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I hope no layoffs at Foot Locker

I hear rumblings about possible layoffs in the corporate office - I left back in May and I hope that things are still good. I know Nike is struggling (that's how I landed here) and that some other retailers are having hard time - I do hope that 'no layoffs' will be Foot Locker's mantra for many years to come. I am working as a consultant now, it's really cool to have freedom to take time off after I finish a project but at the same time I really enjoyed working with you guys.

All the best and I hope things work out during this downturn for retail.

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i heard all corp offices will be in india in the next year.

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It's true lay offs are happening so sad. They offering horrible packages to so said.

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In addition to those who have already been laid off...there will be a second wave after the holidays. They want to see where things are at when "the dust settles." The estimated number of layoffs is 300+.

Also, it is correct that they are offering no help and no package. People are just coming into work and being told to go home because they no longer have a job. They have been laying people off as they come back from vacation as well.

Truthfully, if you pay any attention to the company you could see it company. Senior leadership is anti-change. On their last earnings call they blamed everyone else (consumers, economy, manufactures) for their sales woes. They haven't taken responsibility and now their failure to adjust to the eCommerce game has finally caused them to start crashing. Just look at the stock. It is worth LESS THAN HALF of what it was about a year ago. They are getting rid of the wrong people in my opinion.

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I witnessed it in house and the post above is entirely correct. It has been 3 days and still unsure who are next.

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They laid off higher level staff. the VP of different areas and directors below them who have been in the company for decades.

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Ohshit, you are wrong about everything you said. You must have an axe to grind.

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Over 300 now

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They have laid off 125 in corporate over the last few days. Instead of doing it all at once, they had employees going home wondering if they were getting the axe the next day. No offer of help in job search, no saying good bye, just an escort out of the building.

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From what I've heard, through the grapevine, they are right in the middle of layoffs. It started earlier this week. I'm not sure of exact numbers but I believe it will be in the hundreds. They have people scared to leave their desk for fear of getting called into a room and losing their job.

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