Topics regarding layoffs at CACI International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CACI International Inc.

Interested in the company

I am researching a few companies that I want to send my resume to. I checked Glassdoor, Reddit, etc. to see what the reviews were and it was as to be expected. I happen to do a search on layoffs and came across this forum. My main concern is if this... —  read more 

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Another round of Layoffs?

Corporate support personnel are getting PIP'd and strange things are being done behind closed doors, most report being refereed to as "Highly Compensated Employee", which sounds to me like Management is preparing yet another round of lay offs in this... —  read more 

Any investigators here?

I see a note on the CACI web site they are hiring new OPM investigators (Investigator I) at $15,80 per hour. If you have 18 months of experience, you can be hired as an Investigator II, but no mention of pay. I hear there is a lot of pressure in this... —  read more 


If you really like to surround yourself with people that do not know what they are doing, and are not concerned by that fact, then look no further you have found a home in CACI friend. Never had a company stain my resume like this place, the title... —  read more 

The Worst of the Worst

Unfortunately I have had the displeasure having working for them and now understand how they are viewed by peers within the industry. My advice would be to look elsewhere as there is no honesty, integrity, commitment, or respect from the top down. No... —  read more 

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Six out of Six

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Silent layoffs

Silent layoffs going on , try to contact someone, and they are gone, find out that their job was eliminated, I hear of high turn over as well. It appears as if there is a culture shift form job / mission focused to watch your back / cover your back... —  read more 

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CACI Hires, then fires

happened to me, i was hired, they put me on the project, after it got finished, they could not staff me anymore and i got laid off. that's stupid, what are executives doing, they are incapable of selling work - i was happy to do my part, got an... —  read more 

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