Topics regarding layoffs at VF Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at VF Corp.

El Paso Layoffs - 25 people affected

Notice Received on: Feb 11, 2019 Company: VF Jeanswear - El Paso 5 County: El Paso WDA: Borderplexjobs WDA Number of employees laid off: 25 Layoff date (end): Apr 13, 2019 Layoff date (start): Feb 11, 2019 City: El Paso

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vfc to acquire new footwear company

oh boy with vfc to acquire a new footwear company today its almost any day we will hear the fate of nautica. it will be fast and furious. send your resume out. dont listen to Hr and management that things will be better for all. just for them will it... —  read more 

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vfc just about sold

heard that vfc is just about sold. i thought we had some time...within a few weeks we will be told. and the company is not based in new york but in the midwest. either pack your bags or get your resume out today.... good luck

the big question

this town hall meeting was last minute-doesnt look good Hr was been walking around more often n and out of BS office so ive been told-doesnt look good nautica doesnt fit into vfc portfolio-doesn't look good not sure what else to say. but this totally... —  read more 

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