Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Another Tech ReOrg is underway

Saddle up amigos! Here we go again. Cognizant isn't alone. This is in addition to Cognizant. We had a disaster reorg last year and we're looking at another one; another disaster. What is going on? This is from a good source and I'm hoping that... —  read more 

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HR or ER needed

The admin community is a joke on slack. They only respond to VP admins. What happened here? During the pandemic we were a great team! You’re leaving a lot of admins out to dry with no help. Where’s the community? In person meetings isn’t the... —  read more 

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It's obvious that Nike won't ever promote remote work and their excuse is that we're a team as in sports teams. However, we've moved away from sport products to leisure apparel. That doesn't add up to the reality. My point? Why not allow for more... —  read more 

At Least we are not adidas

Breathe out, at least we aren't our neighbors sinking and purposly releasing trash product. It's not always greener on the other side, those stripes are miserable. Have friends who are eager to leave or get severance for service. Now they are... —  read more 

My manager is a disaster

They think they are a great manager. They have obvious and deep insecurities. (Hello botox, lip fillers, and crash dieting.) They are always spaszing out, and feel threatened by other women to the point of attacking them and making a scene ... and... —  read more 

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Overwork and burnout

Stress and burnout are affecting too many people here. I personally have never had more work to do. For now, I'm trying to continue to do my best for the fear of losing my job, but in the meantime I hope to be able to land something else. How do... —  read more 

I need avice

I've been diagnosed with something bad and I am afraid to tell my manager. I've been in Tech a long time and have seen what they do in these situations. One, a heart problem on FMLA, laid off and then died. Others with cancer, same treatment. I... —  read more 

Conflict of Interest?

Humor me here. I realize PayPal and Nike are not synonymous companies - but isn’t being the chairman at Paypal and Nike a conflict of interest? If nothing more than a conflict of time and priority? I think 2023 needs to be the year of JD funding a... —  read more 

What’s wrong with Nike

I just read the following in an article about Meta (Facebook). Seems that it could just as easily be describing Nike’s business strategy over the past years (oh and don’t forget to mention the woke virtue signaling and aggressive affirmative action... —  read more 


At the beginning of the new year (2023), Night 2 and Day 2 production shifts at Beaverton will be shutting down VaporMax, VisiZoom and Injection. Those personnel will be integrated into other departments. Hmmmmm I smell a rat.

It matters who you lay off

Nike could lay off 30% of the employees tomorrow with absolutely no effect on the business. In my experience Nike is way overstaffed for the amount of work and this is why the politics are so toxic and survivalist. Here's the thing. This might be... —  read more 

Only in Nike-land...

Can an ETW with the right...pedigree be converted and onboarded as a Director. It's as if HR watched King Ralph and thought it was an inspiring documentary. Ya just don't know whether to laugh or cry these days.

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