Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.


What to expect in severance package? I hadn’t thought too much about it before, so I didn’t even inquire. I am also interested in what happens to those who do not accept the severance package? Is it even possible not to accept it and is there... —  read more 

Interviewing with Fossil

Hi everyone! I just scheduled a second interview with Fossil for a Social Media Specialist position. I was really excited about it because I’ve been furloughed since April. I came across this forum and your postings about their recent layoffs. Has... —  read more 

When did it go bad?

The company has been in existence for over 30 years and I can’t even pinpoint when it started to go bad. What I do know is that now we have such low morale because of the constant layoffs, a culture of egotism, and the upper management that will... —  read more 

Senior Leadership Team

So, are we supposed to actually believe that this new Senior Leadership Team is going to actually do something for the company? Seems like a great way to mask raises for those in top positions while the rest of us take our pay cuts this year and... —  read more 

Morally bankrupt

Does it seem tacky to anyone else that management are being “kind and generous” to offer another bonus program (based on the company hitting certain goals for remainder of 2020)? In the same year they did two rounds of large layoffs, plus under the... —  read more 

A Plea

I am begging all of us reading this who still work at Fossil, it’s time for us to leave. A lot of good people have left (voluntarily) and a lot of good people were let go. There is no reason to stay. The culture is dead. The leaders have no... —  read more 

More Layoffs Store Level

And this continues, now many Assistant Managers in the stores being let go, any other cuts that we need to pay attention too? I'm upgrading my Resume yet again, is this going to stop? This is no way of living, every other month.

Backup Options in case of layoff - Distribution jobs in Garland and Farmers Branch areas (hundreds of openings for 3rd party DC's & MFGs !

Any warehouse/distribution employees concerned about layoffs - consider stopping by Onin Staffing's office in Richardson. They have over 100 positions open in the Garland area ($10-15 per hour depending on shift/position) , and also have 200+... —  read more 

More unannounced layoffs?!

I heard there were some layoffs this past week of June13th on the portfolio brand teams. Were there more in other departments? For those of us left - how long are we really safe even if we survived the last two big rounds of layoffs?

July 7th call

anyone know what this call is about? What’s happening with our furlough management? Are paycuts going to happen at store level also? it’s quite at stores no communication with district leaders. Feeling unappreciated since we are the ones out... —  read more 

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