Topics regarding layoffs at American Apparel Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at American Apparel Inc.

American Apparel Layoffs 2018

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, workl, add value and make your best effort, knock it out of the parkā€¦ I know that people are concerned but there is pretty much nothing major you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in Los Angeles.

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LA will be hit hard

Out of 3500 people to be laid off, almost 2200 jobs will be cut in LA. I'm sure this time I won't dodge the bullet. Not that I'm a bad performer, but I think I'm way too long here for their taste. Does anyone have more info on how this will be done?

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Changes need to be done ASAP

Wondering why it all gone south? The way we are organized, we are loosing money big time. Managers are too green, upper management doesn't care at all - or so it seems, a ton of workload inconsistencies; this all gives retail employees a headache and... —  read more 

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