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ELT needs to step it the F*** up.

DH reported a base salary of $2.1 mil LY. If he was reduced to 20% of his base pay that would still be more than 85% of the company employees make in a year. It would take my husband and I, with a combined income, 3.5 years to make only 20% of what... —  read more 

What’s going on!?

There has been no information given out as to what next 2 weeks look like. management and store teams left in the dark. It’s silent out there. People need to figure out if they going to be able to get paid or use vacation time. Grateful teams... —  read more 

When will the next round of layoffs be?

I keep hearing there will be more layoffs this year at Fossil. Has anyone heard when the next one will be this year? Or if they will be sporadic throughout the year?

Should I be looking for a new job?

I survived this past round of layoffs. I haven't been at Fossil that long so my severance wouldn't be that great if I were to get laid off in the future. No raises this year, should I be looking for a new job?

Dallas Morning News article about layoffs Please note it’s behind a pay-wall. Full Article pasted below: Headline: Fossil lays off employees at its... —  read more 

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Does Fossil have a future?

I have joined the company less than a year ago and was excited about the opportunity - I love watches and retail and I am a tech geek. I am aware of the many challenges retail faces and the way Apple has disrupted the watch industry. Yet, I thought... —  read more 

Layoff Criteria

What kind of layoff criteria have been used to determine who will be laid off? This is always murky here at Fossil, they never disclose things like this. Redundancies just happen and somehow, if you are friends with management you are always... —  read more 

Severance package

Anyone know what the severance package has been looking like for people?

It has started

People were laid off yesterday and even more will be shown the door today and tomorrow. We are looking at a rough week ahead of us, folks...

If not today, then tomorrow must be the day!

Come on people. If you are at this website, then you must know information. Show some empathy and provide information to your fellow colleagues. So they aren't walking blind into work tomorrow without knowing what to expect.

Fossil layoffs

So rumor is: 40% of the company will be laid off (not just headquarters but all the Americas) It will include workers to management Upper management claim they can't talk about it YET certain people claim to know what is going on (really... —  read more 

Today is the day

This was not a fun weekend but at least it should be over today one way or another. It's the wait that's worse than anything in all honesty. If it turns out that today is not the day after all and they keep postponing it I'm not sure how I'll take it... —  read more 

Layoffs coming next week.

Word is there will be large scale layoffs and restructuring starting on the 17th. Anyone know any more information?

Review Time

review time, time to be told how replaceable you are. do a great job all year and get your M. While all of the Veeps and directors get the E & O. Remember M does not = Meets —Its really means Mediocre. Anyone else doing your job could do just as... —  read more 

Data Breach

What is up with this data breach? Did everyone get the letter or just those affected? Anyone know anything?

IMHO: The lay-off is coming.

The lay-off is coming. Everyone needs to be looking. Where is Kosta and his leadership gone? He is allowing his minions like Greg and Darren ruin this company and run in ground. Several big players leaving fossil because the leaders have no idea what... —  read more 

Fossil Layoffs 2020

This thread is for info about potential Fossil Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Earnings Release 11/2019

Heard a tremendous amount of toilet flushing right after the earnings call. Some people didn’t make It and sh– their pants in their office. Robert’s office is a disaster. Leadership is everything. Poor leadership and execution leads to poor results... —  read more 

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UK Pink Slips

Another round of pink slips in the U.K. About 20 finished today. Mainly customer-facing. Customer Service will be handled out of Guatemala in the future.

Euro Layoffs

Huge Layoff in Europe is ongoing. They shut down the polish and swedish office... German headquarters face layoffs from 20-25% of the whole staff. Thats what they made out of the company. Idiocracy at it‘s best —  read more 

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Earnings call at 5pm - 5/7 - Prepare For Armageddon

Tomorrow’s earnings report is going to be a disaster. I will be on the 3rd floor with a soup pot on my head to protect myself from the inevitable fallout. I’ll also be passing out diapers to VPs., so that they don’t have to run to bathroom to do... —  read more 

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Raise time

Notice to VP's take care of your management team or they won't take care of you.

UK Pink Slips

UK shopping chain House of Fraser couldn't reach agreement with Fossil on their continuing contract for Watch Station concessions in some 50 store locations. All concessions now shuttered, resulting in hundreds of UK Fossil Folk being made redundant.

2019 Layoffs?

I've heard rumors that layoffs will be coming in Mid January. Any truth to this?

Things have been going south for a while

Please pay attention, things are getting worse and worse, just look at the numbers. The executive lineup is sticking their heads in the sand and this will not end well for the worker. You need to look into the dynamics in the marketplace and you'll... —  read more 

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