Topics regarding layoffs at Coach Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Coach Inc.

2018 Layoffs

Anyone hear anything about how bad this year's layoffs are going to be? I know there's always a culling at the end of June and want to be prepared.

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Coach Layoffs 2018

I know that people are concerned - don’t be - but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in NYC.

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Coach 2017 layoffs

Coach laid off about 170 people this week. Looks like the traditional end of FYI culling. Definitely a sign of more outsourcing and freeing up that expensive Hudson Yards space.

Coach Layoffs 2017

I know that my modest and humble opinion does not matter much, but I can tell you that our executives are way too greedy (today) and that is putting us all in danger here in NYC.

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coach district managers are insensitive crap. They do not care what they do to ruin peoples lives as long as they get their big fat pay checks.

i have a friend that busted her butt for coach for over ten years only to be terminated on concocted charges. They are a vile company with no scruples or morals. especially one particular nw district manager that had plastic surgery because she was... —  read more 

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2009 cuts

I hear you might be going through layoffs again - I am sorry and good luck. I left in 2009 during the big layoff, I think around 200 people were let go, the purge was across all levels and domestic business units. It's not easy but you are somewhat... —  read more 

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