Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.


Are promotions and pay increases back on or are we still saying that can’t happen for anyone other than VPs because of corona?

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Nike is not a family

You’ll never know why most people are laid off. It can be any of a number of reasons. I’d say 99% are let go for one of the following reasons: poor performance excessive absenteeism a role is eliminated or your role is duplicative ... —  read more 

Layoffs this week??

Will there be layoffs this week? A coworker mentioned something but outside of that I wasn't able to find any info. I'd like to think they would wait at least a little bit longer in the new year before hitting us with something like that, but this is... —  read more 

Lose/lose situation?

It dawned on me today that the company has created a no win situation for us, a truly toxic environment. We spend most of our time hoping and praying we’re not involved in the next round of layoffs. But then when the layoffs are done if we’re still... —  read more 

You deserve better in 2021

Leaving Nike was the best thing that could have happened to me. As other people have said, you don't realize how toxic the place is until you are gone. There are so many great jobs outside of the swoosh. Don't allow yourself to feel trapped. You... —  read more 

Glad to be gone

I’ve been gone over 6 months. I spent years at Nike, and realize today that I don’t miss anything about the company itself. There are people who I miss, those who weren’t into the political games and actually worked as a team. I still keep in touch... —  read more 

Digital sales up 84%

With online sales up by a large margin for the quarter I think we're seeing the writing on the wall for brick-and-mortar stores. People have gotten too used to online shopping and while things might shift slightly back once the COVID-19 threat is... —  read more 

Uncertain times indeed

I want to believe that things will improve and at the end of the day we will all keep our positions. But the reality is there will always be layoffs, some major and some small. That is the world we live in, made worse by the pandemic. The only thing... —  read more 

Changes for next year?

I’m not just thinking about the layoffs here. I am interested in what specific changes you would like to see next year and what possible changes are you afraid of? I have never been a big optimist and Murphy’s Law is confirmed in most cases, but I... —  read more 

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Cut IT Waste Before IT Jobs

Considering the current wave of job losses, we are calling on companies to leverage the cost-cutting benefits of ITAM now as part of their recession planning to...

Huge burden off my chest

I've been away from Nike for six weeks and despite starting new work pretty much the first day I left I keep feeling like I'm on a long vacation. I didn't even realize how stressed out I really was, how much I dreaded going into work every day until... —  read more 

Boycott nike

Any corporation firing people in the middle of a pandemic while making profits does not deserve to grow. Please boycott Nike this holiday and give to employers who have avoided or made efforts to retain and support the personnel this season.

How do you feel now?

At first I was angry. I felt like a discarded old shoe box. Then a week went by and I was finally able to experience the grief. There are times throughout my days that I feel nostalgic for what I believed was a great institution. But now I know that... —  read more 

Global Tech meeting today

This is for you JD, AC and RL, RL,is showing up the best, but is catching the brunt of this. Stop the multiple All Hands, they are not helping. All of you are really bad at this and are not helping the situation. Basically, you S—. All of us... —  read more 

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