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The cuts are coming...

Anyone heard what groups are getting hit first? Im hearing TA (no brainer, they are awful anyway), tech and product groups. It really seems the HR orgs are so heavy and frankly not sure what they do.

Big changes in tech?

Sounds like the RIF is imminent...SEC outsourced to Accenture and SAP, transformation office disbanded, covid-19 impacts getting bigger and the CDiO running his playbook on outsourcing everything to vendors. If you’re an engineer in tech, I’d be... —  read more 

Executives can party while we lose our jobs...

Lay offs are coming, anyone can see that but not the people spending Nike’s money as if it were their owe. Shareholders would be shocked at the things the executives are spending on! Lavish trips, all their meals even though they make so much money... —  read more 

purpose & sustainability

any rumblings on what’s going on with them now that tokyo is delayed if not cancelled and in light of coronavirus?

Nike store closures

Anyone from retail stores on this board? How are you guys managing so far? What's the overall mood? Good luck all.

Forced labor in Nike factories

But that ad for international women’s day....

To all of you that will be left behind...

I have been in Nike innovation for over 18 years, almost since its inception. In the beginning it was all about creating amazing product in the spirit of Bill Bowerman that improved athletes performance. The pace was fast, everyone worked hard and... —  read more 

Latest "Impact" report

Our annual multi-million dollar exercise to show how amazing we are. Anyone on campus (other than the teams that produced this) read this thing?

“Unlimited PTO” starting FY21

Sounds great... but... No more sabbaticals Race to the bottom - no one will take extended breaks ever again if you want a decent rating Great way to eliminate tenured employees that have earned 6-7 weeks PTO given it will no longer be... —  read more 

Nike Layoffs 2020

Do you think there may be small/medium/large Nike Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Working at Nike with a disability

Has anyone else had a terrible experience receiving reasonable accommodation? I was finally put in a position where I needed to officially seek accommodation after 10 years of struggling with physical disability. One year later I’ve been forced onto... —  read more 

The Oregon Project IS the Nike Culture.

The Oregon Project IS the Nike Culture. Substitute AS with most of the VPs in power, and many employees share similar stories like Cain. Then you also have many more who turn a blind eye to all the bullying, discriminators, and "my way or the... —  read more 

The Blacklist! Flex System

I left Nike many years ago on my own accord with many friends, a good reputation but a bad boss. Never written up and left on good terms. I spent 5 years as a vendor, even being part of a team that won a maxim award. I have had a few face to face... —  read more 

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Why are so many Women still leaving NIKE?

Curious why no one is commenting on the significant number of women leaving NIKE..... I know many women who have left, or have ‘left’ or who have been demoted across all levels. Doesn’t look like much has changed with regards to the power of the... —  read more 

This place is a black hole of dispair

I am so over it. People who are walking HR violations get new roles and promotions and those of us that work their asses off and get screwed over with inconsistent ratings.


Marketing here - have friend in IT/IS .Managers seem clueless

What happened here...

Looks like everyone’s responses got pulled out of these threads? Makes you wonder… Unless you’ve worked behind the curtain and then you know. Know your voices are stronger together, share, share, share. Wide spread awareness is the disinfectant Nike... —  read more 

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