Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

DEI Leadership. What now?

We have made some significant strides in terms of diversity, yet we have a long way to go. Feels like the head of DEI is more worried about being featured in articles and leveraging his new found stardom than delivering And making real change... —  read more 

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Leaving - cash out or take PTO?

I hadn't heard of this forum until recently. I hear that folks here are helpful, and I am happy to pay it forward. I have been here long enough to complete 1 sabbatical. The reorg has been terrible and after months of ambiguity from our... —  read more 

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Feeling underpaid?

I have a friend who has a 30% higher pay in a competing company doing the same job as I do here. I've been thinking about asking for a raise, but I'm afraid I'll just make my life more complicated.


I recently got offered a position outside of (tech-related) Nike, so far their pay and benefits are outstanding and actually gave me more than I'm asked for. They're giving me a 53k salary increase from what my current position is at Nike as an... —  read more 

Poor progression

Lack of career progression is definitely the reason number one why I am seriously considering leaving. When I first came here, I believed that this was a place where it was possible to easily progress if only you put in enough effort. However, that... —  read more 

Retail Employees

We don’t hear much from you on this site. I would genuinely like to hear what it’s been like for you working during the pandemic and if the pay/career growth/leadership complaints of corporate employees resonates with you

Company for pretenders

The more you pretend and the more confidence you have, the better. If you plan to achieve something only with your work, you will hardly make it. Sometimes I get tired of pretenders and their overly confident appearance until their results speak... —  read more 

Busy work

I used to love my job and I knew what I did was important. Call me crazy, but I enjoyed knowing that what I did made a difference. Now, most of what I'm doing each day is busy work. Each new round of layoffs I expect to be affected - and I hope I... —  read more 

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