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What's going on?

I was looking around and found that even more D--k's Sporting Goods stores are closing - West Mifflin and Springfield ones being among the latest. What's going on here? Why are we seeing such an uptick in closing stores? I'd lie if I said I wasn't... read more

Another store closing

D--k’s Sporting Goods in Springfield, Ohio will be no more as of March 16. https://www.springfieldnewssun.com/news/local/d--k-sporting-goods-springfield-closing/lN3XxBvdzfk1vjQzdOmF3J/

Mr. Stack

Here is a suggestion for reconceptulization... Close down the largely underperforming F&S, keep the moderate performing F&S and combo stores. Reduce skus and change all d---s lodges to F&S mini stores comparible to a cabalas or mom/pop shop look and... read more
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Another store closing

One more D--k's Sporting Goods store is shuttering, this one is in Yorkville. Looks like we learn about one new closing once a month. I guess that's not too bad considering we have a total of over 800 stores... read more
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D--k's Layoffs 2019

Post any information about potential or actual D--k's Layoffs in 2019?
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D--k's Sporting Goods closing York store

Anybody knows if employees were offered jobs in nearby stores? The D--k's Sporting Goods store at Route 30 and Kenneth Road in York is closing Sunday, according to a sign in the store's lobby... read more
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Lodge closing?

Are all the stores closing lodge?
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Richmond Stony Point store closing

I just found out D--k's Sporting Goods store at Stony Point Shopping Center in Richmond is closing. I'm trying to figure out if this is an isolated incident or if there were more closings in past weeks or months we haven't been hearing about. Anybody... read more
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D--k's Politics

A sh--ton of politics in the corporate office - watch your back - you will be stabbed. I will jet ASAP - cannot stand this any more.
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D--k's Layoffs 2018

If someone asks you about layoffs do not discuss it - just ignore the question - the HR is tracking email traffic and website you surf, at least here in corporate in Coraopolis.

D--k's Sporting Goods laid off wrong people

The lay offs this past May in NM almost all were high performers. They gutted a whole department regardless of how good the employees were. I wondered why didnt they go through various departments and lay off the non performers and integrate the hard... read more

Its all about money

It's all about money, the only reason that they did this was to cut cost. They fired some really awesome people who do great work. Why? Because they make too much money. That's their whole intention. And the stores still get screwed in the end by not... read more

d---s lay offs

He wants young people. He got rid of people that have been there for a long time that were talent and has families. Not right

Reasoning for layoffs

Is the reasoning in the email yesterday legit or just fluff so others don't begin to panic? Seems the layoffs were not all centralized to just marketing and store support.

Loss Prevention (LP) Layoffs Today

I just want to spend a moment and say how sorry I am because some really awesome folks were let go today, some of the best that I've ever worked with. I get the business side of this deal, and I am not going to spill anything negative here - I do... read more

Coraopolis Corporate

How is it to work for D--k's in Coraopolis - what's the office culture and overall?
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Dick's Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Dick's layoffs in Coraopolis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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