Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fossil Inc.


Stop paying the Board of Directors salaries that total over $1M per year. Give that money back to employees within the company who do all of the work, not the outsiders.

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Home of the bullies

Do you want to be in high school? Then Fossil is the place for you! Bullying runs rampant throughout the halls in brand and marketing. It did while I was there and still does till today. But how can you report it to your direct reports and HR when... —  read more 

Fossil IPO is coming

I guess Fossil has a clear strategy. They are making fossil leaner and leaner for an initial public offer (IPO). cost + opex reductions. more than 1 reorg in short time with the only focus over costs.

Wfh Schedule?

I am considering applying to a position at Fossil. Could someone confirm if the company has a hybrid work structure and if so how many days do you get to wfh? I have heard conflicting answers.

Management has no shame

So the brilliant strategy now is: 1) focus on the Fossil brand; 2) Rationalize license portfolio prioritizing Armani/Diesel/Kors; 3) go luxury/Swiss....WOW...genius...i bet they paid McKinsey to come up with that! It would have all made sense to do... —  read more 

It is what it is

There is a lot of complaining and frustration on this board which is partly understandable but I would like to take a different is a miracle that with the size and bloat we got to a few years ago, then supported by much higher sales pre... —  read more 


How’s that working out? Remember those f**Jed up board games HR took everyone through to orient us to the New World Fossil? Buying Misfit and the Q launch was the corner Fossil turned and never was the same. Sad, but when the founders niece left... —  read more 

The last rebellion

with the latest layoffs, the stumbling Fossil shows that the time has come to say goodbye. Just like the "old white men", these cheap wrist watches are no longer in keeping with the times. The smart descendants of the wristwatch relics are no such... —  read more 

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Ready to leave this company

I am absolutely ready to leave this place. I understand that some get worried at the very thought of losing their jobs here, but I'm sick of this company and I believe I'm not the only one who would feel relief after leaving this place?


Is Fossil Group stock A Buy? Fossil Group holds several negative signals and is within a very wide and falling trend, so we believe it will still perform weakly in the next couple of days or weeks. We, therefore, hold a negative evaluation of this... —  read more 

Almost no one expects promotion

I only heard from one person that she was unhappy because she was not promoted here. Most others don't even have any expectations for getting promoted? The reason is that this is not a place to grow a career. I hope to leave by the end of next... —  read more 

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Management does nothing

All they do is take advantage of associates. That's it. I'm sick and tired of it. I've been working here for five years and nothing ever changes for the better, always for the worse. It's our fault as well since we keep letting them get away with it... —  read more 

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