Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Eight Bully Types

This list is more or less a cut and paste off the internet with some editing made. Have you experienced any of these bully types? Is there anymore you want to add? Got any advice for anyone reading this that may be currently experiencing any of... —  read more 

600 ETWs released end of May!

I came to know that about 600 contractors (maybe some FTEs as well) are being released by end of May. Don't know specifics but many of them work under GSPANN (vendor) and under a VP with Initials S.B. Please comment if you know more.

HR is a joke

I just recently went to my HR partner to discuss unethical behavior, potential gender discrimination, bullying and retaliation... and do you know what they told me? "This is between me and my [insert the name of the bully here]" I took my stack of... —  read more 

What is going on here?

Given the most recent events I am sick to my stomach after seeing the latest communication that was sent out today. It just feels like it is supporting the school shooting and it was “justified”. School shootings are not ok! It doesn’t matter who the... —  read more 

Nike has changed a lot

I'd be lying if I said I didn't really like my job here until a few years ago. Nowadays, however, I feel like I'm working in a completely different company because Nike has changed a lot. It's this change that I'm having a hard time coming to... —  read more 


Are you kidding me? This is exactly what they want you to believe - that everything is fine. The layoffs, the rumors, the chaos - it's all apart of you-know-whos plan to control and manipulate us. Now they'll take back WFH! WTF! I've been connecting... —  read more 

How has it come to this

GT is Lord of the Flies. A siloed org rto where collaboration now means emerging once a quarter to throw spears at each other. Tech has actually regressed since MP and ES left, say what you want about them but we were far better off IMO

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