Topics regarding layoffs at Sports Authority

Topics regarding layoffs at Sports Authority

We have had layoffs

It is a great company... But I've been here going on five years 1 raise and one bonus and yes we have had layoffs every since I've been here... We are not getting raises are bonus this year maybe you guys make the big bucks - but I don't I'm thankful... — read more 

My store is not closing.

It's not the worst company to work for. Trust me, I know they put a lot of things on us to do for the customers,and it gets tiring sometimes. They are just struggling right now,and I know they will get through whatever problems they have. I have been... — read more 

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It's not worth it

At one time Sportmart was a great and fun place work... Once the final merge to SportAuthority and name change the company went into a different direction in which good at first, but with the local regional management change and their views all of... — read more 

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How it's run

Little to no store-to-corporate communication. This place is so "wild-west" with their systems and communications. Looking up stocked items is like using an 80's format search, 1 out of 6 of our price-tag printers were reliable, and as an employee... — read more 

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Store Closure

I went into one the other week and saw that half the stuff was gone. Store looked empty. I asked the employees what was going on and they told me their management said they don't know to them

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BK, Store Closures, Layoffs

We are about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We plan to close 30% of all stores, 150 stores to be closed. So much for growth that other posters are trying to portray here. It'll be a long year for SA, with pressures from all sides... — read more 

100 folks cut

100 people were laid off last month in corporate... With rumors if restructuring the field with the certainty of store closures.

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