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More layoffs incoming

More cuts coming. The EU office in Hilversum is over staffed and under produces. Regional offices around Europe are unnecessary. Expect 10-15% reduction in force before year end. Eventually Nike will centralize more functions back to Beaverton too... read more
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Beginning of the end

Lots of amazing people at Nike. Hard working thoughtful amazing people. And a great brand. So sad to see a complete leadership failure at the top. Politics and a fear based culture resides. A CEO who prefers to dodge difficult decisions and would... read more

naive posts!

yes collateral damage happens in fortune 100 restructures. nike isn't unique. good employees in wrong place at wrong time due to doomed projects or bad managers. great employees in crossfire don't run to anonymous message boards to whine. they get... read more

nike- its been like this a for a long time....

I left swoosh 15 years ago after more than 15 years there. All the comments regarding the arrogance, politics, waste and back stabbing has been there since the company hit 1B- nothing new and nothing that unique in the corporate world. Anyone shocked... read more
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I HATED working for nike - yes hated!

I didn't go looking for nike, they recruited me. In all they spent almost $ 150,000 in hiring me and laying me off. In my 5 years there I was not able to change the direction of this ill fated voyage once! My bosses constantly changed. Almost half... read more

What value CFE's?

I was fired in June with most of you despite decades (yes, decades!) of HS's and E's on my CFE and positive 360's. My manager was decent about it and when I asked what difference my high performance made in the decision she honestly told me it made... read more

More cuts or not?

Ran into an article today that says that Nike will lay off 745 employees in Oregon by the end of this month. Now I am trying to figure out if this means more cuts are coming, or if it's simply lazy journalism and the writer did not check to see that... read more


I've noticed entire threads disappearing from this site. I can only imagine Nike is putting the screws to to delete embarrassing but honest and revealing posts. When you can't argue with the facts, censor the opposition. Looks like Nike... read more

Waste at Nike

The DJ, custom golf carts, executive Segways, the jets, constant re-modeling of perfectly usable facilities, the bar and dinner tabs on company travel, five star hotels, wrapped promotional vehicles that get used for two local events a year, no... read more

Irondata and Privacy

Looks like a lot of IT people on this site. What's the deal with Irondata? I read the phone IT policy on zero, but heard that that is just b---s---. I didn't have Irondata installed on my phone and none of my contacts or NIKE info was wiped, but... read more

New Nike office

The new office was supposed to cost $ 380 million dollars and is projected to cost over $ 1 billion dollars! What a colossal goat f---! Nike is basically an artist colony and the new building is an artist's wet dream. It's ugly as hell unless you're... read more

The bubble

Personal experience - speak up at the risk of sinking your career. Leaders live in a bubble of self congratulation and self adoration with a few exceptions. " HR Business Pets" serve egos. Some poor leaders may have 'retired' but they leave behind a... read more

Watching this happen from inside...

I've been at Nike (as a contractor) for 3 years. In that time, I've seen 3 rounds of layoffs, and 2 of my direct managers were terminated, along with some of my colleagues who have been here a long time. The biggest loss is the people who have that... read more

The real issue

Nike was too slow in reacting to changing dynamic of consumer preferences over the past 3 years. This is for both products offered, and how they are offered. Adidas on the other hand fully understood this and is flourishing. This is the external... read more


When are tech workers going to stop being pushovers and form a union to protect themselves! I left Nike because of abusive business practices; regular bullying and requirements to work in excess of 80 hours a week -- nights and weekends. They like to... read more

Nike is not your life

I was a Nike employee in Brand from 2003 to about 2007. I left of my own accord because of the never ending politics and need to mingle and connect with other employees to further the advancement of you own departments growth. I had always thought... read more


Anyone remember the last layoff, which was much worse? Lots of talk about sacrifice & how upper levels would also sacrifice as well. Many were laid off & many of us who survived didn't get a raise along with supposedly those at the top who said we... read more


I am torn here – as an employee I want to see some stability and security. I guess, more than “some”, I want a lot of stability. But, as a citizen, I do not want our businesses to become stale and ineffective. Now, I have two conflicting needs here... read more

Some Final Thoughts & Good Luck to All

I am a lifelong Nike veteran who recently opted to leave. I feel it is better to leave now while I still have fond memories rather than stay onboard a sinking Ship. My heart is saddened and disappointed to see the significant culture shift and the... read more


PHK- THANKS. +Three decades with the greatest company I could have ever imagined. I have more than I ever thought possible. I left knowing what brought me to the company and kept me here so long is gone and until proven wrong, never coming back. I... read more

Attn: Those evaluating an offer from Nike

For folks entertaining a Nike offer who are on this page conducting due diligence before saying yes: know that your hiring manager can't promise you anything about job stability. and that three times in the last 10 years Nike has let go of batches of... read more

Your next.

I have been reading this post today and having gone through this process as well. 22 years. I moved 9 times with this company. All the moves benefited everyone involved. So I have no issues. 2 great kids and a wife. If I didn't do these moves all of... read more

More layoffs this month

It seems Nike is planing to add more layoffs by September 30. The number is 745, so I am not sure how many more that leaves after the latest wave, as we don't have a final number of how many were already let go... read more

Be the Change!

I am so sorry to those who have been forced out. It isn't your fault if you didn't challenge the system and were placed on a struggling project, or under an incapable supervisor. Unfortunately employee productivity is also being blamed for Nike's... read more

Sometimes it takes one brave voice

Just wanted to remind everyone here that Uber almost crashed and burned (and the CEO did) because one woman told her story that opened the floodgates. The truth is where there is smoke, there is fire. Always. Nike is big, much bigger than Uber with a... read more

Tarnishing the Brand

I am truly saddened that Nike has allowed it's brand to be tarnished so much by the behaviors and decisions of leadership at key levels, not just the executives. The brand represented a lot to me as an athlete and as a former employee. My experience... read more

Bitter employees

It seems reading this post that a lot of you are bitter , well tough luck. If you look at the forum it's not just a great company like Nike doing big changes , the economy changes all the time and good companies change with it. They are clearly doing... read more

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