Topics regarding layoffs at Northrop Grumman Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Northrop Grumman Corp.

I'm more upset about promotions

Or lack thereof. I can deal with layoffs. Personally, I'm lowkey hoping to be laid off at this point. But what bothers me is the company punishing good workers by denying them promotions when they are so good in their current roles because they... — read more 

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When is the RIF?

With losing the NGI contract the RIF has been confirmed and rumors have started about percentages of groups that will be cut but still haven't heard when it will actually take place, anyone know?

Some media coverage

Northrop Grumman warns space sector employees of potential layoffs The company would not confirm how many employees would be affected. According to sources, about 1,000 employees based at Northrop Grumman’s Space Park in Redondo Beach, California... — read more 

Job titles and levels

What are different engineering job titles (e.g. junior, senior, principal, senior principal, fellow etc) and levels at northrop is the company overall..i am thinking of applying, but wanted to know the company and the culture better... — read more 

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NO to Vaccine Mandate

A mandate is not law. As Americans, we have the freedom to choose, regardless of your position on the vaccine. This mandate violates our Constitutional rights and the Nuremberg Code. The current vaccines are experimental and still under the... — read more 

Welcome to SAIC

SAIC is a sweat shop, they will work you and will not compensate you properly. Also, H1Bs galore. Check them out here:

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