Topics regarding layoffs at Foot Locker Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Foot Locker Inc.

I'd love to be laid off

I certainly haven't been happy here for a long time. We have no work/life balance, managers have a tendency to degrade you in front of customers and other employees, whatever happens, we take the blame for it even if it's something we have nothing to... —  read more 

Laying off and Buying Back Shares

Foot Locker: The retailer reinstated its dividend in August after just one missed payment. In July, Foot Locker laid off or relocated 179 employees of its Eastbay brand, according to a notice filed with Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce... —  read more 

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About those 40 store openings...

Company stated they would open 40 new stores in 2018, but my middle management relative has seen zero proof of anything coming. By now, leases would be signed and there would be orders for inventory and plans for hiring, but none of this is... —  read more 

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be very careful of hr

can't stress enough how much you have to be cautious before approaching foot locker human resources. they'll welcome you with a big smile and nice words, but as soon as you are out of there they'll be working against you. i made a mistake of trying... —  read more 

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Working at Foot Locker is awful

I am hoping we have layoffs soon and I am one of those let go. Working at Foot Locker is a lousy experience all around. Pay is ridiculous and raises are on par with unicorns on how often they are spotted. There is absolutely no quality of life here... —  read more 

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More layoffs incoming at Foot Locker

In addition to those who have already been laid off...there will be a second wave after the holidays. They want to see where things are at when "the dust settles." The estimated number of layoffs is 300+. Also, it is correct that they are offering no... —  read more 

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