Topics regarding layoffs at American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Fired for touching

I was just fired for touching another employees hair to fix it and touching her pants because I asked if I could feel the quality of them all of these “touchings” were aloud by the person and they still found it to be wrong and fired me. I am mad and... —  read more 

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Is this true?

I don't work for American Eagle anymore, but I was checking online to see how it's doing right now, considering the situation, and I couldn't believe when I read this: American Eagle is among a growing number of retailers closing its stores... —  read more 

Sue AE

I believe that there is more than enough people to make a law suit against the company ! You must not take any type of money from the company. If we all work together something great can come from this. It’s is totally unfair that you put your hard... —  read more 

Large layoffs in Corporate

This was to be expected. Jay Schottenstein knew what he was planning, that's the reason he was buying all that stock back in September. You'd expect the stock price to jump once layoffs are made public as the Wall Street guys will see this as an... —  read more 

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