Topics regarding layoffs at L Brands

Topics regarding layoffs at L Brands

Victoria's Secret spinoff

What will this mean in regards to stores? Will more locations open up once again? What are the chances that those of us who lost our jobs when the old stores closed will be given the first chance at a position in the new ones? I am working... — read more 

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Check your LBrands 401k

LBrands sued over management of 401(k) plan. It’s no longer with Wells Fargo and no information provided to separated employees. Went to login and check balance and status and told by Wells Fargo it’s gone. No closure date, no balance, just gone... — read more 

Bonuses Given to Employees they Kept

Yes, the company was in bad shape and needed to restructure due to the pandemic and poor performance for years by VS. However, they found a lot of extra cash to give bonuses to the people they kept after the layoffs.

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How are you holding up?

It took me this long since July to get back on my feet - but I did it. I found a job with a starter company and it’s nothing like LB. I can honestly say getting cut was a blessing in disguise. How is everyone that was impacted holding up? I hope... — read more 

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Keep your resume polished up

With the pandemic going on, nobody is safe here. Layoffs happen often enough to warn every one of us that nobody is safe. So instead of waiting for the worst to happen, work on your resume and start sending out applications. The worst thing that... — read more 

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Cultural Self Awareness

Does anyone else feel it's odd that we have identified a cultural issue within the brand to the point it was highlighted by the CEO right after layoffs, but the selected narrative around the culture at the QB was based around Diversity and Inclusion?... — read more 

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Leadership layoffs

Why is it that much of the same leadership that was in place during that last economic down turn is the same leadership that will be choosing the associates to lose their jobs once again. Does anyone see the irony here? Perhaps if the... — read more 

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