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Daycare closure saving jobs essential to the business

Wow people’. You have no clue. I worked in finance and saw the huge costs Nike paid. You really think the teacher/child ratios were consistent with the market? Nope. The Nike teachers were amazing but thats because they had way more staff than could... —  read more 

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So tired of this

Remember when working here used to be fun? Remember when just coming into work didn't require deep breaths and repetitions of "it's going to be okay" mantra? When managers knew their jobs and actually had your back if there was ever a problem? When... —  read more 

No cuts in Nike EMEA!

In the US corporate fat cats get trillion dollar bailouts with no strings attached! They use tax payers' money to line their own and shareholders' pockets In "socialist" Europe companies only get government bailouts if they don't fire anybody. BTW... —  read more 

John Donahoe Receives a Covid-19 Bonus, WTF?

Just in case you’re wondering how Corporate America works, take a gander. Donahoe was essentially brought in to orchestrate this lay-off. For comparison of just how grossly outrageous his compensation pkg is, note that his total 2018 compensation in... —  read more 

Has all 500 people been notified?

With the week filled with layoffs behind us, I'm wondering (and hoping) if all the affected employees have already been notify? It's really hard to find any kind of an official number on all of this, so I guess it's on us to put the pieces together... —  read more 

Pushback on daycare outsourcing leads to closure?

I wonder if how some employees reacted to Nike’s plan to last year to outsource the daycare to Endeavour caused the sudden closure now that the they had the chance to exit via the reorg. While the outsource solution wasn’t ideal it certainly would... —  read more 

Don't be surprised with the closure of Child Care Centre...

Don't be surprised with the closure of Child Care Centre! This site posted the signs already at the end of 2018: We fortunately made other Child Care arrangements based on this info!!

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Was it Shoe Dog or Lord of the Flies...or

Its seems that those NDAs are going to be very important, as many folks feel that Nike has betrayed them in some way. Will disclosures damage the Brand, if they identify something other than the Enlightened Wokeness of KAPISM. NIKE always... —  read more 

Disable wifi/network connection on your laptop.

If you have the suspicion that you are about to be laid off, do your video call from your phone if at all possible. Disable any network connectivity on your laptop and you will have access to all of your local files even if your account gets... —  read more 

A Sh--show

Since 2017, I’ve seen.. 2 org-wide restructures 2 division-wide reorgs Team renames, formations, accountabilities etc.(each year for the last 5 hrs) Total sh– show. But if you want to continue to pay me $210k, Im down. And if not and my... —  read more 

News Flash

As those of us who have been here through multiple layoffs and re-orgs know It’s best to save your time trying to rationalize anything Nike ELT is going to be doing over the next 6 to 18 months. In the meantime you’ll probably see two or three new... —  read more 

Nike Finance

Anyone have any insight or thoughts about how the broader Finance org will be impacted? Rough times during the 17' layoffs....not looking forward to doing this dance again.


In past layoffs, the CAO was considered “safe”. Due to the divesting of categories in this layoff, I am wondering whether there will be layoffs in the CAO, as the need for category related support will no longer be necessary.

Selection Criteria for Layoffs

Does anyone know what selection criteria is being used to evaluate who keeps their job and who doesn’t? Is the reorg shakeup a smokescreen to eliminate people with personnel issues reported to HR? Or even overpaid VP’s whose cost outweighed their... —  read more 

Severance for V through U?

Anyone have history or knowledge into whether V through U has a prayer at severance/benefits package? No doubt VPs and even E/S will walk away with something to help weather the current storm. Particularly curious about health benefits, given the... —  read more 

How do categories fit in?

We’ve seen how the VP structure plays out, but does that mean categories are completely gone or will they be executed by the lower bands? Will teams only break out as performance and style? As a sports brand, this men’s/women’s/kids structure tells... —  read more 

McKinsey Retirement Village

Nike is the MRV- McKinsey Retirement Village. When they started going native at Nike everything shifted negatively. Nice slides, well spoken and bespoken - nonetheless, cannot create anything that the customer wants, cannot sell sh– and hate... —  read more 

Dangerious Summer 2020

There is tension. There is anxiety. And yet, ledership is MIA for several months, the gruntworkers are spinning their wheels.

Ready To Move On

Personally, I am tired of Nike’s inhumanity, discrimination, and its general toxic culture. I want to be employed, feed my family, keep a roof over our heads, clothing on our backs, and pay the bills especially at this time when millions of... —  read more 


There are a lot of S bands and a few VP types in tech that don't know what they are doing at all. They have between wasting money and blaming Indian Techie types for their incompetence while they gorge on steak and fine wine at Nike expense... —  read more 

Utter Lack of Good Judgement at Nike Exec Levels

They should have kept this secret until they were ready to execute. In that case, all the pain employees would suffer would be confined to the announcement date + whatever time it takes them to recover. Nevertheless, they did not want to do it... —  read more 

Kindness and Respect

I realize this is a naive question for an anonymous forum, but couldn't we all be a bit more kind and respectful on this forum? I've been reading through the posts today to understand what's happening, and I've been shocked with how mean spirited... —  read more 

Arguably the worst rollout of layoffs in history

I've worked at multiple corporations and understand that layoffs come with the territory. But the way Nike is going about this right now is unbelievable. We're really expected to "control the control-ables" with this hanging over our heads for the... —  read more 

100 VPs Promptly Laid off by Nike (July 2020)

According to a Sr. Director source, the number of Vice Presidents let go in the last two days is now estimated to be around one hundred!! 1/4 of all company VP's dispatched within two days. Lots of North America and Category VP's eliminated... —  read more 

15-20 VP Lost their Jobs

An estimated 15- 20 Vice Presidents lost their jobs this week. I know of two in my own group. I guess JD was serious about ending the matrix. SR Directors are next followed by Directors and everyone else in the next six weeks. Estimates are 4000... —  read more 

Nike childcare dissolving officially

Made official this morning-more details coming from HR later today. Last day of employment for all childcare workers will be end of September. Paycheck of 10/1. Parents being informed this morning. Phone call with teachers this morning was devoid of... —  read more 

Replaced by younger or more diverse colleagues?

Nike will use this opportunity to improve diversity numbers. It will be interesting to see how many people feel their age and lack of diversity are factors in their demise. How many are parents whose replacements are childless? Parents have faced a... —  read more 

How does Nike/Flex handle cancelled ETW contracts?

I am an ETW on a contract. If the division I am working with is impacted and contracts are cancelled, how is that handled? Will they be paid out? Does it matter if you are hourly or otherwise? All advice appreciated.

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