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take your future in your hands

I started reading posts from recently laid off people but I could not keep up as mostly it was full of hate, that Nike is all bad etc...! my story is as follows: I decided to quit Nike more than 5 years ago when I just hit my 11th year in the biggest... read more

Nike makes soles but it is soulless

The people that were victims of layoffs were older and higher salaries employees. The company is moving to a different worker profile. Young, technical, cheap, and a transactional relationship in the gig economy. Nike doesn’t want lifers anymore. We... read more

Why we can't prove ageism

From the June layoff the average age was 44. The median age was also 44. Breaking the ages down into 10 year brackets (20-30, 31-40, etc.) showed a perfect curve with the tallest point being the average/median. It's quite clear that there were quotas... read more

Let's move the Discussion from this Site.

Long time. First time. Tried to post something for the first time using a Proxy Server. The person who has created this site blocks posts from Proxy servers. I would suggest to the community that we find a new place. I am sure some of our IT friends... read more

layoffs and now hiring like crazy??? I was layed off in Oct. and now a month later they are hiring like crazy. Feels like a slap in the face

HR is getting a taste of its own medicine

HR is suffering the same fate they inflicted on others. Some special kind of karma at play. I have a good friend in HR and she is telling me they are ticking off names like a Roman tragedy...who lives and who dies, who leaves and who stays. Anyone... read more

HR Today

Sounds like 60 people from HR were laid off this week. Probably some of the spies they had here will be posting soon.


Could you imagine being a NIKE small account sales representative today, of which there are thousands around the globe ... you know the ones that are servicing the +29K of "shoddy retail" accounts that NIKE will be moving on from and taking the calls... read more

'Love & Betrayal' - now playing at The Berm

I loved you, Nike. I had a few flings before. And then I met you. Is it possible to fall in love with a company? The brand magic. The swagger of success. Shooting the breeze with our gang in Café 19, watching the sun set over Jerry Rice. Time... read more

New strategy-what are your thoughts?

I can only imagine additional layoffs with the "restructuring" to only 40 major retail accounts. Digital technology will compress the product cycle from 18 to six months or less. With IT being such a disaster how are they going to do this?

I miss Nike

I was laid off in the last round, and unlike what I see from majority of the posts here, I was one of the rare who truly enjoyed working there. I've been with Nike for nearly a decade when I was laid off, and I enjoyed nearly every day of it. It... read more

So long, Swoosh.

I'm glad people are seeing Nike for what it has become... a once-great, money-grubbing, consultant-beholden, soul-less pretender. "Do the right thing", as the maxim goes. Yeah, right. I'm not surprised they axed their most experienced employees... read more


The biggest concern Nike should have is that their most passionate people have now become quiet. They were the magic and spirit behind the brand that drove it to do great things. We once honored and rewarded the 60+ hour a week workers that loved... read more

Layoffs will never stop

Of course there will be more layoffs in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond. Nike is witnessing its own bonfire of the vanities. It wallowed in excess for years and is now collapsing under the weight of its own arrogance. Nike's only responses is to chase... read more
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More important to be popular than effective

Nike managers know how to use anonymous surveys to target employees they want to fire. This has become more prolific with the use of online anonymous surveys. They will submit numerous responses themselves, all supporting their own manufactured... read more

Can the NDA we signed be considered extortion?

That NDA we were coerced into signing with our severance isn't worth the paper it's written on. They knew most of us live paycheck to paycheck and firing us without notice would leave us strapped, so they dangled their blood money in front of us to... read more

Nike contributing to water pollution?

Reposting OP: Enjoy your Dri-Fit: Before I became acceptable collateral damage to Nike's restructuring, I used to run on... read more

We are seeing the decline of a once great brand

In my group everyone laid off in June and Aug were over 40. Coincidence? I think not. Regarding Nike wanting new blood from the outside, that’s another line of fake news. I was brought in from the outside and despite what I was told during the... read more

Message to MP

I felt like like some of the themes from the all hands came from this site. I think you need a site like this to collect anonymous feedback and suggestions from employees. You don’t need an engagement survey to get the pulse of the company, you need... read more

Sad state of Nike IT

I walk through the building now and the place is deserted. There are lights on in some of the manager's offices but all the doors are closed. The CIO and CISO are nowhere to be seen. It feels like the first episode of the Walking Dead. Empty desks as... read more

Now everyone hates Nike?

Reposting prior post ... While I can understand the anger now it seems that everyone and their mother are angry at Nike. Everyone says it is a horrible place to work, that H1Bs are taking over, no real knowledge in upper management and so on...but... read more

Lost our focus

Reposted because politics have consumed our culture and our focus: Totally agree that the layoffs were a cultural purge. Dissent is now considered disloyalty. Failure to adhere to the blather regurgitated daily on is treason. All we... read more

And then there were none

I saw most of my team leave in June. I was actually told my team would be spared, that our work was too important and our skills were vital to the security of the network. On judgement day, that proved to be a lie. I was furious at having been lied... read more

I was one of the faceless minions at CIS.

By the look of these posts, the good people are leaving and the only ones left will be the sycophants and those who are only there to collect a paycheck. My new job has taught me the risks to Nike are greater than I appreciated when I was one of the... read more
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Nike has moved on...have you?

Saw the all employees meeting last week, live-streamed courtesy of a friend still "holding on" (her words). Controlled questions "edited to reflect common themes." Orchestrated and rehearsed. Only MP seemed genuine. HK was clearly the smartest person... read more

Nothing has changed in IT.

Nothing has changed in IT. It is still the same misogynistic, hostile work environment as before only the remaining employees have been cowed into silence. Everyone knows any complaints will cost you your job. The place is a ghost town and most... read more

No change is "for the good of the employee"

Freestyle, an outmoded concept of office design, has been almost universally derided and abandoned by every other company which implemented the design years ago. The high density, noise, distractions and lack of privacy contributed to a marked... read more

No expectation of decency

Just received my personal goods from Nike after two months. When I was termed I opted to leave immediately, rather than take the walk of shame (under escort) back to my desk to retrieve my personal belongings. That was a mistake. After many calls to... read more

Gartner survey

Nike hired technology research giant Gartner to survey employee satisfaction. Evidently the results were not what they had hoped for and our 'leadership' was asked to improve the situation. The answer: we all met in a room, formed small groups, and... read more

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