Topics regarding layoffs at Illumina Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Illumina Inc.

Summer 2020 Layoffs?

Heard through the grapevine today (Aug 4, 2020) that another round of layoffs were coming. This caused me to remember this site, but no posts since last Feb. Perhaps just a rumor, but odd there are a lack of posts on this site. (or am I doing... —  read more 

Note to Francis

It is time you give us the information up front and stop dodging the layoff questions during the company All Hands. Please give us exact details of how losing valuable employees is helping the direction of the company. I've seen amazing people... —  read more 

Marketing 2020 - 57 layoffs

Dear team, Today we rolled out the Marketing 2020 program, a new operating model for Global Marketing. As you know, a core team of Marketing leaders been working on this for several months. With inputs from Marketing teams across the globe, we built... —  read more 

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97 laid off last week

97 were laid off yesterday. They were told they have until January 8th, to find another job in Illumina and if they cannot find one, they are out. With severance packages. Does anybody have more info on this, please? I'm trying to find out which... —  read more 

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Is company stable?

Is company stable now? I have an offer and need some honest advice pleased. It seems there have been a lot of changes in the last year and most seem for the better.

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