Topics regarding layoffs at Leidos

Topics regarding layoffs at Leidos

Laying off very queitly

Former CEO slashed budgets, underpaid staff, and created massive technical debt through sloppy acquisitions. Leidos now is being denied new bids (FocusedFox) due to underbidding and underpaying staff. Now Leidos is quietly laying off people across... —  read more 

Leidos being investigated

Department of Justice looking into Leidos business that offered bribes in several foreign countries.

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If you have worked in different sectors within L, (Defense, Intelligence, Civil, etc) - what are the biggest differences you’ve encountered as an employee within the groups? Culture, etc…? Will be transferring from one sector to another soon and am... —  read more 

Layoff of 30 SD&A Employees

The majority of the people laid off are over the age of 50 but they feel they covered themselves by publishing the ages and department.. they could nit RIF anyone because they never did mid year performance reviews or objectives. The only saving... —  read more 

Leidos = Worst Company to work for

I've worked for several of the major defense contractors in my career. In the two years I worked for Leidos I can honestly say by far it was the worst experience ever. There were 5 layoffs in my time there, no training on their systems, no body was... —  read more 

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