Topics regarding layoffs at Academy Sports & Outdoors

Topics regarding layoffs at Academy Sports & Outdoors

I hate this time of year

We are overworked as it is and now we'll be expected to take on even more because the company is too cheap to hire enough people to properly cover the holiday season. If we were at least properly rewarded for it I wouldn't mind as much. But what we... —  read more 

Discuss your wages

If you are currently employed with Academy, discuss your wages. You are likely being screwed! I worked for Academy for less than a year, leaving earlier this month. As Operations lead I was making $16.95 an hour. A month before leaving I was moved to... —  read more 

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Cutting Hours

It is amazing that Academy keeps cutting hours. There are always long lines at the registers and even though they got an infusion of cash by going public, they keep cutting hours!

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My store won't shut down

There's going to be ice all over the roads Monday but the store won't shut down. People in my area don't know how to drive on ice as evidenced by the 100 car pileup in Forth Worth and the 15 car pile up near Magnolia. Even the county judge and... —  read more 

Credit Cards are predatory

I have worked for Academy for close to 14 years and when I first started working for the company, they didn't force us to push credit cards on people. I am always feeling extremely guilty and sad. I feel like a total piece of c-ap for pushing debt on... —  read more 

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When is the Academy going bankrupt and shed stores and employees? It's been lingering in a near-bankruptcy state for a long time. The company keeps trying to bank on eCommerce to save itself but everyone knows there is nothing that Academy carries... —  read more 

Bloody Wednesday....

Hate days like this.... I have been through this a couple of times and the way it’s handled is always scary. Praying for you folks in the field, and those let go of from Corp today. Some good people were dismissed.... :( Making money hand over... —  read more 


In light of recent payouts, furloughs, etc at what point is the short term gain of a few dollars not outweighs the long term hit to TM morale? I want to see Academy succeed but am nervous we are being shortsighted. Restore pay, bring workers back... —  read more 

So much for loyalty

I was furloughed too. Reason given was that they needed to keep associates that were multifunctional and able to work different areas of the store. I have been with the company for 5 years in the fall and have worked in outdoors, cashier, AP/LP, SFS... —  read more 

massive layoffs incoming

You probably already know but the meeting with Ken Hicks on Friday confirmed it. Associates are being asked to be put on a list to work at the dc since no stores are making money. Nothing will ever be the same

Credit card applications

I'm so tired of having to harass our customers about filling out a credit card application. Yes, some will do it in the end, but will they ever be back is another issue. It's like it's hard to understand that a customer that feels forced into doing... —  read more 

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Stealth layoff/downsizing

Looks like new strategy is to cut specific departments and positions. Baling water to try to keep ship afloat. Maybe it will work, at least for short term. Gotta give the private equity overlords some blood to keep them in the game.

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It does not make sense

To work this hard only to see daily negative comps for reasons I and my peers can’t affect is soul crushing. We all know where the problems are. The refusal of leadership to acknowledge and do something about it, and continue to expect more with... —  read more 

Are we this desperate for employees?

In all honesty, I hope there is a layoffs round that will get rid of the many employees who either do nothing or, if they do, they end up messing things up for all of us. I’m not holding my breath for it to happen, though. This company knows nothing... —  read more 

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Cannot access this morning - they are telling all is OK but I still cannot access it. Anyone else has similar problems with formerteammember... Trided on mobile web ipad I cannot connect. Granted I am trying all of them... —  read more 

Moody's Downgraded Acadmey ratings....1.8 Billion dollar debt due 2022 they do not think Academy will be able to cover it.

Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") downgraded Academy, Ltd.'s ("Academy") Corporate Family Rating ("CFR") to Caa1 from B3 and Probability of Default Rating ("PDR") to Caa1-PD from B3-PD. Concurrently, Moody's downgraded the company's senior... —  read more 

Executive Theatrics

I wonder if the guy who runs stores became such a charismatic speaker having to give motivational pep talks at the last two companies he drove into the ground. That's the only thing he has proved to be any good at. Half the reason Academy is doomed... —  read more 

Tax refunds

For those of you who were either fired, laid off, asked to resign or left last year, have you reveived your tax documents yet? I have not, and I am wondering if it is just me.

Giving our hours to part-timers

It’s a fact that we’ve never been the company that pays good salaries to its workers, but I was able to get by. Now that they cut hour hours and filled them with part-time workers it’s become impossible to make ends meet. I wonder if anybody else... —  read more 

Any more stores closing?

I just read that one of the stores is closing in March in another thread, and I had no idea we had any closing announcements lately. Is that the only affected store or are there more that I've missed? I tried to find some info online, but had no... —  read more 

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