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Review Time

review time, time to be told how replaceable you are. do a great job all year and get your M. While all of the Veeps and directors get the E & O. Remember M does not = Meets —Its really means Mediocre. Anyone else doing your job could do just as... —  read more 

Data Breach

What is up with this data breach? Did everyone get the letter or just those affected? Anyone know anything?

IMHO: The lay-off is coming.

The lay-off is coming. Everyone needs to be looking. Where is Kosta and his leadership gone? He is allowing his minions like Greg and Darren ruin this company and run in ground. Several big players leaving fossil because the leaders have no idea what... —  read more 

Fossil Layoffs 2020

This thread is for info about potential Fossil Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Earnings Release 11/2019

Heard a tremendous amount of toilet flushing right after the earnings call. Some people didn’t make It and sh– their pants in their office. Robert’s office is a disaster. Leadership is everything. Poor leadership and execution leads to poor results... —  read more 

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UK Pink Slips

Another round of pink slips in the U.K. About 20 finished today. Mainly customer-facing. Customer Service will be handled out of Guatemala in the future.

Euro Layoffs

Huge Layoff in Europe is ongoing. They shut down the polish and swedish office... German headquarters face layoffs from 20-25% of the whole staff. Thats what they made out of the company. Idiocracy at it‘s best —  read more 

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Earnings call at 5pm - 5/7 - Prepare For Armageddon

Tomorrow’s earnings report is going to be a disaster. I will be on the 3rd floor with a soup pot on my head to protect myself from the inevitable fallout. I’ll also be passing out diapers to VPs., so that they don’t have to run to bathroom to do... —  read more 

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Raise time

Notice to VP's take care of your management team or they won't take care of you.

UK Pink Slips

UK shopping chain House of Fraser couldn't reach agreement with Fossil on their continuing contract for Watch Station concessions in some 50 store locations. All concessions now shuttered, resulting in hundreds of UK Fossil Folk being made redundant.

2019 Layoffs?

I've heard rumors that layoffs will be coming in Mid January. Any truth to this?

Things have been going south for a while

Please pay attention, things are getting worse and worse, just look at the numbers. The executive lineup is sticking their heads in the sand and this will not end well for the worker. You need to look into the dynamics in the marketplace and you'll... —  read more 

Layoff are happening at Fossil

Layoff are happening at Fossil in the last 2 weeks Andy H - VP of IT Wholesale was let go and 4 others were let go in the last 2 weeks. Some people just got a phone call from HR and notify not to come back to the office to get their personal items... —  read more 

Good luck Fossil

Pretty quiet here. Im so happy to see that FOSL stock has jumped based upon great financials from Q4. I continue to cheer the company on from a distance and I would encourage others to do the same. No sense in trolling Fossil as a former employee... —  read more 

Sellout or Bust?

Recent headlines suggest our stock is moving upward because of a rumor that Fossil might get purchased by a third party. In my opinion, the only reason leadership would sellout would be for a quick payday. They get paid, we get laid-off. A new owner... —  read more 

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thoma bravo speculation

We are all "temporary" employees at Fossil

It’s quite easy, all workers at Fossil, and every other company for that matter, are “Temporary.” If you don’t believe that then you are naive. The days of companies actually caring about their employees is over, especially for a public company whose... —  read more 

Tell us what's going on

Good leaders make all the difference during times like this and the good ones will be honest with their people. Bad leaders are nothing more than a factory that creates bitter current and ex-employees. Individuals are expected to give notice if they... —  read more 

Get Ready

The stock is crashing on Q3 Profit Loss, not as bad as expected but a lot of this was already priced in. Our global retail comps are about 6% down, this is a very bad sign and things will just accelerate from here. There is nothing in the pipeline... —  read more 

Fossil Earnings Set For 11/7 @ 4pm

Oh dear Jesus, our earnings are going to be announced on 11/7! I fear this one will be the worst one yet! Marking my calendar to remind me to wear my protective gear and Army helmet starting that day and through the following two weeks. I predict the... —  read more 

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Fossil Layoffs 2018

I need to ask you a few things should be quick… Are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected by the job cuts, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about employees in Richardson.

We truly are a Fossil

Some folks in APAC were hit 3 weeks ago, and no mentions of it made on the forum. Perhaps fear is silencing the talk. Small group of Richardson photography team also hit too. Many others throughout Company voluntarily left over the last 5 months to... —  read more 

So many wrong moves by Fossil

Folks to be fair even though we all know that IT management s--- in this organization in ALL levels, especially at regional level, however the down fall of the company is not caused by IT alone for sure. The lack of self knowledge of Fossil as... —  read more 

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