Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

2024 Olympic Launch Failure?

Did anyone hear about the launch of the Olympic product in Paris this week? Neither did I until I saw the product being bashed online! With the second round of layoffs looming, the brand just spent millions of dollars on an event in Paris that... — read more 

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Severence Costs $450m

So if I remember correctly total severance was suppose to be $400-$450m with them stating $403m had already been actualized in the 3rd Q. So if we have $50m left ish, is that just the cost of the severance packages themselves? Just wish there was... — read more 

It’s about mourning

I think I found this forum cathartic because I’d read through the posts to hopefully find a nugget of information that it’s all going to be ok. This was a communal space where we could maybe commiserate and support one another - rallying through this... — read more 

I hate slack

At least with emails, you’re forced to think through an entire problem before bothering other people. I’m constantly pinged with half thoughts or ideas that are time consuming and distracting. There’s an expectation to respond to everything creating... — read more 

You should quit

If you’re here everyday complaining and miserable, you should do yourself a favor. Or you can continue, and bark at me for pointing at the obvious. You’re helping exactly nobody here, least of all yourself. Bye

Meetings week of 4/22

Will you encourage your employees to attend meetings the week of the reorg/layoffs? Why or why not? I’m team no meetings, but just want POV from someone who feels we should continue with business. Seems to be a controversial topic right now. — read more 

A message to JD from Coach K

“When a leader takes responsibility for his own actions and mistakes, he not only sets a good example, he shows a healthy respect for people on his team.” - Coach K One of them is a legend on campus and one will never be. Guess why?

The reality

I’ve been completely checked out since the December earnings call and have been a poor teammate. All subconsciously. I came to this realization when I noticed little things I would normally be on top of slipping through the cracks and believe you... — read more 

Health insurance?

Can anyone share if any health insurance coverage (not just COBRA, which has expensive premiums) is part of severance? Trying to prepare financially for acute health expenditures that are currently in progress but won’t finalize for at least another... — read more 

$88 - fire the CFO

When are we going to talk about the complete lack in financial leadership from Nikes CFO. (Most of the losers on this site are from technology so maybe you don’t know what this stands for). The complete lack of accountability from the CFO is on... — read more 

Have a LITTLE empathy

Man, there are so many posts on this board bashing team managers, Dir's and Sr Dir's. And sure, there are most definitely SOME that totally su-k and aren't worth their salary. But a good portion of them are in the same boat as all the rest of you... — read more 

Am I overthinking it

They’ve made all the decisions for phase 2 already. You think any of the sr directors or directors have gotten wind of it? I've got this feeling my sr director knows I'm on the chopping block and is starting to keep their distance

Home office returns?

For anyone based out of Beaverton who was impacted during the first round, what equipment did you need to return? I’ve already packed up my desk at WHQ, so now I want to do the reverse at home. I want to bring it in before being laid off so I can... — read more 


So we shuffled once more and I was worried about the change but so far I am happy with the reorg. Not a huge impact for our group. We get JC which is good. We get WM which is good only because he seems to be a push over and is overwhelmed with our... — read more 

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