Topics regarding layoffs at Illumina Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Illumina Inc.

More benefit cut

No broadband subsidy or cellphone. On top of health benefits/memberships taken off us and the low pay rises and stock prices its costing money to of survived the layoffs


There are many remote employees and contractors still moonlighting and some are even working on the fake identity especially in the technology side. Guy who gave the interview is not the same guy showed up on the first day. Many (non American)... —  read more 

Business system team

Somebody mention in one the post about fianance system TM1 team - and that their remote workers and contractors are doing multiple jobs and there are no layoffs in that team. Anyone knows which team is this. I would love to join this team :)

Severance wave 1

Today was the day we received our severance payment and mine was less than expected. I was at Illumina ~1.5 years and got 6 weeks of pay when I thought I would get 8. Not sure if this is a mistake, the exit paperwork wasn't very clear. Did anyone... —  read more 

Its happening

Found out this morning, unexpected 1:1 was added to my calendar. 30 days of employment +30 extra days of pay and 1 month of additional pay for my severance package. Full benefits paid for 60 days. Eligible for VSP

A sad day

My spouse was truly passionate about his career at illumina putting in countless hours of overtime and always trying to push things to the next level. He is one among the many recently laid off. Needless to say, this is a big blow considering that... —  read more 

This can't be good

Icahn urges Illumina to unwind Grail deal, pushes ahead on proxy fight Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is urging life sciences company Illumina Inc (ILMN.O) to divest cancer test developer Grail Inc (GRAL.O) and said on Wednesday that his director... —  read more 

Summer 2020 Layoffs?

Heard through the grapevine today (Aug 4, 2020) that another round of layoffs were coming. This caused me to remember this site, but no posts since last Feb. Perhaps just a rumor, but odd there are a lack of posts on this site. (or am I doing... —  read more 

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