Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

New rumors about layoffs?

I haven’t heard many rumors about layoffs lately. When it’s quiet, I panic more because I think a storm is brewing. Perhaps I'm overreacting because on this forum layoffs haven't been mentioned much lately. Does anyone have any insight about possible... —  read more 

Giving up hopes on Fossil?

Over the past few months, I’ve been enormously stressed because poor management is so obvious, you don’t have to be an expert to recognize it. It’s hard to watch a company sink deeper and deeper and as an employee have absolutely no control over it... —  read more 

Fear based management

The constant remarks that I am replaceable and that I am happy to have a job has only contributed to me working as little as I can, just as necessary. I am less productive than ever. I simply don’t have the will to work at all and all I think about... —  read more 

So many complainers here

Am I the only one who realizes how lucky I am to even have a job right now??? I understand now's not the time for me to say just pack up and leave but for the love of God start appreciating what you have a little more. This place is not perfect but... —  read more 

Do we have a chance?

Can't live on the past glories but I certainly think Fossil still has many advantages over other companies. It’s not that it’s wonderful for me to work here, but I’m still attached to this company and I hope it gets back on track. I don’t like to... —  read more 

Don't consider yourself safe

I know a few people who think they're safe from layoffs primarily due to their years with the company. I guess they learned nothing from previous layoffs when it was obvious that the main goal was to get rid of as many people with higher pay (which... —  read more 

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What to expect in severance package? I hadn’t thought too much about it before, so I didn’t even inquire. I am also interested in what happens to those who do not accept the severance package? Is it even possible not to accept it and is there... —  read more 

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