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massive layoffs incoming

You probably already know but the meeting with Ken Hicks on Friday confirmed it. Associates are being asked to be put on a list to work at the dc since no stores are making money. Nothing will ever be the same

Credit card applications

I'm so tired of having to harass our customers about filling out a credit card application. Yes, some will do it in the end, but will they ever be back is another issue. It's like it's hard to understand that a customer that feels forced into doing... —  read more 

Stealth layoff/downsizing

Looks like new strategy is to cut specific departments and positions. Baling water to try to keep ship afloat. Maybe it will work, at least for short term. Gotta give the private equity overlords some blood to keep them in the game.

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We are expected to perform Miracles

We are expected to perform Miracles with little staff. Hours have been cut so bad that our Team members can not get the job done. Expected to hire PT team members and give them five to ten hours a week, you really think you are going to keep... —  read more 

Academy Sports & Outdoors Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy on the horizon for Academy Sports & Outdoors? Who agrees with me? The overall credit profile is getting worse by the day but we are still highly liquid, no debt matures any time soon (at least not in next three years) - so it may take a... —  read more 

To the people who keep complaining here

Instead of complaining here, do something about it and leave. It is no one’s fault but yours at this point. It is not new hires fault (from my experience, old timers loved to blame and throw them under the bus, causing very talented potentials to... —  read more 

It does not make sense

To work this hard only to see daily negative comps for reasons I and my peers can’t affect is soul crushing. We all know where the problems are. The refusal of leadership to acknowledge and do something about it, and continue to expect more with... —  read more 

Tariff effect

Wondering if the increased tariffs will be the accelerant for Academy's bankruptcy. Ice already seems thin!

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Are we this desperate for employees?

In all honesty, I hope there is a layoffs round that will get rid of the many employees who either do nothing or, if they do, they end up messing things up for all of us. I’m not holding my breath for it to happen, though. This company knows nothing... —  read more 

Any more stores closing any time soon?

Realistically, Academy Sports & Outdoors is not doing so well, so I'm worried that we'll be hearing about more store closing any time now. I wish I could stop worrying about this, but I can't. Hopefully I turn out to be wrong about this, but right... —  read more

Cannot access this morning - they are telling all is OK but I still cannot access it. Anyone else has similar problems with formerteammember... Trided on mobile web ipad I cannot connect. Granted I am trying all of them... —  read more 

Executive Theatrics

I wonder if the guy who runs stores became such a charismatic speaker having to give motivational pep talks at the last two companies he drove into the ground. That's the only thing he has proved to be any good at. Half the reason Academy is doomed... —  read more 

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the deal with the Big Deal

Anyone else think the visuals for 'The Big Deal' look more like a 'store closing' sale than the usual clearance special? The stickers are plastered all over the front door like one. —  read more 

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Tax refunds

For those of you who were either fired, laid off, asked to resign or left last year, have you reveived your tax documents yet? I have not, and I am wondering if it is just me.

Giving our hours to part-timers

It’s a fact that we’ve never been the company that pays good salaries to its workers, but I was able to get by. Now that they cut hour hours and filled them with part-time workers it’s become impossible to make ends meet. I wonder if anybody else... —  read more 

Nepotism rules at Academy Sports + Outdoors

Has anybody else noticed how little actual merit has to do with getting a promotion here? It’s never the hardest working or most experienced employees - it is always somebody who knows the right person or is related to the right person. No wonder... —  read more 

Any more stores closing?

I just read that one of the stores is closing in March in another thread, and I had no idea we had any closing announcements lately. Is that the only affected store or are there more that I've missed? I tried to find some info online, but had no... —  read more 

Hours cut until volume picks up again

Hours are cut at all retail stores after the first of the year until volume picks up again. It's only temporary and hours/staff will increase once enough customers complain or store volume increases. Be thankful you aren't at the Iverness store... —  read more 

I'm more worried about more hour cuts

I know we might be having layoffs any day now, but frankly, I'm more worried about more hour cuts. Academy Sports has been constantly cutting hours of its regular employees just to turn around and give them to newly hired temps. Any more of my hours... —  read more 

Bankruptcy Signs to Look For - Stay Alert!

Let's start a new convo on what signs you should look for in a looming bankruptcy situation. I'll offer mine from my experience in a ch11 scenario @ my former employer (restructure type, not insolvency). None of this is guaranteed to end in Ch7 but... —  read more 

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“Ex employees trying to start a rumor” claim

To the person who is accusing ex employees of starting the layoff rumor (and down voted my rebuttals), please explain the below comment left on another thread at the end of last year: Ok everyone. You have about 2 1/2 months until layoffs. Timing is... —  read more 

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Simple fear mongering, no credibility

At this point all the “experts” that claimed there would be mass layoffs have no credibility. They were sure it was Tuesday, then sure it was Wednesday, now sure it’s Thursday..... It’s obvious that this is a calculated rumor mill with no credible... —  read more 

Rumored lay-off Wednesday Jan 16

Town hall Thursday Jan 17 but rumors are flying that there will be some layoffs tomorrow Wednesday. Guess we have to wait and see what happens.

Tom Lamb was fired from Lowe’s

He filed a suit against Lowe’s and then turns around and treats people under him the exact same way:

MG is gone!

CMO "resigned" effective immediately! no one can make it longer than 3 years

Sour attitudes

The sour attitudes from certain posters on here and their rude replies illustrates life ar ASO and the reason why this place is a sinking ship. Market pressures? Layoffs because the company randomly isn’t doing well? When people go around with poor... —  read more 

New employee

How can you work your employees 8 hours plus with no lunch break? Also keep them over 3 hours after there scheduled shift?

Laid off and need health coverage?

I am sorry for all of you that have been laid off recently! I am a health insurance broker. I'm more than happy to offer my services in regards to health insurance. I would act as your personal shopper to find the best plan that meets your criteria... —  read more 

Rumored layoff

Latest rumored corporate employee layoff will be in January after they ask all the corporate employees to work in stores over Black Friday and Christmas. "Helping Hands" is not mandatory but strongly encouraged to all team members. That is seriously... —  read more 

People need to know

I will continue to post on here every time something is taken down. ASO is high school. I will not say otherwise. It was like going back to high school and dealing with a popularity contest. Also, a guy whom I trusted used me emotionally just to get... —  read more 

Ethics, something ASO knows nothing about

I know the majority of people at ASO have no moral compass (various examples from my time there: being called a b by a bipolar crazed witch and left alone at bar with zero apology, being hit on by team members with girlfriends, thrown under the bus... —  read more 

Previous post taken down

Proof that leadership at ASO snoops on this thing instead of paying attention to doing their JOB! Leadership: If it’s because I put “confidential information”, then ask Scott Nixon and Krista Crawford why they leaked that they pushed me out to... —  read more 

Private Equity

It’s standard practice in a private equity–style play to load up the portfolio company with debt as a means by which the private equity lender can extract the corporate cash flow.

Stop complaining here and write a letter to KKR

Seriously. They are the reason why the cuts are happening -they need $$$ to pay off loans used to buy us - so, accept it or write KKR a letter. I've been with Academy Sports + Outdoors for about 10 years now, some years were good but it was also... —  read more 

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