Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Be prepared

I've read in several places that more layoffs are coming to Nike, with tech most likely to be affected. This is especially bad considering all the recent layoffs in tech and the fact that now a lot of people are applying for the same jobs, which... —  read more 

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Getting COVID… again

One week of COVID sick time when we are going to get it every quarter feels like a slap in the face on top of the return to workplace mess. We are going to lose so many people and recruiting is hard. Am I the only one feeling something must change?

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Covid Spread

Anyone else feeling lost and confused. Got covid from work and spread the covid to my family. Trying to take care of them but it now feels like getting covid is my fault and getting shamed for working from home. Did this WFH for 2 years and now... —  read more 

All is backwards at Nike

In certain moments I get sickened by how much our company culture turned into something opposite than what it used to be. That can most easily be seen through the process of promotion. It has become a patent that the least competent and most lazy... —  read more 

Took less than a year

The training process did not prepare me for what to expect and how to deal with a certain situation. Even then I gave the company the benefit of the doubt. There were favorites that got special treatment - but you find that in every corporation. The... —  read more 

Job stability

What kept me at Nike all these years, among other things, was that I had a sense of stability in my job. Since last year however, I no longer have that sense of stability. I talked to my colleagues about it and I was surprised that there are still... —  read more 

2 week notice

Tips, tricks or advice for putting in your 2 weeks? Should you let your direct manager know first? Or VP level? From what I've seen Oregon doesn't require employers to payout PTO, does Nike always Pay it out?

Leaving Russia for good?

It looks like Nike is leaving Russia for good (or at least for the duration of the war, which is likely to drag on). I admit, I didn't see this coming. I support it 100%, but I didn't see this leadership doing something that would potentially hurt... —  read more 

Recessionary times

Recession hasn't arrived yet, but I'm already afraid of associated issues, namely whether Nike will be forced to significantly cut back in workforce. Any thoughts? Also, I don't know if it's a good idea to quit and look for something else now... —  read more 

What is going on in WD&C?

This group has seen their highs and lows over the years but even prior to Covid to today this team appears very toxic. The amount of reorganization/restructure/leaves/returns in the last year appears to have taken its toll on the team on the front... —  read more 

Next scandal: StockX

StockX has revealed that “hundreds” of Nike employees including “senior executives” have been selling shoes on StockX. I’m guessing you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to speculate that a good number of those sales involve the selling of shoes... —  read more 

Feeling appreciated?

What a lame event… super forced. if anything, feeling more demotivated than ever to stay at this company / readying my resume to get outta here. The lineup of cars leaving campus at 3pm are all likely in agreement.

Nike's Middle Management

Here is a question for folks that have experience outside Nike. What's your opinion on Nike's middle management if compared to other companes where you worked at? I am not fishing for info or trolling, I am not looking for names are trashing of mgmt... —  read more 

Just do better

What the ELT is doing right now is clearly not working. I’m not the only one who went from loving his job to hating it with a passion. Things need to change around here and I wish somebody at the top would realize it before too many good people leave... —  read more 

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Here comes the covid

Are we supposed to pretend covid isn’t happing? My team is getting hit hard and we already are getting the “well we have to get this meeting in” guilt trip… Hate to say it but this was all very predictable. Leadership doesn’t have the guts to... —  read more 

Growing a career here

I have no complaints for now. Compared to my previous job, Nike is a fantastic place to work. The only thing that worries me is that many are already telling me not to count on growing a career here. Is that true? I’ve always thought Nike is a... —  read more 

Great pretenders

The main reason I loved working from home so much was because I didn’t have to watch all the pretenders in the office. Who wants to be around while they are making themselves appear competent and useful while being neither? I guess no one. And... —  read more 

Nike Tech is buckling

Attrition is continuing to rise. Why the lies from above that our attrition is normal? It's not normal. Morale is lower than low. No one wants to be back in the office. Get it over with and just chip us so you know where we are at all times. ... —  read more 

Layoffs in 3, 2, 1…

Everyone been following recent earnings for Adidas and Under Armour? Both companies got HAMMERED on account of the fact China has essentially been closed for a few months. It’s not just China though. Increased transportation and wage costs are taking... —  read more 

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