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Credit Cards are predatory

I have worked for Academy for close to 14 years and when I first started working for the company, they didn't force us to push credit cards on people. I am always feeling extremely guilty and sad. I feel like a total piece of c-ap for pushing debt on customers.

Yesterday our store manager said if we didn't get at least one credit card we couldn't leave at our scheduled time.

This wasn't part of the deal I signed up for when I was hired.

I don't want to be forced to victimize people, but I can't just up and quit because I need my medical insurance and dental benefits from being a full time employee. So every day I go in and have to feel like I'm being forced to hurt people.

It's not easy to find another full time job right now with the economy the way it is either where I live and at my age and physical ability level.

I'm a Christian and I don't really believe in credit cards to begin with so this is very hard on me morally and I'm scared that by staying at the job that I'm in continual sin but I don't know how to get out.

When I don't push credit cards I get berated and reminded it will be on my review. When I do and people don't say yes I get asked how many I got and then get told to keep trying. When I do get one it's never enough... the pressure doesn't let up.

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All credit is predatory. Cash is king.

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I feel for you. Sears is the worst for pushing credit cards. Unfortunately other companies have adopted the Sears way of doing things. Hang in there.

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