Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Never work as an ETW

The one rule at Nike "Never work as a ETW" 20 some years ago they let my entire project team go after the week prior telling us we are good for the next year. I am a FTE now but only because for many years I turned down opportunity to be a ETW... —  read more 

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Can Nike still attract top talent?

In place of my colleague, whom they tried to get rid off in various ways and make him leave on his own, came a person who is neither half interested in the job nor talented. A colleague who used to do that job found a job in another company without... —  read more 

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Strategy at Nike

The strategy function at Nike is a disgrace. So many nefarious things go on in that department that Nike turns a blind eye to because they work with leadership at the highest level. After being in that department for many, many years I can say that... —  read more 

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Anyone have insight on why some people get blacklisted after working for Nike and are unable to get any other jobs with the company? It seems like it’s random. I know a few people that left on good terms, were great at their jobs and can’t get an... —  read more 

Short term play?

What caused the Nike's best quarter ever and do you think it will be repeated? Not to sound like sour grapes or anything, but is it the result of the company’s brilliant and thoughtful strategy or is one of the primary reasons Nike has had great... —  read more 

I'm staying put

All I know is that I’ve put in more than 20 years and I’m in a position that I don’t like but I choose not to quit because I’ve got a decent nest egg to retire on and skills that earn me more than just a “decent living”. I’m less than 8 years from... —  read more 


With the push to India, there is a good argument that Nike is already doing async remote work. I have easily 50% non Nike city ETWs in my part of the org who will never go in to the office when it reopens. What policies do you see taking root wrt... —  read more 

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Question for newbies

I wouldn’t say there are many newbies on this forum, but I wonder what their impressions were when they first came to Nike? When I came a few years ago, I was really fascinated by this company and I was full of enthusiasm and desire to work here... —  read more 

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There is a method

I love how people keep saying there's no rhyme or reason to layoffs at Nike. There is definitely a method, it is just not the one that makes any sense to us. And they sure as he-l are not going to share it with us. What makes no sense to us, makes... —  read more 


Anyone on here from DPC? Curious if there’s any hope of a VP change? The dark days have gotten even darker.

Question about rehiring

I worked at Nike for a few years and left on good terms. After that I worked for the competition, very briefly. I changed my mind and would love to go back to Nike. Is it better not to even try it or do I still have a chance of getting a job at Nike... —  read more 

Nothing seems to change here

I left almost a year ago, sometimes I visit the forum to see if there are any changes, but unfortunately it seems that nothing is changing for the better here? Moreover, when I read some posts it seems that everything is now worse.

Missed opportunities

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague about whether Nike made the most of all the opportunities it had. We roughly agreed that the company missed a lot of good opportunities, and that the focus was very often on the wrong things. What do you... —  read more 

Do you trust Nike leaders?

That is, since when do you not trust the leadership here? It is very difficult to work for a company where I constantly expect that those at the top will do everything to better themselves at the expense of ordinary employees. I don't trust them at... —  read more 

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Nike Internal Security

Just got pinged to interview for a security analyst with a focus on inside threats. Analyze user data for internal threats…: I’ve worked for DoD companies that made stuff that goes bo-m and we weren’t this suspicious of our own people. Nice campus... —  read more 

Nike and Nike Tech

What I expect from an employer: Fair wages, medical benefits, matching 401, and a good working environment that's safe and has growth opportunities. Nike doesn't pay market, does have great benefits and matching, but the environment is toxic... —  read more 

Nike is not going anywhere

Whether you like it or not, Nike is still very relevant and influential and is far from being close to failure as some here predict. I don't like that, I don't think we deserve the reputation we have due primarily to how badly employees are treated... —  read more 

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