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Nike Agile Transformation

What are you folks seeing on the ground? I do not see things changing for the better, on the contrary, it's more layers and overhead - people are confused - I do not think this is helping Nike. Do not get me wrong, I know some kind of change is... read more

The Kaepernick deal benefited Nike after all

I’d say this was smart advertisement from the start, and now it’s paying off. The minor stock drop after the campaign announcement was nothing more than the market reaction to something that was not anticipated, and nothing more. You may like or not... read more

Nike Legal

A source in a big PDX law firm said that Nike’s firm (who Nike outsources legal cases to) is infamous for purposely dragging their feet every step of the way leaving individual plaintiffs to decide whether they can afford to pursue or go broke doing... read more

Insights re: going from Nike to Adidas?

I'm curious how easy or difficult it is (generally speaking) to move from Nike to Adidas? More to the point - how open, eager, etc. is Adidas to hire Nike folks? I know lots of people make the switch but I'm wondering if they are chomping at the bit?... read more

Excellent insight

As a senior leader (now gone), I'll share the double-bind some leaders were stuck in. The CFE process was originally designed to set individual goals, in alignment with functional goals that all role into overall company/brand goals. When you meet... read more

Is 'managing up' a core issue?

As I reflect on eight years of experience at Nike in a variety of areas: My observations are that the Sr. Director/VP are hyper-focused on how they show-up to their peers and leaders at the S-and-beyond level. In many cases (not all) there is a clear... read more

nike haters

sorry nike haters revenue is up and probably will rise even more. hopefully nike will continue to make strides and will become less bro culture and more pro culture. just do it baby!

Political affiliations or opposition view points

Just curious... has anyone at any point ever mentioned you political view points even minor that go against the views of whereNike is playing nowadays? I have been conversing with a few peers whom were let go over the last 18 months. Most of which... read more

New lawsuit-shareholders take on Board

Three Nike shareholders filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the members of the company's board of directors for allegedly failing their fiduciary duties and sullying the company's reputation by allowing a culture of s-xism and... read more
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Severance Agreement Binding?

I approached the class action lawsuit, I undoubtedly have a case against Nike, and the lawyer told me that the severance agreement was binding and would hold up in court. She mentioned that they are turning a lot of people away due to the severance... read more

Nike lawsuit
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More lawsuits

Anybody else thinks that the recent lawsuit against Nike is just the start of what might become an avalanche? There are so many things Nike can be sued for, starting with ageism and on. I'm thinking if this works out for the women who filed it, the... read more

Promotions at Nike

Nike promoted incorrectly. The people in senior director and junior vp roles here do not represent what Phil’s vision. They are nasty cutthroat in it for themselves types. I know a recently promoted director to senior director who has never built a... read more

CNN & CBS on the lawsuits

Nike hit with gender discrimination lawsuit 'Women are devalued and demeaned' at Nike, two ex-employees say in lawsuit... read more

Nothing has improved

I see all these articles that claim things are so much better and still improving at Nike, but I don't see it. Nothing has changed. We have same toxic atmosphere, same toxic people in management positions, same inequality and same harassment. Where... read more

Back at Nike?

Curious to know if any people let go last summer are finding their way back to Nike. Those laid off June 15 are now eligible. Yes, many will not want to go back, but some do.

Career Advancement

Is there any hope for us hard working employees with longer tenure at Nike? I get calls from recruiters all the time, yet I can’t get promoted within my own company. All I see is people with MBA’s who came from outside the company recently get... read more

And the rest of us?

So, Nike is being very generous and giving ten percent of employees a pay raise. I guess that's the "deserving" upper management and their favorites. And what about the rest of us "undeserving?"... read more

Say no to new stores

Why are we opening new stores? Amid layoffs and closings, how does it make sense to be investing money in more stores that will most likely end up on the chopping block themselves sooner rather than later? Seriously? I am the only one who thinks this... read more

Welcome to the new paradigm

Sheep Managed by bullies Lead by cowards I'm sure the Arlee Boys could really relate to a senior Nike leader arriving in his Bentley.
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Revenues go up, layoffs go down?

Now that we are finally seeing growth in revenues and sales, what are the chances that this will reflect on future layoffs? As in, we'll have fewer or none of them? Or will there be more of a shift online since that seems to be working out for Nike... read more

Nike weathers the storm

Nikes plan is working. Get rid of some managers. MP will apologize. Put in some training etc. it will blow over. Promote a few people. Ok now people nothing to see here grab some kool aid and get back to work or working out. Hr and ER keep an eye out... read more

Severance package

Does anyone know what severance package is for someone with 4 years of service U band? Insurance extension?

Warranted Paranoia?

Don't trust anyone, this includes management. Trust no one but yourself, CYA, and get everything in writing. In the end, you will be the one who suffers. And if you ever try to write an email after getting something verbally, paranoia will hit... read more

Age Discrimination

Intel is being investigated for age discrimination. Can't imagine Nike's numbers look much different. Possibly worse.

Bullying still out of control

Anybody feels that bullying is still out of control at Nike? Latest developments seem to have done very little to curb it, which honestly surprises me. It's as if the bullies just seem emboldened by it. Maybe because they feel like they got away with... read more

Nike Hotline

Got this from @T02iC0P-enim - what are your thoughts? The Hotline is useless. They only collect information and route you to a team at Nike who will treat you with disrespect unless you are management. HR/Er at NIKE is dishonest and disrespectful... read more

What about Design leadership

The petulant children in design leadership and senior levels appear to be immune from the purge. Seems that some are protected despite a long history of inappropriate behavior on and off campus. The org has a load of world-class bullies.

Matter of disrespect and layoffs

I’m letting you all know now- matter of respect is the same as hr/Er! Nothing will change. If you were part of the NA during the reorg- you like me- got screwed! BS promoted his friends.... classic Nike! He influenced the process.

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