Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

Who’s even left?

I resigned years ago and moved on to MUCH greener and more lucrative pastures but often look back to my beloved Fossil only to see worse and worse news. How are there any staff left to lay off? And how’s the energy since obnoxiously and fakely... — read more 

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Downward all the way

The outlook for Fossil is beyond grim as their product demand dwindles in an increasingly digital era. This decline is evident in the company's plummeting stock price, highlighting its struggles to keep pace in a fast-evolving market. Despite hiring... — read more 


Our ELT and BOD are completely incompetent. Our stock price is abysmal. If you're foolishly hopeful because it increased slightly, wake up! The A&M consultants are a total waste of space. There should be immediate hiring and travel restrictions. Why... — read more 

True Analysis

Lets get to the point. Stores are barley profitable We borrowed Approximately 130 million in the fall of 2021 which comes due in 2026. IRS Return of Approximately 56 million coming back to us. A&M has not implemented any strategic... — read more 

Where is the glut??

So I’m having a hard time understanding why we aren’t profitable. Margins are good - most stores are profitable sales are declining that is true but they’re still bringing in profit. Rationalizing the store footprint to limit and axe non profitable... — read more 

100% spot on The consultants do dig in, but suggestions don’t seem to be accepted. Complete lack of reasonable decision making skills by leadership with regard to spending... — read more 

yes yes yes

Finally some the miserable ELT team is being rooted out. Goodbye Holly, Robert and Darren. Now get rid of some of those long timers like Sunnil, Rob, and Jaime and their stale out dated ways of doing things. Your message old and tired. Time for... — read more 

Sink or Jump

What a mess! It's like a never-ending cycle of throwing money at management for bonus payouts while still desperately trying to hire more people. And now they're already planning the next round of layoffs in a few months. Is there even a glimmer of... — read more 

Bonus for failure

I cannot believe that the BOD/ELT are approving bonus payouts for failure, while pushing us towards the brink of bankruptcy. Meanwhile we keep hiring and firing. More big layoffs are literally around the corners. Watch this space!

say bye

News today is that the Distribution Centers in both Dallas and Germany will be outsourcing to a 3PL for warehousing in Sept 2024. A lot of good people will end their time with Fossil on the last day of August


Wow. Just Wow. Not that this not justified considering the disastrous loss of value over the last few years and abysmal leadership....but considering his tenure and that he founded the company with his brother....the press release is so short and... — read more 

Well no merit increases

No merit increases for any staff! retail cooperate ops etc. Told that HO is not getting their annual bonus too. I bet the BOD are getting their bonus and raises. So disappointing we cut hours and give out no raises to appreciate the additional... — read more 

Falling behind

As an employee it is disheartening to witness our continuous decline. Once a popular choice for everyday timepiece's, jewelry and leathers, Fossil has totally lost their appeal. The future appears pretty bleak, with little hope for any come back.

Optimistic for once

There is so much negativity on this board...i am actually finally optimistic and, believe me, I have hugely critical and very disappointed for the past few years. We have finally got out of the disastrous smartwatch "adventure", while at the same... — read more 


Working at Fossil feels very stressful and risky, like trying to balance on a thin rope that's getting weaker every second. My team is worried because we know people are going to lose their jobs soon, and it feels like another ‘layoff’ storm is right... — read more 

Blind Leadershio

It's downright appalling and utterly disgraceful to witness our so-called Leadership frolicking around the world while our business is sinking faster than the Titanic. Their blatant lack of strategy screams volumes about their indifference! Their... — read more 

Rebrand out of touch

I think the rebrand was well done, it’s a beautiful aesthetic, the stores are appealing, everything looks real nice. It looks like it would slot right into the corner of a banana republic store. But that’s the problem- it appeals to the millennial... — read more 

Disregard to disaster

The audacity of this company to post VP jobs on LinkedIn is utterly shocking. What kind of twisted strategy could possibly explain this? It seems our Leadership completely disregards our existing employees by advertising new positions openly after... — read more 

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