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Agilent Layoffs 2019

Is there going to be any reorg or Agilent Layoffs in 2019?
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A Decade of Layoffs

Over a decade of layoffs and spinoffs have hurt the culture and ability to innovate. The current strategy is to extract profits out, not invest in any sound way and pay out shareholders and execs. So, hence layoffs and major benefits cuts, perks are... read more
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Agilent Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Agilent layoffs in Santa Clara in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

XRD business sold

They also sold their XRD business to Rigaku in March 2015. Another part of the old Varian business carved up. They've closed or sold most of the old Varian now. Why did they buy it? I am not sure how many will lose their jobs, I think most of the XRD... read more

2015 Layoffs

Shortly after closing the NMR business in late 2014 Agilent announced it would recombine its Life Science group and Chemical analysis group into one business, to be called LSAG. The reason was better focus on customers and optimization (/cost... read more

2015 Layoffs at Agilent

I do not have details about layoffs at Agilent (for 2015) but I know that company was split and moved thousands of jobs to the new North Bay headquarters of spinoff Keysight Technologies.

2001 layoffs, 2014 perspective

I was let go in 2001, agilent made huge cuts and ten percent of the workforce was let go. Looking from this perspective, 2014, we were fat and slow and that was needed to survive. Just my two cents. Good luck...
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