Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

I could have written this about my 19 years at adi (just swap out N for adi) - quote is from former Nike employee SIL of ex-Nike CEO Mark Parker

“During my tenure at **, I experienced a work environment that was hostile, demeaning and misogynistic towards female employees,” Parker wrote, adding the company’s “senior leadership … set the tone for the toxic work environment I was forced to... — read more 

Gender differences

Has anyone else experienced this? Some sort of issue, change, problem, etc. occurred. It negatively impacted the team. Two people spoke up, one female, one male. Female says: I disageee with the decision and how it is being handled and... — read more 

I like working at adidas

I am really positive how we are focusing on product again. We must put innovation and pragmatism in the center to be the pioneering brand that once made us famous. So glad that the hype game seems to be over and consumers will value quality and... — read more 

Restructuring in Tech

Mass restructuring to happen in tech. The majority of the people will be silently repurposed, with new responsibilities being forced on them. This is due to start middle of October. The basis for the change is to force people to accept lower... — read more 

BG using Puma playbook

Creative partnerships are probably the best short-term solution for Adidas at the moment before they take the time to find out their renewed identity in this very crowded sports products market. On Running™ and Hoka™ are eating away the US market... — read more 

I still like it here

I still like my coworkers and I still enjoy what I do. That's exactly why these layoffs and the uncertainty that we're still feeling hit so hard. I envy those of you who don't care whether you're affected or not, but I do. I wish we could go back to... — read more 

Too little, too late

I left nearly 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. The company I joined in 2015 wasn't anywhere near the one I left in 2021. The new HR leadership is a joke with jobs for the boys continuing to happen despite the expectation of open and... — read more 

Layoffs starting 8/23/23

Just left the company for an opportunity but found out my Director and several teammates were laid off this morning. Campus facilities contacts have let me know HR readied several rooms to start laying off North American employees. This is due to... — read more 

Soft firing in Germany

An employee is neither given an increment (inflation is 10%) nor a bonus (the top level gets 50% and low level get 25%). One cannot move from one VP to another even if there is a position. If some leaves the company in Germany the job is opened in... — read more 

I was finally able to quit

Adidas is an absolute joke and I'm glad to be out of here! I'm so sick and tired of all the nepotism and politics that go on around here. If you're smart, you'll get out before this Titanic of a company sinks completely! If you have ANY prospects... — read more 

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