Topics regarding layoffs at Coach Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Coach Inc.

COO/CFO Visit = layoffs

Be on the look out if you have a visit from Scott Roe. Jacksonville distribution center just got word after the visit that they’re letting everyone go from the 4th shift that just started last year on 2/20 . 6 weeks severance + PTO if you stay til... —  read more 

2018 Layoffs

Anyone hear anything about how bad this year's layoffs are going to be? I know there's always a culling at the end of June and want to be prepared.

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Coach 2017 layoffs

Coach laid off about 170 people this week. Looks like the traditional end of FYI culling. Definitely a sign of more outsourcing and freeing up that expensive Hudson Yards space.

coach district managers are insensitive crap. They do not care what they do to ruin peoples lives as long as they get their big fat pay checks.

i have a friend that busted her butt for coach for over ten years only to be terminated on concocted charges. They are a vile company with no scruples or morals. especially one particular nw district manager that had plastic surgery because she was... —  read more 

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2009 cuts

I hear you might be going through layoffs again - I am sorry and good luck. I left in 2009 during the big layoff, I think around 200 people were let go, the purge was across all levels and domestic business units. It's not easy but you are somewhat... —  read more 

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