Topics regarding layoffs at TJX Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at TJX Cos.


I love how the same day I got a phone call from my manager saying they were going to keep paying me due to my QA being exceptional, I got a letter from our CEO saying that, NO, I’m getting laid off. Thanks. Now I have no money.

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New layoffs coming?

Heard Cognizant executives were at TJX to sign a new contract. Can’t be system management as they signed that last year on a multi year contract and laid off 300 associates. What will the new contract do?

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More layoffs?

All hands meeting scheduled for end of August with over 200 IT people reeks of May layoffs and the way they went about it. Having the stock go up 5 a share wasn't enough I guess. I agree that this is most likely a sign of more layoffs to come, I'm... —  read more 

Slowdown in layoffs?

Now that the quarterly results are in and we know TJX sales have increased by 12 percent and beat estimates, what are the chances this will mean a slowdown in any future layoffs, planned or otherwise? Or is that too much to hope for?... —  read more 

All cuts to IT in Marlborough!

The layoffs were all in IT, whole departments let go, cut down to the manager of the department and one backup. Clearly an outsourcing move, likely India, where they sent their customer support...

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Age of those laid off

What's the average age of those who were laid off in the last round? Most of the people I know who were cut are in their early forties at best, but most of them are late forties and early fifties. This seems to me like it's bordering on if not being... —  read more 

Outsourcing to India

Is it true that the positions that were eliminated in the past week have been outsourced to India? If that is true, TJX seems to be hitting a new low, in my oppinion. That's really sad, since there was a time I used to enjoy working here. These days... —  read more 

The new TJX motto - screw IT

Management expects former associates to get the new out sourced jobs? What a joke. They will bring in a new troop of H1B visa holders to fill the jobs. Place is already filled with them. More outsourcing of the American workforce. Soon only foreign... —  read more 

TJX to lay off 500

company wide mantatory meeting 5/10 @ 9am ...500 cuts is the word Any more info on this? My dad works at TJX, it'd be good to know in advance if there is a chance he's going to be shown the door. From what I've heard, recently it's usually been the... —  read more 

TJX Layoffs 2017

Things are not good, do not listen to what executives are telling you - be ready for anything but I hear that we might have job cuts in Framingham.

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