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Layoffs Feb/March

People are being asked by the local directors in different markets, regions and hubs to participate in the pulse survey and rate the company very positively so that they are not marked as detractors and next on the gallows. The same happened here in... —  read more 

One day in the life of a CFO

The layoffs have not stopped in the HQ and are done silently, sometimes without the knowledge of the WoCo or with their silent approval. The CFO wakes up in the morning, arrives at work, fires or decides to fire a few people, has lunch, a couple of... —  read more 

Any new grumblings? Portland rumors?

Heard the Works Council is slowing this process down from someone in the know. Curious if anyone has heard anything about what might happen in Portland... Gotta assume the company wants layoffs to happen before the end of the year so people... —  read more 

Watch for the signs, be prepared

Today in the internal All Hands with the CEO - the CEO did not deny any massive layoff claims, in fact suggesting at one point "that times ahead will be dificult" - in the sense of reducing number of "human" resources; There are rumours... —  read more 

1500 people to be laid off by the end of 2020

The numbers that are mentioned in these posts and were mentioned in the local newspapers were not accurate. The plan is to layoff around 1500 people by the end of 2020. This is global and not only HQ and will not only impact IT.

Kasper Rotstift Strikes Again!

10% of 5600 employees at Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach might lose their jobs:

Be prepared for anything

First, don't panic, this following is just a recommendation: Backup your own personal data (pictures, documents, pay slips, etc.) that you might have laying on the company computer and the company phone, in the eventual case both the computer and... —  read more 

Things have been bad for years

The atmosphere in the headquarters has already been bad for the last 2-3 years. It is going to be quite a hard time for the company to carry out the plans easy, given that there is a very strong union and employee protection culture in Germany... —  read more 

What about this week?

Any more layoffs this week expected anywhere at Adidas? I hate that we know more is coming but don't know when.

Layoff at Adidas are going to be long-lasting

The layoff planning already started begining of 2019. The final plan with the people to be laid off will come out before Christmas 2019. Around that time people will be announced that they will be laid off. This is not the end. The layoffs will... —  read more 

adidas IT layoffs

There is an extensive plan to lay off approximately 35% from the IT employees, globally. This will start November-December 2019.

adidas HQ Herzogenaurach Layoffs

Mass layoffs in HQ Herzogenaurach.Many of the people were asked to find another position in the company or be fired. Since not many new positions are opened, the majority will be fired. This is affecting the financial BUs, with positions being... —  read more 

Non-Compete after leaving/getting fired

Question for the ones who left or got fired and got non competes... If you get an offer to work in Europe while your non compete is active, can you take it? Do you have to report where you are physically to HR even if you are not working there... —  read more 

adidas layoffs in Germany Headquarters

adidas has actively begun laying off people in different departments in its Headquarters and this is in the range of hundreds. The employees were informed that they have 4 weeks to find something else within the company or get fired. Neither the... —  read more 

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It has started - Adidas closing stores

Frankly, I am surprised we have lasted this long without having to close a bunch of stores. Others have started to get rid of their brick-and-mortar locations years ago. What s---s is the fact that now that we know a bunch of stores will be closing... —  read more 

Adidas layoffs in pdx - Thursday December 14

No announcements were made so no newspaper coverage. At least 15-20, but by some estimates many more because that may have been one dept. anyone know the total number of layoffs? 10 days before Christmas. Genuine care for the employee my a--. They... —  read more 

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