Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

NAM Digital Hub

A few weeks ago they announced the creation of a NAM digital hub which sounds like it is equating to the creation of several M1 (sr. director) and VP positions to align the NAM digital org closer to the EU org. I'm not particularly looking forward... —  read more 

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Big cuts incoming

Big CUTS in the next 2 months, come March the buildings that were cleared out will continue to divest the campus. What is to come is number reduction and decreased budgets for the next 4 year turnaround. The focus will be international sport and... —  read more 

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Is Adidas better than Nike?

I mean as an employer, of course? I got a job offer and what I've seen so far is good, but I figured to check here as well (since I'm active on the Nike board and I know people here are honest.) Would I be making a mistake if I decided to accept the... —  read more 

unFuture of IT is back!

Actually it was never gone, except that now it is time for the next iteration and round of layoffs. Taking advantage of the Corona and the fact that the flow of information is not that optimal anymore, backed by NDAs and other Omertà like agreements... —  read more 

Layoffs Round 2.0

The layoffs did not stop. It is just that they are carried discreetly. This week, the HR boss was boasting on the internal social media, that some departments were reorganized, which meant that 50 people were more or less made redundant. He missed... —  read more 

Layoffs Feb/March

People are being asked by the local directors in different markets, regions and hubs to participate in the pulse survey and rate the company very positively so that they are not marked as detractors and next on the gallows. The same happened here in... —  read more 

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One day in the life of a CFO

The layoffs have not stopped in the HQ and are done silently, sometimes without the knowledge of the WoCo or with their silent approval. The CFO wakes up in the morning, arrives at work, fires or decides to fire a few people, has lunch, a couple of... —  read more 

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