Topics regarding layoffs at Perspecta

Topics regarding layoffs at Perspecta

Perspecta Layoffs 2020

What do you think? Last year we had a few on my team who got cut and they were good performers so good luck to everyone out there... The ones laid off on my team were full time investigators. I don’t really have any other details other than... — read more 

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Management lied again

No amount of spin can fool us anymore, workforce surveys were ignored, salary adjustments were a bunch of spin that equals a ham sandwich in the end. Based on how you take care of accounts and employees I’m sure we will hear announcement on another... — read more 

So many people gone

Working on a team that was previously nine and is now four once the next person leaves next week and planning myself to leave in the weeks following, I can confirm that the management is too ineffective to attract even warm bodies to place in seats... — read more 

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What next?

Any ideas on what's the next thing Perspecta will throw our way? They cut our benefits as much as they could with the latest move, so I'm assuming that the next thing might be a large round of layoffs after which those remaining will have to pick up... — read more 

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What a mess

All people that work here could care less about their work! Never seen such defeated workforce. Can you blame us! No raises no communication but unlimited vacation yahoo!!

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December 2018

The Layoffs are here. 140 personnel during the months of October and November 2018. Now there are new layoffs coming in December. One particular layoff comes from an account that has a contract until 2022 and has a profit margin of 34%. Clients are... — read more 

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Same culture different name

This company feels a lot like DXC just slick a ceo now. Deck chairs are starting to move around and layoffs are being announced. Delivery will be hit hard as they look to model after vencore. Supply Chain ops is being turned upside down with new... — read more 

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Reorg is coming

Reorg is coming so get ready... Not sure if that's going to help though... Chairs will move but not sure if things will change. Perspecta has their work cut out for them in terms of creating and fostering a positive culture (and leaving things that... — read more 

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