado Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Movado Group Inc.

Movado laid off wrong people

Lay-offs were arranged in NJ HQ Office, Moonachie and CN, along with a department of service field merchandisers for the licensee brands. Kept the people who do bare minimum, let go of the people who did their job but had timid upper management for... —  read more 

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Fake Bad Performance Reviews

They're losing money on their ridiculous attempt to have a "smart" watch. What were they thinking to even attempt to compete with iWatches and Android watches then have the nerve to price theirs HIGHER when it does about 10% of the others! Yeah... —  read more 

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Layoffs at Movado today

Movado laid off about 100 employees today, many in their corporate HQ in Paramus, NJ. They did it suddenly, without warning, and employees affected were told to pack their things and leave immediately. They did this right before their big annual... —  read more 

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