Topics regarding layoffs at Gap Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Gap Inc.

Bye, bye Europe

Gap is reportedly set to permanently close 19 stores across the UK and the Republic of Ireland once leases expire on July 31. The fashion retailer has decided not to extend the store leases due to a strategic review, which was first launched last... —  read more 

When a store closes

What happens to those employees? I’ve never experienced a store closure (thankfully) but I am curious as to what happens to those employees? Are they given an option to transfer to another location? If they choose to remain until the end are they... —  read more 

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Gap has laid off a significant amount of its HQ staff during covid. They have outsourced whole departments to 3rd party provides. Moved major portions of the business to Ohio and India. The salaries have been halved or more for these positions... —  read more 

This place is done

Retail has been decimated in the past several years and the pandemic is just finishing off what's left. Gap was once a giant and now it's just a shadow of its former self. I think the stores they announced would be closing in the next few years are... —  read more 

350 Stores to Close

Oh, well... More jobs lost, but we knew this... 350 Gap, Banana Republic stores to shutter by 2024 as parent company exits malls Gap Inc. is moving away from the nation’s malls. The San Francisco-based retailer, which was for decades a... —  read more 


So let's think about this. Gap is glorifying and collaborating with Kanye, a man who proudly bragged about stealing from a Gap Store when he was a teenager. A man who thinks he is the second coming of Christ. An egomaniac who clothes have no... —  read more 

Has anybody been laid off?

I've heard that not all 80k employees were furloughed but that some have been outright laid off. I don't know anybody in that group, everybody I've talked to personally says they've been furloughed. But if there are some people who were laid off then... —  read more 

Different times

If Don Fisher was still alive they would be paying people. I worked at that company almost 20 years. Not the same now. I'm sure all exec's are still being paid. People cant even get onto the sights first unemployment. Shame on them they could... —  read more 

Ohio DC

Ohio DC hasn’t had much work since Dec. Lots of VTO offered. If laid off lots of people are screwed by taking the VTO. Unemployment benefits are based on your last quarter of income.

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Part of the Retail Meltdown

"Nowadays, younger shoppers wouldn't think of falling into the Gap but instead find trendier and more affordable clothing at Target or "fast-fashion" chains such as H&M. So, Gap plans to close around 230 stores over two... —  read more 

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Long-Term Investment? Short?

Show of hands. How many of you are holding onto this stock as an investment choice with either short or long-term yields? How has the stock been performing for you lately? Missing expectations from quarter-to-quarter? Underperforming same-store-sales... —  read more 

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Hundreds of GAP stores closing

In case somebody missed it, looks like the leadership is getting ready to close hundreds of stores sometime soon. Great news to give us for holidays, really great. It'd be really nice to know if there is a way to know ahead if a store is affected... —  read more 

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