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Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

HR - Be Careful

I do not want to go into much detail as it relates to two cases where I had to deal with HR but I wanted to say a few things: always be cautious when dealing with HR they are here to make company operate efficiently and according to the law ... —  read more 

Don't quit!

Don't give them the satisfaction. If you want to leave, chances are you'll be laid off in not too distant future. Then you can walk away with severance. If you leave now on your own you get nothing and you save them money. Why would anybody want to... —  read more 

Nike CIS

CIS monitors everything you do on your computer and logs it - not in Excel but in the cloud where it's kept for 7 years. They also monitor your mobile phone activity if you installed the MDM apps. It is highly searchable in the event it needs to be... —  read more 


Heard directly from my VP: this week is S-bands, week of the 19th is E/U/L bands. Leaders were told NOT to communicate this to their teams, but there are a few good apples left in the bunch who value providing transparency. It is impossible to... —  read more 

Layoff terms?

Looking for information on what terms, if any, are negotiable during one’s layoff this round. Have heard it’s boilerplate but even at VP level different packages have been given, apparently.

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