Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

Topics regarding layoffs at Adidas

Soft firing in Germany

An employee is neither given an increment (inflation is 10%) nor a bonus (the top level gets 50% and low level get 25%). One cannot move from one VP to another even if there is a position. If some leaves the company in Germany the job is opened in... —  read more 

Ask the management

Someone mentioned ask the management. And rightly so. Many of the topics discussed here should go to an internal forum such as the defunct ask the management. Why was it closed? It wasn’t perfect but it had many great things that are lacking with the... —  read more 

This is our main issue

Product marketing, comms and sales need to get something done and their team aligned. Its hard to watch from a Product Development perspective sometimes. The late decision making on designs, the focus on the wrong products, the wrong product... —  read more 

redundancies on the cards ?

I’m getting worried about the state of the company with all these profit warnings, hiring freezes and reduced bonus. Share price also took a big hit last week. Where do we see it going from here? I’m in sales and sales have been poor for months, we... —  read more 

25% bonus.

So it did not matter if I've worked my a-s off this year to help shoveling this company out of its management misery. It won't be reflected in the 25% bonus, is this correct?


A Senior Director with a history of being let go from EACH previous employer, and an apparel director with no relevant experience or team leading experience; Walk into a bar (new office).

and how about the Norwegian?

I am no fool - there is a HUGE battle ahead. And of course one new leader is not going to fix everything. And he will need some time to adjust to the very different size of our business. We will have to be a bit more patient…. However….Can we take... —  read more 

amsterdam hiring freeze

what the he-l is going on in amsterdam? so many people left digital and more people are leaving. no hiring. we cannot secure the ones we already have here. is it just amsterdam sinking?

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Comparison to Southwest

Saw this thread on twitter and I thought parts of it rang true for adidas: Happy New Year, and here‘s hoping that Bjorn can execute the necessary turnaround. —  read more 

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He’s damaged our brand enough

Reposting from a different thread. Moving Martn Shanklnd out of the organization would be the biggest sign the new CEO could make of change! This guy represents the Danes leadership regime. Mean and angry, lacks any compassion for our people or his... —  read more 

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