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So many things are wrong

So many things are wrong at Booz Allen, I'm not even sure where to begin. Salaries are a joke. The company offers noncompetitive pay because it's paying off its heavy debt load over the backs of its low paid employees. This is reflected also in... —  read more 

enough with the changes

so many changes have been made in the last few years... changes in management, organizational changes, changes in responsibilities... it's like somebody is shuffling a deck of cards and can't decide on what game they want to play, so they just keep... —  read more 

No proper advancement path

Trying to get ahead at Booz can get really frustrating at times. There is no set path to follow or work towards. The process differs significantly within teams and departments and it's completely subjective in most of the cases. Basically, it can... —  read more 

Booz Allen is great...for those working at HQ

Working at Booz Allen and not being employed at the company's HQ pretty much puts you in a position equivalent to the one of a second class citizens. All the people who rave about working here are from the HQ. They are not lying. But boy, does their... —  read more 

The End is Near

Company is retooling. SMEs being pushed out. Junior staff being promoted too fast. Cool title, little pay, no experience. Competition gobbling up experienced staff. Bench is full and LoW letters everywhere. Once a great company, now a shell of what... —  read more 

Cuts in 2014

Things continue to go down, the bench is not managed well and we are losing money in several areas


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