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How many people work at Northrop Gruman?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Falls Church?

What's going on at IT?

I've heard about major cuts headed that way? Has anything happened yet? Any other Northrop Grumman departments to be hit?

Welcome to SAIC

SAIC is a sweat shop, they will work you and will not compensate you properly. Also, H1Bs galore. Check them out here: —  read more 

More Northrop Grumman layoffs

This time Northrop Grumman employees in Chester are being shown the door. Nearly 350 people will be out of a job sometime in August. I guess this is hardly a surprise to anybody here. Anybody has any idea if there will be more repercussions to us... —  read more 

New Year, new layoffs

Unfortunately, we are no longer spared from layoffs, as it seems. Northrop Grumman is laying off 82 people from El Segundo and Redondo Beach facilities. Hopefully this will not escalate, but I'm not really sure I'd bet on it... —  read more 

How to get a position that requires clearance?

I have 20 years of experience in my field with 7 years directly in defense/aerospace. However, all of my defense experience has been on programs that do not require clearance. I recently lost my job and there are many open NG positions in my area... —  read more 

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One of the worst companies that I have worked for.

I worked for TRW for 12 years before Northrop Grumman bought the company. TRW was a well managed company, and I enjoyed going to work each day. The 4 years that I worked for Northrop Grumman were a nightmare. They turned our division that was always... —  read more 

worked 11 years

here when lay offs happen they lay off old timers not the newbies some that had been laid off gave 45 years of service

So much bureaucracy

Hate working it here. Such bloodsuckers. So slow. So "corporate". You are not a person here, just an ID number. Thousand of forms and forms for any request. So much different HR layers. Need to move from here ASAP.

Working for Northrop would have been great...

Worked as software engineer for NOC for two years, it would have been the best experience in my life if it weren’t for those short-sighted managers. They simply do not care about anything else but their own agenda, and do not value skill and... —  read more 

Reorg in October 2014?

Is this a rumor or something that might happen - I heard we'll have a reorg in October and possible some layoffs later

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