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Severance package

Does anyone know what severance package is for someone with 4 years of service U band? Insurance extension?

Warranted Paranoia?

Don't trust anyone, this includes management. Trust no one but yourself, CYA, and get everything in writing. In the end, you will be the one who suffers. And if you ever try to write an email after getting something verbally, paranoia will hit... read more

Age Discrimination

Intel is being investigated for age discrimination. Can't imagine Nike's numbers look much different. Possibly worse.

Bullying still out of control

Anybody feels that bullying is still out of control at Nike? Latest developments seem to have done very little to curb it, which honestly surprises me. It's as if the bullies just seem emboldened by it. Maybe because they feel like they got away with... read more

Nike Hotline

Got this from @T02iC0P-enim - what are your thoughts? The Hotline is useless. They only collect information and route you to a team at Nike who will treat you with disrespect unless you are management. HR/Er at NIKE is dishonest and disrespectful... read more

What about Design leadership

The petulant children in design leadership and senior levels appear to be immune from the purge. Seems that some are protected despite a long history of inappropriate behavior on and off campus. The org has a load of world-class bullies.

Matter of disrespect and layoffs

I’m letting you all know now- matter of respect is the same as hr/Er! Nothing will change. If you were part of the NA during the reorg- you like me- got screwed! BS promoted his friends.... classic Nike! He influenced the process.

Have we reached peak crisis yet?

Really good read worth your time. After the loss of four more top executives, the culture at Nike is under continued scrutiny. How the situation is handled could impact brand loyalty, trust and the bottom line... read more
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Phil Knight on CBS

I have long admired Phil Knight for his business savvy, and for the decisions made to make Nike what it has become, but his blind spot for the past 50 years is his lack of accountability when something is called out about Nike's business practices... read more

Cautiously optimistic

I have to admit I am cautiously optimistic after the latest developments. I thought after we got a few scapegoats they were going to bury the whole thing for good, but yesterday proved me wrong. Am I crazy to believe that things at Nike might change... read more

True Story Time

During my career at Nike I have risen to the highest levels in the organization rubbing shoulders at GLS and CLT meetings over the years. Every year I would be given my team's salary information so that I could review equity issues across job bands... read more

Pervasive, or in Pockets?

Having worked in three orgs at Nike since 2004 I by no means believe this is systemic. Oregonlive quoted that " has grownd to a halt." That's total BS. Perhaps over in the marketing org but I'm not seeing it (anecdotally). The biggest... read more

Tip of the iceberg

Sorry, Mark. You have only touched the tip of the iceberg on the bully club in this company. TE had a lot of Yes-MEN riding his coat tails while they trampled on employees who didn't wear the correct brand of jeans. No Finish Line (yet). "Mark... read more

Sales org will be next

Boys club runs the org and locker room abuse involving women has been tolerated and celebrated for years. It is one of the worst in the entire company. Who's next?


Anyone here that was part of the last September layoff feeling that wasn’t fair? I was bullied for years in my “bro” category and when I filled a formal complain with HR about the lack of support from my managers because I’m woman, Latin and didn’t... read more

More 'Bad Boys'

Few more folks let go today...more this week...per MP's NY Times article from the weekend. The thing about all this 'change' is that it's not just 'bad boys''s the entire 'bully' and 'cool kid' culture that's poisoned the well. Promoting 'bad... read more

Tech Agile Transformation = Disaster

Ok everyone move your stickies. The tech agile transformation is a huge mess. Slower and more expensive. We are paying people to sit (stand) and talk about waht they are working on. What a joke. The other funny/sad thing is our invisible lump of a... read more


Anyone know if The hotline is staffed by EA Nike team? I have heard from a few people that went to EA they are not doing anything for the employee that came to them for help. They give a we will investigate response and then two days later close it... read more


Has anyone posted a message there and received a satisfactory response? Just curious.

CFEs can someone please explain

My manager accidentally sent us his own CFE. All the achievements he listed were my achievements. And it wasn’t phrased in a way that it was a team effort or something in that vain. It was as if he was the one who accomplished/finished a particular... read more


How is Nike on the list of best employers once again? After everything that has happened? How?

Any news on more layoffs?

I've been hearing some rumors about more incoming layoffs at Nike but it's all very vague and with no details at all. Any chance somebody here heard something and is willing to share? I wish we could go back to good old times when I wasn't worried... read more

Cheer up

In my more than 10 years with Nike I never saw so many people disappointed. 50% are kind of depressed, not happy with what they’re doing, 40% - holding this “I don’t care anymore, as long as they pay” position. Just a few keep on being optimists... read more

NY Times new article

New article today extolling all of Nike's "virtues" - just keeps coming. Enjoy.®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well


Didn't take too long.

WD+C = We Don’t Care

When will NIKE take a deep look at this organization? So many have left either on their own or been forced out due to the harassment and bullying that occurs within the leadership team. Those who have left or remain will not remain silent until... read more

2 More Out

@nike house cleaning continues with two more male executives out. One in digital marketing. The other in basketball. WSJ’s @germanotes got confirmed first.

A few more VPs gone...

How Nike Could Transform Its Bro Culture Long-time Nike CEO Mark Parker has kept the iconic sportswear brand stocked with design talent, he’s encouraged environmental sustainability in new products... read more

Adidas also closing stores

This is not gloating (although I'm no fan of Adidas,) but just pointing out that similar things are happening all over the industry, and it's not realistic to expect Nike would come out of the current retail crisis without casualties. Nike has its... read more

Forbes - On Leadership If you’ve ever had a crack in your driveway or seen sidewalks completely uprooted, it’s because nobody tended to the fissures that ultimately created those... read more
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WSJ Article

The problem of this story is not just hiring and promoting but taking care of the workers who are there and not retaliating against them. How many women do you think have been too scared to whistleblow? They have seen others around them walked out... read more

Inside Nike, a Boys-Club Culture and Flawed HR

Inside the Tiger Woods Center at Nike Inc. NKE 1.53% headquarters, hundreds of employees gathered on March 20 to hear a message from top executives: We need to change. The event, part of an initiative to encourage men to be better allies for their... read more
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Hotline and those that left

Nike went through 2 rounds of layoffs last summer. Everyone knows that Nike used that to get rid of some people that had complained of harassment or workplace violations.

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