Topics regarding layoffs at Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

Outsourcing Work

Very cold way of laying off an entire department by having them come in at 8am in the morning. Outsourcing the work to the outside. No class, no loyalty. Shame on you executives...

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Job cuts at RL

Here is another article signalling that more job cuts might be in works - I have no insider info as I left in 2013 but I still have many friends over there and I hope things turn out good. I know there will be job cuts but some layoffs were small in... — read more 

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Cut to the bone.

Looks like the retail sector is being battered much worse than 2008. However, it's already a skeleton crew for many functions. You may get an unexpected summer vacation come June...

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Layoffs are going to be certain.

You can see by the recent resignation of long term sr execs that it just started. Besides implementing his own team, there's still a lot of middle and upper mgmt left to chop. But then again who knows, they may keep them all around and fire the... — read more 

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With the new CEO in place, promising higher margins to Wall Street, I'm wondering how deep the cost cuts are going to be in 2016. Any thoughts? Where is the fat going to be cut?

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