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2 More Out

@nike house cleaning continues with two more male executives out. One in digital marketing. The other in basketball. WSJ’s @germanotes got confirmed first.

A few more VPs gone...

How Nike Could Transform Its Bro Culture Long-time Nike CEO Mark Parker has kept the iconic sportswear brand stocked with design talent, he’s encouraged environmental sustainability in new products... read more

Adidas also closing stores

This is not gloating (although I'm no fan of Adidas,) but just pointing out that similar things are happening all over the industry, and it's not realistic to expect Nike would come out of the current retail crisis without casualties. Nike has its... read more

Forbes - On Leadership If you’ve ever had a crack in your driveway or seen sidewalks completely uprooted, it’s because nobody tended to the fissures that ultimately created those... read more
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WSJ Article

The problem of this story is not just hiring and promoting but taking care of the workers who are there and not retaliating against them. How many women do you think have been too scared to whistleblow? They have seen others around them walked out... read more

Inside Nike, a Boys-Club Culture and Flawed HR

Inside the Tiger Woods Center at Nike Inc. NKE 1.53% headquarters, hundreds of employees gathered on March 20 to hear a message from top executives: We need to change. The event, part of an initiative to encourage men to be better allies for their... read more
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Hotline and those that left

Nike went through 2 rounds of layoffs last summer. Everyone knows that Nike used that to get rid of some people that had complained of harassment or workplace violations.

News on layoffs

Any news on layoffs? Somebody must have heard something. I somehow doubt that in all of this mess they suddenly decided there'll be no more cuts any time soon.

Anybody else not buying this?

Nike said Thursday it has put a stop to falling sales in North America and forecast a return to growth by summer. The company issued quarterly results that delighted investors and sent Nike stock up nearly 6 percent in after-hours trading. If this is... read more

Uhhh ES & TC fired??

Latest rumor es and tc (old ceo) were/are fired today. I highly doubt it the day before earnings release but who knows. Anyone confirm?

Turned into Hotline

My boss turned me into the hot line for hurting her feelings. I was guilty the minute the claim was made. It s---s being accused of something and without any documentation or specific behavior examples. Nothing s-xual, suggestive, or abusive was... read more


Were the men who were let go really the problem? I haven't heard of any s-xual harassment at nike. Why would they be allowed to retire if that was the case?

Nothing at Nike HQ happens "spontaneously"

If you've been around the block here (long enough), you know that nothing here happens "spontaneously" - Edwards was waiting in the line, now his wait is over and the spot is open again. No conspiracy theories, no fake claims, just use your... read more

Nike exits triggered by survey: WSJ

Nike’s executive departures last week were triggered by a survey circulated by female employees, according to The Wall Street Journal. Citing anonymous sources, the newspaper said the poll sought information on alleged inappropriate behavior by some... read more

NOT JUST #metoo

I hope everyone realizes this isn’t just a #metoo conversation. Hopefully the company dives into the NIKE Women’s Org and the toxic, negative, work environment that is the most avoided team in the company. When the leader says .., “these people need... read more

Lots of men at Nike should be very nervous

One by one women could be ignored. But now Nike has publicly asked women to come forward and they will be held accountable to do something with the information they get. Your house of cards is about to fall apart. Clearly it’s happening from the top... read more

Is it really worth calling the hotline?

We’ve been filing complaints about predatory men with Employee Relations for years. Typically an investigation is done, the man gets a promotion, and the woman who raised the issues gets moves laterally into a crappier job. I know some men who have... read more

Layoff of TE

I was thinking maybe the big chief figured that just perhaps they had too many vice presidents pondering shoe laces vs. aggressively recouping market share, etc.

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