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100+ Layoffs in Millington, TN - WARN Notice

Leidos, an international company with operations in Millington, is laying off 107 people at the end of the year, based on a WARN notice filed with the state Department of Labor. The company‚Äôs key lines of business include civil defense, health and... —  read more 

No 2017 updates but layoffs are happening

Not sure why Leidos folks are quiet - anyhow, many companies have the same problems here = I checked a few all of them are showing the same symptoms. Greedy executives (paid in millions), incompetent middle management and a lot of outsourcing to... —  read more 

Leidos = Worst Company to work for

I've worked for several of the major defense contractors in my career. In the two years I worked for Leidos I can honestly say by far it was the worst experience ever. There were 5 layoffs in my time there, no training on their systems, no body was... —  read more 

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