Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

The canary’s have left the mine

I started ab 1 yr ago. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I was surrounded by 90% green employees and management was non-existent. When I interviewed to relocate from across the globe, I was intrigued by the project of JL and promised a new... —  read more 

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Is the LA office even real?

They keep saying everything is fine. Seems impossible. Nothing about the LA location makes sense. Why spend so much on relocations and real estate for failing BU’s. It’s been over a year of working out of below par “temporary spaces” with many weak... —  read more 

Still better than Nike

I'm tired of hearing people say they're going to apply at Nike because Adidas has gone off the rails. With everything that's been happening lately and one scandal following another, I can still confidently say that working here is better than working... —  read more 

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We finally dropped Ye. A decision that should've happened weeks ago. It is a solid reminder - this brand cannot make a decision to save its life. I've worked on some of the largest projects within the org over the last few years and have directly... —  read more 

core loser group (clg)

There is no one left on the board or CLG who inspired me to stay. All getting paid crazy amounts but they are creating no value. Most of them are unqualified to do their jobs. Most of them talk sh-t about each other and the board and the board talks... —  read more 

The morale is very low

I don't know what the management of the company intends to do to boost employee morale and whether they will do anything about it. Sometimes it seems to me that they don't actually care? The company is experiencing a serious loss of employees who... —  read more 

Plan your bids

So, Ye already had issues with adidas and now buys Parler. How long will it take until the deal is broken? How many layoffs will come after not seeing that income?

Adidas vs. competitors

As someone who really loved working here, I feel bad when I see how much this leadership is hurting the company. Unfortunately, I am afraid that this damage is irreparable. When you compare Adidas today and our main competitors, is it possible... —  read more 

There's no fixing this

I do not think it can be fixed. The company is choke-full with Franconian village mentality M1 and M2, YES men on German blue card and swarming ambitious VP-wannabes with severe psychopatic traits. Add to that some extreme earnings-first mindset... —  read more 

Adidas has changed so much

I was once proud to work here. Now I'm desperate to find a way out because of the way the company is treating employees. We work hard and in return, we get used up, stepped all over, and then laid off. Adidas lost all of its values and it now treats... —  read more 

No long term plan

The reason I'm still here is because it would hard for me to start from scratch after so many years in this company. If nothing else, I hope it doesn't get worse here. In order to change things for the better, a long-term plan is needed. Adidas has... —  read more 

Kanye, Bullying, Harassment

The Kanye situation has made an ugly truth very public - if you make this company enough money, you can bully and harass and no one will do a thing. This is true for senior leaders within the company too. There is no accountability for bad actions... —  read more 

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How to fix Adidas?

The company is in a downward spiral and if you ask me, I think that it might be too late for some things to be fixed here. And yet, I'm thinking about what should be done as a priority to get the company back on track. Any thoughts?

I still care

I don't know exactly what to say when people ask me why I'm still here. I hope that I will be able to make it to the retirement because it is stressful for me to start from scratch somewhere else. Despite everything, I still care about this... —  read more 

The Dane must leave!

Adidas, 2022 May. A long queue of people, happy enthusiastic faces, entering the adidas campus. The call was given. All employees must return to the campus, the Linkedin and yammer posters started their night job, lauding the great return, followed... —  read more 

Grades ?

Sorry for the question, but what are the specifics of the grades ? I have just received a job offer labelled as M2, with a salary offer much lower than I imagined. What are the consequences of M2 on pay and advantages ? Am I missing anything ?

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