Topics regarding layoffs at lululemon athletica inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at lululemon athletica inc.

2023 Layoffs

Layoffs are coming. Everything is slowing down. Lululemon has $1.7 BILLION worth of unsold merchandise, a whopping 85% increase from last year. And it is getting worse.

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Quiet, growing and prosperous, but...

For now. But we'll see what 2019 brings - the competition is multiplying every month and the pressures on our margins will continue. I anticipate major problems in 2019, probably the second half. I do not think we'll have layoffs but depending on how... — read more 

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H2 2017 Layoffs

Get ready, the stock got crushed today, guidances are going lower and lower, they will have to react and more layoffs will follow. Tighten your seat bells peeps, it'll be a helluva ride...

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