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Switching ESPP provider

Is anyone also not happy with the new Fidelity as our ESPP provider? From the first use looks like it’s so much worse than E-Trade: Less functionality App is useless and is ranked 1 star in AppStore Constant “Errors” when trying to login Education... read more

The two powers that want to run everything...

Has anyone else noticed that the COO and VP HR are consolidating their powers? First email together send today about the benefits of outsourcing the daycare system. Yes.. while at the same time claiming to support women.... Yeah right. Barely done... read more
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Nike July 2019 Layoffs

I heard this in the office, so, take this with a grain of salt. Folks are talking about possible cuts in July, do not have any additional details. Last time the rumors started circulating, things turned out ugly - I hope it's not the case now. We'll... read more

More layoffs in innovation

There have been more layoffs within the innovation group last week. Good people with talent. Plenty of Swoosh-tattooed faithful drones remain.
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Don't count on WARN

This WARN thing is BS. There was no warning in 2017. I also heard from a VP that massive layoffs are coming. The new ORG structure goes from 18 to 10 VPs only. Layoffs are going to happen and I also heard that many black badges are going to be... read more

google (and nike's) shadow work force

anyone else read yesterday's article and see the many parallels? must be tiring to do the wrong thing from the onset then watch it come to light (always does), blow up in your face, then end up doing the right thing but only after getting publicly... read more

Tech ops to follow NCDC

Rumor is Techops will follow in NCDC foot steps and see their BB's converted back to white...would like to hear some more news from the leadership instead of the typical silence.

Any chance Nike will try to keep me?

I like my job at Nike, but I got an offer with significantly higher pay. Does anybody know if Nike has ever offered people an incentive to stay once they say they are leaving - something like higher pay or something to compensate for it? I'd... read more

Corporations have no soul

You may love Nike, Nike will never love you back. It is a use and discard toxic culture. Managed by bullies & Hr playing gladiator sports with people’s livelihoods. Learn all you can and take it some where else - it’s all smoke and mirrors. not about... read more

Just NCDP?

I'm wondering, is any other Nike department about to learn something major thsi week or was this reserved strictly for NCDP?

Forced Transition from BB to CBRE WB After 19 Tears

This is some of letter I sent to Mark Parker and Elliot Hill regarding the recent outsourcing of the remaining black badge WHQ receptionists to CBRE. To their credit they did respond to us… but she is still no longer a Nike employee. To Mark: You and... read more

Any more layoffs before month's end?

There were some layoffs this month as it was rumored, but from what I can see it was not that big - which makes me worry that we are yet to see the layoffs those rumors were referring to. After all, Nike rarely does something half-way. Any news on... read more
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cdc layoffs

If they already know that layoffs are a done deal, why can't they just tell us what is going on instead of having us borderline panic about our financial futures until the meeting at the end of the month? please a little decency please, good grief!

Another store closing

The Nike Clearance Store at the Lebanon Outlet Marketplace will close at the end of May, according to mall officials, although the mall will remain open and active... read more
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More layoffs in April?

Is it true we are having more layoffs in April? I thought Nike was doing really good lately - why would we need any more layoffs right now?

Internal diversity is not appreciated

Nike talks the diversity talk mostly in the traditional sense. Gender, Race etc. Important I agree. And easy to put on adds, commercials and monetize. When you shift to the less visible attributes things get nasty fast. Hard to market internal... read more

Being managed out of Nike

Being managed out of Nike. Can anyone share their experience or story? I have heard of several going through “plans” at the moment.

nike is just a job now

Gone are the days when Nike was a family. We are all waiting to get laid off or contracted out or stepped on or pushed aside for someone less qualified with connecs. At least we got the good job benefits ( for now)

it seems as though nike has lost its heart.

why did he have to retire? our heart is gone. nobody is perfect but without the shoe dog nike has become almost completely heartless. without him it seems like nobody cares about us. we are all out in the cold waiting and wandering if it is us that... read more

More outsourcing at Nike

The Child Development Centers will be outsourced in Q1. It’s a done deal and the new vendor has been chosen. The staff that has developed a relationship with your children and interact with them every day will be allowed to stay on through the... read more

CIS is taking over infrastructure

Has anyone noticed how much CIS has been encroaching into infrastructure these days? For a role that has traditionally been reporting, governance and auditing, they are taking a lot upon themselves. They have been ramping up to an alarming level... read more

Nike's Valiant Labs

Valiant labs is the biggest scam on the Nike campus. Lots of talk aka innovation by web browsing not doing. And yes, VP makes Hitler and Stalin look like amateurs. Crazy poor people management skills.

People leaving Valiant Labs

I’ve heard half a dozen people have left Nike’s new business incubator group in just the last month. Lot of rumors about why the exodous, mostly around the VP running it. Anyone know more?

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