Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nike Inc.

The Great Resignation Is it just me or are others feeling this? I have lost almost everyone I work closely with.

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Do something about it

Concerned About Layoffs? 5 Ways to Help Secure Your Job Grow your skills Becoming a more well-rounded employee could make it harder for your employer to let you go if your company downsizes its staff. Think about the skills that will make you... —  read more 

Vaccine exemption

Somebody asked this already, but it was removed (I'm guessing the insults didn't help). Do you know of anybody who got approved for an exemption and if you do, how did they do it? Was it a complicated process? Any info would be helpful at this... —  read more 

Salary spreadsheet?

I've been seeing articles online about anonymous salary google sheets being kept in various industries/companies. Does anyone know if someone runs one of those for Nike? It would be interesting to see where I stand compared to others here.


Might have been the BEST part of the GOT call today from PK. JD needs to take serious notes from AC on running a great all hands meeting.

Places you’d recommend?

We can all agree 90% of people on here are/were not happy at the swoosh... Are there any places you’d recommend or freelance advice anyone here can give? My personal qualm is that I’ve been given several highly successful reviews and praise over... —  read more 

NA Transportation Leaders

How do NA Transportation Leaders get these jobs if they don’t even have any experience? GT is so incompetent it’s pathetic. He’s just KH puppet and how do leaders like him? There is zero respect below him. When will KS learn that she is the reason... —  read more 

Nervous ahead of Monday

Next week (actually, this week considering what time it is and I'm still up) we'll know more about the reorg and I am a nervous wreck. I know that most likely I'll be okay but considering everything we've been through in the last few years and all... —  read more 

Sign of the Times

On my drive home, saw a sign on Canyon that reads, "Dear NIKE, SHOE CITY needs you! We are a minority-owned family business. Please do it." Can anyone explain what this means?! Collateral fall out of CDA strategy? Seems like a sad message/statement. —  read more 

Proxy Statement Time

Want to know what’s happening at Nike? Read the Proxy Statement and vote if you can! Start with the last 5 pages where the dirt is buried. Don’t count on the Boards advice.. they brought in JD

Who’s with me?

E-band here, Nike vet, in good standing. For so many of the reasons touched on in this forum I will be resigning later this month. I could not be more excited to move-on. Anyone in a similar situation?

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